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MegaUpload: 25 petabytes of data which are expensive to maintain

One of the providers who rented the MegaUpload server would like to find a solution to get rid of the 25 petabytes of data which immobilize its servers 1000...

Megaupload 1

Carpathia Hosting, one of host MegaUpload data providers, calls for support to continue to maintain 25 petabytes of files from the activity of the service closed by the FBI on its servers. A conservation which deals with 1103 servers and cost it about 9000 dollars a day he said.

Waiting for a legal decision, these data obviously cannot be deleted, or be displaced. And we know that having been seized MegaUpload accounts, Kim Dotcom company can no longer pay the Bills that make it achieve its providers. Result of the races is to justice that Carpathia Hosting turns to try to find a solution.

The hoster proposes that the conservation of these 25 petabytes of data be given to other organizations or the Government, or why not the MegaUpload company. The situation is urgent for Carpathia Hosting, which would like to use its servers immobilized for more profitable purposes.

Virginia Federal Court will therefore have to meet this demand quickly enough. It could request the complainants to participate financially in the conservation of these data that may play a role in the trial of MegaUpload. Unless justice does finally the temporary re-opening of the service to allow for MegaUpload users to recover their data, before allowing their removal. However, this latter scenario is that largely hypothetical...

Alapage permanently down the curtain

One of the pioneers of French e-commerce sites,, turns the page and drop the curtain finally.

Old old who experienced the beginnings of the public Internet with modems 33. 6 K and strident sounds to the connection to the network of networks, site cannot but recall the memory of their first purchases online.


Indeed, established in 1996, Alapage French e-commerce site was a true pioneer in France before to know difficulties one competition affutée (Amazon and Fnac among others). The site is then first again by France Telecom in 1999 that the then gives to street of trade in 2009.

The Alapage mark is therefore abandoned from this day, Monday, March 26, 2012, and the content of the site is now integrated site which will of course honor all orders placed via the site before its closure.

A page of the internet French to tourne…

EVGA offers GeForce GTX 680 brackets

The American brand EVGA offers high airflow for customers of its GeForce GTX 680 of brackets.

Happy owners of a GeForce GTX the new brand 680 of the EVGA mark, hurry! Indeed, the brand offers free a bracket high airflow at the first 200 purchasers who have a member on the EVGA site account and register their product online.


The offer is valid for customers in Europe and North America and allows for the fastest of them receive a rear bracket with a larger number of vent holes than equipping the reference map to earn up to 3 ° for the GPU cooling.

This bracket will be soon sold other than on the site of the constructor, but for free, it is here that it happens.

XBMC is full of what's new in version 11.0

For all platforms market, XMBC version 11 offers support for ISO Blu - ray, the AirPlay and a polished interface files for a better navigation.

Available for download, the famous media-center software for all the bones of the market out in its "Eden", the 11.0 version. The menu of the improvements, XBMC 11.0 somewhat reviews its interface called "Confluence" happening in the horizontal format, more suited to our HD TV. A new file Explorer is also the part that combines the library mode and classic mode by folders. Also note that the module will seek information online for all the titles of the library has been reviewed.


The manipulation of the interface with a mouse or a trackpad was retouched to display a bar of finally accessible elevator, which facilitates navigation among the numerous files of the library. In the continuity of the development with version 10.0 "Dharma", XBMC has added many formats in its list support, with hardware decoding for some.

One of the new formats supported is the Blu - ray in its form of backup, as ISO file or BDMV, adding M2TS format already present in the previous version. For hardware decoding, XBMC developers worked on supported graphics cards AMD, chips OMAP4 for Linux, as well as the Apple A4 which team the Apple TV. For our readers on Mac OS X, XMBC also tweaked its module hardware acceleration for the support of all graphic cards of the system to the Apple.

xbmc_11_eden_003          xbmc_11_eden_001

A last feature not anticipated but that will delight the iOS users, it is the AirPlay compatibility mode target. That XBMC will support playback of video and viewing photo from all platforms supported by the software, with more reading music for the Mac OS and Linux platforms, but not for Windows at this time.

