Process Explorer: an alternative to Windows Task Manager

Process Explorer

Process Explorer offers an alternative to Windows Task Manager. It lists the resources used by processes running under Windows. It identifies the service DLL libraries or files to which access launched applications and you can stop the process that would eventually pose problems.

Process Explorer 11Process Explorer (563x500)

It will be an excellent way to unblock a conflict or situation "freezé" for several minutes without having to brutally turn off your computer.

What's new in the new version of Process Explorer:

Vista process and columns I/O threads and mémoirePrise PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION support on permissions process on VistaRecherche using browser Web default and rechercheColonne ASLR of Vista for the process engine and the DLLNouveau control treelist offering a better reactivity of the asynchronous thread symbols utilisateurRésolution interface on tab threads of the properties of processusPlus of indicators on groups in Security tab and the display of the threads tab SIDID online of threadsProcessus Vista and I/O threads and priorities of memory in the process and thread properties


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