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The Samsung Cloud Gaming, or video game streaming on TV

To play a video game directly on its TV without having to turn on the console or computer? Samsung said that it will be possible with the Samsung Cloud Gaming application for its Smart TV.

samsung-smarttv-es8000Samsung wants to grow the game on our television screens in a new dimension. In partnership with Gaikai, one of the leaders of the video game in the cloud, the Korean will offer a simple interface called Samsung Cloud Gaming to play all of the games of the moment without having to process download, installation and application of complicated patches.

For Korean is to give the opportunity to its customers to play in under a minute to any recent game as well as the headlines of the industry without recourse to a living room console or a computer.

After the beta test will take place first in the United States, all screens purchased this year in the Samsung LED 7000 series and the following will be able to visit the "Smart Hub" menu and find the new "Samsung Cloud Gaming" from the time when the Internet connection is sufficient, without more than precision. Samsung also States that it will be possible to test the games free of charge and pay then if the game please. A good way to check if it is playable comfortably or not on its Internet connection speeds. Gaikai and Samsung will make a demonstration a few days at E3, we know more at this time there.

Asus announces its transforming Book

A laptop that turns into shelf, until then everything is normal in ASUS, but here the concept goes further embarking a processor Intel Ivy Bridge and dedicated graphics, nothing out!

asus-transformer-book-affiche-computex-2012ASUS can still surprise with its new tablet, laptop instead, finally Tablet still. Even if the concept is already known, ASUS has revisited here its Tablet transform in giving like simply to a classic laptop components, chip Intel Ivy Bridge to 17 Watts TDP and even additional according to manufacturer's graphics chip, but always keeping the ability to detach the screen from his basement.

At the level of the internal components which must logically to hide behind the screen, we will have a disc SSD with a capacity not communicated at this time for 11.3 inch, 13.3-inch and 14-inch slab. It is therefore well three adaptations of the new product called for the ASUS transform Book opportunity. Requires Intel chip, the operating system will be Windows 8 in its classical version, not RT. On the graphic part, we believe that the manufacturer will offer hybridization complete with the Intel HD 4000 part coupled in the processor when the Book transforming is in tablet mode and the graphical chip dedicated or added with the Lucid VirtuMVP, which would offer a good compromise in the two modes to combine autonomy and performance.


At the time of its presentation to the 2012 Computex, ASUS is whether this is still a prototype and the choice component, design and functionality can be reviewed entirely by commercial exit for Christmas if everything is proceeding as planned. Given that it is still only a prototype, ASUS has of course not yet communicated on the price of such a machine, but we hope that it will not exceed the €1000.

E3: A Nintendo Conference mixed blessing.

After the average benefits of its two competitors, and a first implementation rather successful mouth, Nintendo had more than make rugs for the implementation of this E3. Lack of pot, the Japanese no longer had nothing in his game.

In the continuity of a first exit Sunday evening which was designed to demonstrate the technological superiority of the Wii on its competitors, Nintendo had to prove now that all these great advances were not simply there to make nice, but would be well laid by an armada of games all more sexy than others. A goal that you will not hesitate to characterize as missed, both the proposed line-up has been struggling to raise the approval of the crowds.

E3 Nintendo 01 E3 Nintendo 02 mod

Thus, Nintendo will be announced not less than 23 titles for its new console. Yet, if the gross figure appears attractive, things are much less interesting when there is interest in the games it includes: there are indeed is very classic Nintendo licenses, such as New Super Mario Bros.. U, is from third-party titles and not really first youth. And so it will not present in question the intrinsic quality of a Batman Arkham City or a Mass Effect 3, as it is not clear that the Nintendo console gives us really want to plunge back us there, a few months after have bouclé them.

E3 Nintendo 04 E3 Nintendo 03

The Japanese editor well tried to correct shooting by reserving a large part of his presentation to Pikmin 3 and Nintendoland, a party game involving a dozen of mini games, and integrating of many iconic characters of the mark, such as Zelda, and Donkey Kong. But then again, difficult to ignite, especially when seen the day before this thunderous Watch Dogs of Ubisoft. Indeed, note in this regard that it is likely the French editor who will best fired his pin of the set of conferences. While maintaining his own show, very successful however, Ubisoft will have taken care to invite in each of the three conferences of constructor, to leave its footprint. In the case of Nintendo, with ZombiU that the editor will be imposed, the title that shows strong integration of the Wii U Gamepad, using it such as scanner to give a different view of what appears on the screen, or to simulate a terminal to hacker a protected door.

MSI launches a GeForce GTX 670 OC with the Twin Frozr IV

The MSI Builder offers a GeForce GTX totally customisée 670, overclockée of plant and its home, the Twin Frozr IV heatpipe equipped.

MSI, after having proposed that a simple clone of the reference GeForce GTX 670, will launch a new fully customisée model, the GTX 670 Power Edition.