A version of XBMC in LiveCD mode is also available for download and called XBMCbuntu Live, which is based, as its name indicates, on the Ubuntu Linux distribution. From a CD or a USB key, the interface of media-center will launch without installation. However, it is possible to launch a desktop mode under the graphical environment LXDE with Chromium and its extension Flash Player installed for Web navigation. Under this mode, software installation will go through the usual package manager of distribution, it takes just a little more room on the USB key. It not miss more than the popcorn.

> XBMC 11.0 Eden for Windows

> XBMC 11.0 Eden for Linux

> XBMC 11.0 Eden for Mac OS X

Antec saves 40 ventilos TrueQuiet Pro 120 on Facebook

An Antec France Facebook contest to win a TrueQuiet Pro 120 fan.

Antec Fans for Fans.PNGSpring is officially here since a few days and if the temperatures do not yet Pack, it announces the summer and the heat that will be put to evil the cooling of our bécanes. Following the launch, a few days ago, its new TrueQuiet Pro 120 fan, the Antec manufacturer launches a contest on his Facebook page to win copies of this small that silent as efficient turbine.

The idea used this game to the name well found "Fans for fans" is a competition based on points. Antec fans therefore gain 2 points, 1 point in "loving" the Facebook of Antec France page by posting a link to the contest on their wall and 3 points for each invited friend. In each country where this contest is launched, the 40 first will win a TrueQuiet Pro 120 fan. A reminder, it is equipped with silicone grommets and an anti-turbulences blade.

> Enter the Fans for Fans of Antec on Facebook

Free Mobile called to reimburse its customers and to better inform

The UFC-Que choose application Free mobile to compensate its customers and better informed on sustained networks failures.

Antennes relais

Free Mobile has been in default by the French Union (UFC-Que choose) consumers to explain to its client on the reasons for different dysfunctions that occurred on its mobile network, but also that it is compensation for harm suffered by some subscribers.

Alain Bazot, President of the consumers association, believes that the fourth operator Mobile does communicate enough on the technical problems he meets daily from 18: 00 to 20: 00 or on large outages occur and affect a large number of subscribers through the entire France.

The UFC-Que choose suggests, therefore, that something must be done to compensate customers who have suffered these problems because it is not normal to pay for a deficient service that the tariff is low or not. Free Mobile has promised to increase the technical means put in place to deploy its mobile network and must today, Tuesday, March 27, 2012, meet Orange to take stock of their roaming agreement.

The troublemaker of the Telecom must therefore show greater transparency to its clients and partners to not get everyone back to continue to offer low-cost mobile packages but also quality if possible. Because if it can be lenient with the newcomer for a while and accept some shortcomings the time he put in place, the lack of communication and repetitive problems becomes quickly tiresome and can tarnish the image of brand in the long term. When Xavier Niel intervention as he knows so well do to calm this restlessness?

Two small boxes aluminium in Lian Li

Lian Li presents two new small boxes. One clearly oriented storage data, the other a little more comprehensive, but all two Compact Aluminum...

Lian Li aluminum housings specialist has presented two new references of enclosures directed towards data storage. Small in size, they are indeed presented as being perfect to sin... but not only. Both integrated into the manufacturer's Q Series, they are known as PC - Q12 and PC - Q18 and could make the happiness of the fans of no bulky computers. They support two motherboards mini-ITX format and offer USB 3.0 front ports.

Minimalist, the PC-Q12 can be positioned vertical to horizontal. It proposes four bays 2.5-inch, which is rather a lot given its dimensions (8.8 x 36.5 x 20.8 cm). On the other hand, cannot associate with an on port PCIe graphics card or an optical drive internally. PC - Q12 integrates a 300W power standard 80 more and cooling is provided by a small 80 mm top fan. This box will be available in silver or black for sale price $ 159.

