Test Rage - Xbox 360

Obviously, the fate of our hero of the day is not the more tender. Only survivor of his team, sent it is known on this devastated land, our hero is barely delivered on both legs that it is attacked by a band of brigands. The home is not warm and you place with in the context. Here, it be armed to stay alive, and with the help of one of the survivors of this planet that you you dollars that first delicate situation. This benevolent human will then take you in his base camp, where you will make knowledge with other survivors. The camp, of Motley slum, will be the location of your first not in the game. That will leave your first quests, you will make knowledge with the local merchant, will find a first vehicle and a rudimentary weapon, but weapon even when.

Rage (5) Rage (4)

These first elements should impose you the major guidelines of this game: you need to talk with the inhabitants to obtain quests and the information about the current situation; You will need to take the time to collect all the objects on your way to resale and call you a pay for the purchase of ammunition, for example; out of the question for you to browse this hostile foot world, vehicles, including a buggy will be made available. You can even have the leisure, between two quests, to realize a few races. As your basic weapon, you will quickly understand that the time is the débrouille and you need to, you, build you weapons worthy of the name.


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