Overclockée factory and equipped with cooling House Twin Frozr IV system, the map has under the hood. GPU frequency therefore were reviewed upward by MSI and proposes now the 1019/1079 Mhz standard and GPU Boost against respectively 915/980 Mhz on the GTX 670 of origin NVIDIA. The 2 GB of GDDR5 remain for their processors at the frequency recommended by the firm to the Chameleon or 1502 Mhz, damage.


The map is thus cooled by the new version of the MSI own heatpipe, Twin Frozr in its fourth grinding. It consists of a large sink finned aluminum crossed by five heat pipes in nickel plated copper, the all topped two diameter 80 mm PWM fans composed each of 13 blades. The Builder and announces an increase of 20% of the air stream to achieve a reduction in the temperature of 20 ° and diminished noise of 11.7 dB from the original cooling system on the NVIDIA GTX 670.


Dust Removal developed by the mark is also and, on startup the PC to run the fans at full speed in the opposite direction to dust that would be filed on it. MSI GTX 670 Power Edition using the PCB of the GTX 680, 27 cm long and has four video outputs including two ports DVI Dual Link, a HDMI 1 4 port and a Display Port 1.2.

The card will be available for sale from the half of the month of June for a fee of €420.

E3: A Sony Conference under anaesthesia

After met announcements of new technologies of Nintendo and Microsoft, it wondered what would respond us Sony: a spaceship, the beginnings of teleportation? Bah non... In fact, there were just games.

E3 Sony 04It is a fact: Sony showed us the game... Same full. Yet, at its Conference, to 4 or 5 hours of mat', therefore (it is tell you the State of freshness in which we wander in this beautiful spring afternoon), it was difficult to not hide a certain disappointment. Outside of a festival of titles, among which was particularly Beyond: Two Souls, the last creature of David Cage, there was no truly new announcement about the console itself: not cuts prices on the horizon, or tangible information about possible features of cloud gaming (the rumour had been state these past days the possibility of a partnership between the Japanese manufacturer and service providers like Gaikai or Onlive). Only finally granted announcement: the agreement between the constructor and HTC for the development of an application that would allow the owners of devices not Sony to access the games of its catalogue. Hmm... In addition to that it is enough coclass of Sony and ask the help of HTC in the field of mobile technologies, we will say that at times also indecent, they we in would have had much more to push to the chandelier.

E3 Sony 03 E3 Sony 01 E3 Sony 02

The games, it told you, there were many: we talked about Beyond: Two Souls, we could also mention Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and Assassin's Creed III: release on Vita, and The Last of Us, or God of War: Ascension on PS3. However, we were many hoped a few crumbs of information, or even an image, or even downright nice video 4 by 3, the Last Guardian, on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, or go, let's be crazy, why not a confirmation that Diablo III activities well one day on PS3, as rumoured had advanced it. In the same spirit, the Vita appeared to take a part well little importance in the ads, while the console would instead need a advertising foot buttocks to raise its sales. That said, many publishers can still strengthen the catalogue of the beast by the end of the show. It would be better.

NVIDIA formalizes the GeForce GT 640, the Kepler not expensive

The California skier, NVIDIA, launches its GeForce GT 640, entered graphics card based on the Kepler architecture.

NVIDIA took the Computex currently taking place in Taipei to formalize its graphics card of entry based on the new architecture Kepler, the GeForce GT 640.

However, unlike its counterparts that are the GTX 670, 680 and 690 targeting the high and very high-quality, GK104 on the horizon. The small last hosts actually its PCB a GK107, declination of Kepler to the die of only 118 mm² for 1.3 billion transistors always engraved 28 nm (294 mm² and 3.5 billion transistors for the GK104).


Thus, the GK107 consists of 2 SMX 384 CUDA cores, 32 units of texturing and 16 ROPs. The GPU is running at 900 Mhz and does not benefit from GPU Boost technology, the 1 or 2 GB of DDR3 memory see frequency sets to 891 Mhz and are sent via a 128 bit for a bandwidth bus up to then the 28.5 GB/s. The map takes a format low - profile which monopolisera that a slot and its 65 Watts TDP allows him to escape to power connector, the energy provided by the PCI-Express port, more card is efficient in standby mode it consumes more than 15 Watts.

The outputs GT 640 offer three GeForce video with two Dual-Link DVI ports and a mini-HDMI 1 4A for a fee of $ 99. Many third-party manufacturers and partners of NVIDIA will also offer their own models of references and/or specific with many variants which we reparleront you soon.

Compare prices of Gainward GeForce GT 640 2GoZotac GeForce GT 640 2GoeVGA GeForce GT 640 2 GB Single SloteVGA GeForce GT 640 2 GB Dual Slot

SilverStone has two atypical ventirads

The asymmetric and the extraplat, two strange ventirads landed at the stand of SilverStone.

In the maze of corridors of the Computex, our colleagues from TechPowerUp fell on the stand of SilverStone and were able to see two new atypical ventirads, SST-NT01 Pro and ESS-NT08.