Lian-Li PC-Q12 (1) Lian-Li PC-Q12 (2) Lian-Li PC-Q12 (3)

The PC-Q18 leaves him the possibility to mount a more advanced configuration. It is in fact an aesthetic evolution of PC - Q08 which has four bays 3.5 "hotswap, not to mention the lower grid that allows you to add up to two drives, 3.5" additional or three 2.5 "disk. However, the chassis keeps the compact dimensions of 19.9 x 29 x 36.5 cm. There is room for an optical drive 5.25 "and the PC - Q18 can accommodate a dedicated VGA up to a maximum of 34 cm. On the heatpipe, it will be up to 16 cm high. Cooling is provided by two 140 mm fans, one on the front blowing directly on the disks to cool and the other being placed in extraction on top. There, two colors silver, black, and planned for a sale price of $ 159.

Lian-Li PC-Q18 (1) Lian-Li PC-Q18 (2) Lian-Li PC-Q18 (3)

Orange is considering a cut of homelessness with Free Mobile

Orange evokes a possible cut of interconnection with the Free Mobile network. A real threat that the incumbent operator could implement?

Orange Free MobileAFP indicates that an Orange spokesperson said this weekend that a suspension of the contract of roaming between the incumbent operator to Free Mobile is not possible if the problems encountered by the latter disturbing quality of the service it provides to its own subscribers. Is it a real threat that Orange intends to weigh on Free Mobile or a somewhat abrupt way of presenting things? Hard to say, but these words are not gone unnoticed.

In any case, it is in this way that Orange has chosen to meet the Chairman of Arcep, Jean-Luc Silicani, explaining a few hours earlier that the technical difficulties encountered relate essentially the interconnection between the Free and Orange networks. Statements which are at the same level two operators, which has the gift of ruffled feathers Orange which the spokesman said: "Contrary to some assertions to Orange in fault occurred on the network of Free Mobile these days, the Group declines any responsibility in these dysfunctions".

Arcep reiterated, however, that the two operators have the opportunity to renegotiate the contract of homelessness if, finally, he does seem them more viable. Given the turn that take events, it is not impossible that this case lead to a renegotiation of homelessness. Recall that according to Bouygues Télécom, Free Mobile - which has not confirmed this figure - count approximately 2.2 million customers. And that half of the Free Mobile traffic would according to Arcep, in 2 G, and therefore only via towers of Orange, not counting the volume of traffic in 3 G which also through the network Orange, Free Mobile not covering antennas for the time that less than 30% of the population.

The screen 36 "Eizo 4K2K approach

A giant LCD back-lit led to the definition 4 K, it is expensive, pay especially when Eizo which manufactures.

Eizo, specialist of the screens for image professionals, says a little more on his new DuraVision FDH3601, a "single market" monitor model which will be equipped with a dalle LCD "36.4 native definition of 4096 x 2160 pixels. It will propose vision of 176 ° angles and promises reduced to minimize color variations. Eizo address first to workers of geophysics or air traffic control, areas in which dispose of large well defined screens is a necessity. "For an air traffic controller, this single screen may replace the monitor 2 K x 2 K and all auxiliary monitors." "There is therefore more the gene of the bezels" explains for example Eizo.

Eizo DuraVision FDH3601 (1)           Eizo DuraVision FDH3601 (2)

Its connections include two ports Dual-Link DVI - D and two DisplayPort, knowing that a mode "picture in picture" will be proposed. A detector of presence will be part to save energy and the guarantee of this monitor will be two years. The grey to grey response time is announced in 8 ms, while the maximum brightness will be 700 cd/m², and the contrast of 1000: 1. On foot, it will be ergonomic, adjustable in height (100 mm), tilt (25 °) and rotation (left-right) of 344 °.

Always talking this exception monitor in the future, but Eizo today tells us that it has to enter in the phase of mass production, which therefore announces its next effective availability. The recommended selling price approach the 25,000 euros... Help!

