Free Mobile called to reimburse its customers and to better inform

The UFC-Que choose application Free mobile to compensate its customers and better informed on sustained networks failures.

Antennes relais

Free Mobile has been in default by the French Union (UFC-Que choose) consumers to explain to its client on the reasons for different dysfunctions that occurred on its mobile network, but also that it is compensation for harm suffered by some subscribers.

Alain Bazot, President of the consumers association, believes that the fourth operator Mobile does communicate enough on the technical problems he meets daily from 18: 00 to 20: 00 or on large outages occur and affect a large number of subscribers through the entire France.

The UFC-Que choose suggests, therefore, that something must be done to compensate customers who have suffered these problems because it is not normal to pay for a deficient service that the tariff is low or not. Free Mobile has promised to increase the technical means put in place to deploy its mobile network and must today, Tuesday, March 27, 2012, meet Orange to take stock of their roaming agreement.

The troublemaker of the Telecom must therefore show greater transparency to its clients and partners to not get everyone back to continue to offer low-cost mobile packages but also quality if possible. Because if it can be lenient with the newcomer for a while and accept some shortcomings the time he put in place, the lack of communication and repetitive problems becomes quickly tiresome and can tarnish the image of brand in the long term. When Xavier Niel intervention as he knows so well do to calm this restlessness?


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