The original trilogy, LEGO Star Wars II: that the force be with you!

Démo de LEGO Star Wars II : La Trilogie Originale (1852x917)

Developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Lucas Arts, LEGO Star Wars suite makes you rediscover the IV, V and VI of the Star Wars saga episodes mixed with the LEGO universe.

This playable demo offers a mission from Episode IV, A new hope. Wan help Obi - And Luke to leave Mos Esley on the Millennium Falcon. A graphic card of at least 32 MB and compatible DirectX 9 and Pixel Shaders v1.1 is required.

LEGO Star Wars II screenLEGO Star Wars II screen 2

In the game LEGO Star Wars II, you replongerez in the adventures of the most famous of the trilogies: the star wars, the empire counter-attack and the return of the Jedi. You can rediscover the complete scenario of films in the video game, taking in hand Luke, Han Solo and Chewbacca, the battle of Hoth, until the destruction of the Black Star.

The game is simple, fluid and graphics especially cared, so appropriate to the less experienced players or on the contrary to the most demanding players.


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