NVIDIA would that Intel seriously its ARM chips

By producing his ARM chips in Intel plants, NVIDIA could take a decisive advantage, but the first person not the ear hears him.


According to XbitLabs resumed our colleagues from Tom's Hardware, NVIDIA would currently seek to push Intel to burn ARM chips in its factories. It would in any case be the desire of the NVIDIA CEO who saw an opportunity to improve the process of engraving of ARM chips while casters such as TSMC or GlobalFoundries have not yet perfectly mastered the process of engraving on 28 nm, while Intel is poised to launch its tri-gate processor engraved 22 nm.

Engraved 22 nm, ARM chips could indeed be faster, consume less energy and release less heat... but also more competition to x 86 Intel processors. However, it is known that Intel has produced ARM chips for its own account in its factories in the past. However, Intel responds in the negative to these rumours, explaining that he has well keep its advance in the matter and exploit its know-how on 22 nm to impose its own products which is logical. Especially as Intel grows its new processors Medfield, destined for competitors of the SoC ARM and mobility markets.

NVIDIA cannot a priori rely on Intel to help pass Qualcomm and its SnapDragon S4 which are engraved 28 nm. It is also the ARM chips to take advantage of the more fine etching, since the Tegra 3 (NVIDIA) and Omap 4 (Texas Instruments) are engraved in 40 nm by TSMC, while the Exynos (Samsung) and A5 (Apple) are engraved in 45 nm by Samsung.

The Pirate Bay: links blocked on Windows Live Messenger

It is no longer possible to share links The Pirate Bay via Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft filtering the Swedish field...

The Pirate Bay

After Google has removed from its suggestions of research references to several illegal download services, including The Pirate Bay, this time it is the turn of Microsoft to apply censorship of the same type. Indeed, it is possible to send, via Windows Live Messenger, Internet links pointing to a page in the pirate field (

Even when trying to send the link of a page The Pirate Bay for a free file, the instant messaging client returns an error message and indicates the message could not be issued. For the moment, only The Pirate Bay links are concerned, and those pointing to the pages of the many other similar aggregators are spared. For example can still exchange links TorrentReactor, IsoHunt and BTJunkie no problem via Windows Live Messenger.

The Pirate Bay continues (in the image of MegaUpload) to focus the efforts of major groups Internet anti-piracy strategies, visibly overwhelmed by the multitude of alternatives that exist in the major portals giving access to illegal files... What do not complain users who adapt easily. Moreover, speaking of circumvention, simply go through a service of URL shortcuts to avoid blocking The Pirate Bay by Windows Live Messenger links. Remains to be seen if Microsoft will also censor The Pirate Bay links on its Bing search engine.

Play in the Google bar

By integrating a "Play" button in the navigation bar, Google boosts the visibility of its online store, including Android applications.

It's been a few weeks that Google decided to draw a line on the Android Market to rebrand the Google Play online store (and enjoy to there to the United States offers Google Music, Movies Google and Google Books). For a few hours, a Play tab is accessible directly from the home page of Google via the top navigation bar, with the "new" mention that attracts attention. A way for the giant to provide greater visibility to its store of terminals Android applications. It was a new pan of the Google ecosystem that is put in value - even be accused of promoting its own services - alongside YouTube or Gmail. A step of major promotion for Android...

Barre Google Play.PNG

NVIDIA: the CEO sends a mail of congratulations to Kepler

A congratulations email that ended three years of development for this new architecture Kepler...


The manufacture of a microprocessor or a new architecture for graphics cards is not simple. This takes time. Design, development, testing and validation to finish production itself can take several years, between three to five years depending on the complexity.

A view in the long term with intense competition greatly increases the risk of failure. Even with this amount of work accomplished, it may happen that in the end, it does not terminate on a success. The examples are numerous in CPU and GPU over these last ten years.

