Two small boxes aluminium in Lian Li

Lian Li presents two new small boxes. One clearly oriented storage data, the other a little more comprehensive, but all two Compact Aluminum...

Lian Li aluminum housings specialist has presented two new references of enclosures directed towards data storage. Small in size, they are indeed presented as being perfect to sin... but not only. Both integrated into the manufacturer's Q Series, they are known as PC - Q12 and PC - Q18 and could make the happiness of the fans of no bulky computers. They support two motherboards mini-ITX format and offer USB 3.0 front ports.

Minimalist, the PC-Q12 can be positioned vertical to horizontal. It proposes four bays 2.5-inch, which is rather a lot given its dimensions (8.8 x 36.5 x 20.8 cm). On the other hand, cannot associate with an on port PCIe graphics card or an optical drive internally. PC - Q12 integrates a 300W power standard 80 more and cooling is provided by a small 80 mm top fan. This box will be available in silver or black for sale price $ 159.

Lian-Li PC-Q12 (1) Lian-Li PC-Q12 (2) Lian-Li PC-Q12 (3)

The PC-Q18 leaves him the possibility to mount a more advanced configuration. It is in fact an aesthetic evolution of PC - Q08 which has four bays 3.5 "hotswap, not to mention the lower grid that allows you to add up to two drives, 3.5" additional or three 2.5 "disk. However, the chassis keeps the compact dimensions of 19.9 x 29 x 36.5 cm. There is room for an optical drive 5.25 "and the PC - Q18 can accommodate a dedicated VGA up to a maximum of 34 cm. On the heatpipe, it will be up to 16 cm high. Cooling is provided by two 140 mm fans, one on the front blowing directly on the disks to cool and the other being placed in extraction on top. There, two colors silver, black, and planned for a sale price of $ 159.

Lian-Li PC-Q18 (1) Lian-Li PC-Q18 (2) Lian-Li PC-Q18 (3)


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