XBMC is full of what's new in version 11.0

For all platforms market, XMBC version 11 offers support for ISO Blu - ray, the AirPlay and a polished interface files for a better navigation.

Available for download, the famous media-center software for all the bones of the market out in its "Eden", the 11.0 version. The menu of the improvements, XBMC 11.0 somewhat reviews its interface called "Confluence" happening in the horizontal format, more suited to our HD TV. A new file Explorer is also the part that combines the library mode and classic mode by folders. Also note that the module will seek information online for all the titles of the library has been reviewed.


The manipulation of the interface with a mouse or a trackpad was retouched to display a bar of finally accessible elevator, which facilitates navigation among the numerous files of the library. In the continuity of the development with version 10.0 "Dharma", XBMC has added many formats in its list support, with hardware decoding for some.

One of the new formats supported is the Blu - ray in its form of backup, as ISO file or BDMV, adding M2TS format already present in the previous version. For hardware decoding, XBMC developers worked on supported graphics cards AMD, chips OMAP4 for Linux, as well as the Apple A4 which team the Apple TV. For our readers on Mac OS X, XMBC also tweaked its module hardware acceleration for the support of all graphic cards of the system to the Apple.

xbmc_11_eden_003          xbmc_11_eden_001

A last feature not anticipated but that will delight the iOS users, it is the AirPlay compatibility mode target. That XBMC will support playback of video and viewing photo from all platforms supported by the software, with more reading music for the Mac OS and Linux platforms, but not for Windows at this time.

A version of XBMC in LiveCD mode is also available for download and called XBMCbuntu Live, which is based, as its name indicates, on the Ubuntu Linux distribution. From a CD or a USB key, the interface of media-center will launch without installation. However, it is possible to launch a desktop mode under the graphical environment LXDE with Chromium and its extension Flash Player installed for Web navigation. Under this mode, software installation will go through the usual package manager of distribution, it takes just a little more room on the USB key. It not miss more than the popcorn.

> XBMC 11.0 Eden for Windows

> XBMC 11.0 Eden for Linux

> XBMC 11.0 Eden for Mac OS X


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