With the arrival of the Kepler architecture designed by NVIDIA, as at 28 nm lithography, the firm to the Chameleon arrives, with the sale of the GeForce GTX 680 that we spent on our test bench at the end of a long cycle of development. And for the CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, it is a success, so he held to congratulate all employees for this success in an e-mail. The following are translated below into French...

-Original Message-

From: Jensen H Huang
Envoy: Thursday March 22, 2012 9: 48 AM
A: employees
Topic: Kepler rising

Today, the first - GTX 680 - Kepler is available everywhere in the world!

Three years for manufacturing. The effort of thousands of engineers. A single vision - making a revolutionary GPU and make a giant leap in terms of performance and efficiency.

Achieving this level of performance and efficiency, while consuming less energy, required to fully review our approach to design. A very close collaboration between architectures, design, VLSI, software, developers and systems teams, intense audits energy losses, and finds at each level where this was necessary were necessary. The results are fantastic as you'll see in the tests.

Kepler has also cultivated a passion for craft - nothing is lost, everything has been implemented with care - with aims to create an exquisite product that works well. Continue raising the bar and establish extraordinary skills as a mark for our company.

Today is only the beginning of Kepler. For its energy-efficient architecture, we will extend the GPU to the data-centers, bezels portable computers, the superphones. Not to mention the joy and delight of millions of players across the world.

I would like to thank all those who gave their hearts and their souls to create Kepler. You have created something wonderful.

Congratulations to all


Broadcom: a chip to locate them all

Broadcom Announces New GNSS chip destined for smartphones, tablets or autonomous GPS (NDP) units, with location within the bonus...


Broadcom announces its new controller multi-constellations for the reception of signals from several positioning systems satellite, grouped under the acronym for Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS.

This new chip is the number BCM4752 and supports the US system GPS, but also its Russian declination GLONASS or QZSS Japanese system. To improve the accuracy of the positioning signal, Broadcom adds to its smart SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation System) system that encompasses several standards of correction of the positioning as WAAS to the United States or to the EGNOS for Europe.

In addition to the support of these many satellite positioning systems, Broadcom provides that navigation assisted its chip will allow a faster first acquisition point positioning in said "cold" startup or detection of tunnels even faster for a follow-up of ultra navigation States, not to mention the problem of positioning in the city (called also problem of the canyon urban because of large buildings that frame the) (Street).

The use of GNSS also provides a location within buildings using nearly 59 satellites that orbit our planet. Without however that it works in all types of buildings.


Position of different satellites and the International Space Station: credit Photo Wikipedia

In addition, Broadcom worked on a mode ultra-basse consumption for a location in real time or at regular intervals for the "geofencing" used for alerts or the configuration of the mobile with its location. For example a passage in vibrator mode and display of appointments at the arrival to the Office or display a reminder from the Office or automatically turn on WiFi and enter mode ringtone in coming home.

This new BCM4752 chip also passes to 40 nm engraving, which could, according to the manufacturer, reduce the consumption of the order of 50% and size for better integration in mobile terminals in addition in most. Production of this chip should intervene at the earliest with test versions already sent to partners of the constructor.

The tax authorities will pay 20 million to Microsoft France, with interest

Microsoft won a trial against French tax and should be reimbursed of EUR 20 million for relief for the 1999-2001 period, not to mention 4 million of interest.

Microsoft France Logo

The Administrative Tribunal of Versailles has given reason to Microsoft France in the trial against the tax authorities. Indeed, tax services will have to reimburse Microsoft 20 million for relief to the company for the period 1999-2001. The Express, reported information, adds that the tax authorities must also pay 4 million euros of interest to Microsoft France according to this judgment.

Also, the appeal of the Ministry of the Budget was dismissed on February 16. As a last resort, the Department could decide to enter the Council of State to challenge this decision. But Microsoft is also within two other controls of the tax authorities. One first on the 2002-2004 period for which the administration claimed the company relief of€ 1.2 million. And a second for the years 2007-2009 for which we have no more information.