NVIDIA: the CEO sends a mail of congratulations to Kepler

A congratulations email that ended three years of development for this new architecture Kepler...


The manufacture of a microprocessor or a new architecture for graphics cards is not simple. This takes time. Design, development, testing and validation to finish production itself can take several years, between three to five years depending on the complexity.

A view in the long term with intense competition greatly increases the risk of failure. Even with this amount of work accomplished, it may happen that in the end, it does not terminate on a success. The examples are numerous in CPU and GPU over these last ten years.

With the arrival of the Kepler architecture designed by NVIDIA, as at 28 nm lithography, the firm to the Chameleon arrives, with the sale of the GeForce GTX 680 that we spent on our test bench at the end of a long cycle of development. And for the CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, it is a success, so he held to congratulate all employees for this success in an e-mail. The following are translated below into French...

-Original Message-

From: Jensen H Huang
Envoy: Thursday March 22, 2012 9: 48 AM
A: employees
Topic: Kepler rising

Today, the first - GTX 680 - Kepler is available everywhere in the world!

Three years for manufacturing. The effort of thousands of engineers. A single vision - making a revolutionary GPU and make a giant leap in terms of performance and efficiency.

Achieving this level of performance and efficiency, while consuming less energy, required to fully review our approach to design. A very close collaboration between architectures, design, VLSI, software, developers and systems teams, intense audits energy losses, and finds at each level where this was necessary were necessary. The results are fantastic as you'll see in the tests.

Kepler has also cultivated a passion for craft - nothing is lost, everything has been implemented with care - with aims to create an exquisite product that works well. Continue raising the bar and establish extraordinary skills as a mark for our company.

Today is only the beginning of Kepler. For its energy-efficient architecture, we will extend the GPU to the data-centers, bezels portable computers, the superphones. Not to mention the joy and delight of millions of players across the world.

I would like to thank all those who gave their hearts and their souls to create Kepler. You have created something wonderful.

Congratulations to all



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