The first, the SST-NT01 Pro offers to place just two fans 8 cm side by side that dissipate the heat pulled by six heat pipes in copper nickel.

silverstone-SST-NT08-001                silverstone-SST-NT01-Pro-001

The second, a little more conventional in its form, OSH-NT08 is still in originality with its two towers of asymmetrical vanes. With its six heat pipes copper also nickel-covered, it will be possible to put a fan of 12 cm in the middle which will come push air on aluminum fins.

It was here that in simple presentations, without reference to the price applicable to these two new models.

This ASUS ROG March III, his graphics bi GTX 680

The Asus brand is a true beast of race with his March III to the Republic Of Gamers range card, a GTX 680 led bi hormones.

ASUS takes advantage of the Computex 2012 to expose a prototype of its future graphics ultra high-end ROG (Republic Of Gamer), March III series.

This power monster has two GPU GK104 as on the 690 NVIDIA GTX but they could see their overclockées by Asus frequencies, the manufacturer however would not expand on the subject for the moment.

asus-rog-marsiii-01     asus-rog-marsiii-04

Each bullet would allocate 4 GB of GDDR5 on a 256 bit bus for a total of 8 GB of RAM on the map, a good point to mount in high definitions. March III type three axial fan heatpipe cooling system which has the advantage of not occupy only two slots, it is efficient to effectively cool the concentrate of technology.

Feed the beast, it requires be connected to three PCI-e 8-pin catch what just the extreme overclockers that will also find a small red button right next to the pins to launch three turbines to 100% instantly. The rear angle of the map includes four video outputs with three Dual-Link DVI ports and a mini DisplayPort, to engage in the 3D Vision Surround on three screens of 1920 by 1200 pixels.

asus-rog-marsiii-03     asus-rog-marsiii-02

The Asus March III should be manufactured in very limited, normal amount given its tariff coming higher than a GTX included therefore 690 in the range between 1300 and €1400 (Ouch). And in SLI it gives what? It's beautiful dream sometimes!

Acer presents its tablet to $ 200

The Iconia Tab A110 addresses present in the program NVIDIA to offer shelves below the $ 200.

Computex 2012 announcements are for the time as laptop computers or other equipment are approximate and running Windows 8. But Acer passes to the presentations of the touch tablet on Android with its Iconia Tab A110 and A210.

Of 7 to 10.1 inches respectively, these two digital slate shared the same components inevitably to reduce manufacturing costs and therefore sales of these two products. For $ 200, we are therefore entitled to a chip NVIDIA Tegra 3 (platform Kai) with 1 GB of RAM for a screen of 7 "a definition of 1280 x 800. The A110 Iconia offers a microSD card reader, and the WiFi/Bluetooth couple microHDMI output, all in a package not exceeding the 11.4 mm. Declination A210 longer course a little dear, but we did know no more for the moment.


Photo credit: The Verge

Compare prices for Acer Iconia Tab A510 32Go (black) Acer Iconia Tab A510 32Go (Silver)

Champion Microsoft of de-indexing with Google applications

If the rights holders on cultural property are very active dereference to Google applications, Microsoft makes more requests...

Google regularly publishes statistics on the listings requests that are sent to him and the links it actually removes from its search engine. As always, the Majors and other rightholders (NBC Universal, the RIAA or the British Industry Record Music) are part of those seeking more frequently Google on this subject, regarding the indexing of pirated content made available by various sites and blogs. But in the first place, there are Microsoft which has only asked the withdrawal of Google 543.000 Internet pages which were all products of which the rights belong to the Redmond giant. Microsoft remains on a large rate, since in a little less than a year, 2.5 million Web pages which he asked the dereference.

Google Demandes Dereferencement Statistiques.PNG

Fred von Lohmann, counsel for Google in charge of copyright law, explains that it is not uncommon that Google received 250,000 requests for de-indexing per week. In the month of May alone, it is 1.2 million applications were received on behalf of different rightholders 1000, on 24,000 websites. Figures, even if they seem very important, do not cover the whole of the unlawful activity on content protected on the Web, far from it. But then Google manages to process as many requests? A priori, Yes, because the search engine says that between July and December 2011, 97% of requests were processed. Google would like to announce that, in the future, these statistics will be published daily on site Transparency Report.

The developers princpaux of Enyo for WebOS spend in Google

Google concerned services of the small group of developers who developed the Enyo, WebOS application framework.

Most of the members of the team of engineers in charge of Enyo - WebOS in HTML5 application framework that had debuted on TouchPad - will leave HP to join Google, and this in the coming weeks. It is not clear to anticipate the consequences of these departures on the Open WebOS project, to date as one mind that HP drew a road map leading to the release of the code of WebOS in an "Open" version expected to be finalized in September. Because indeed, Enyo and its developers are at the heart of HP's Open Source strategies.


In the same way, what Google will occupy its new developers coming from HP? It is not known at this time, but logically, this team should move closer to engineers in charge of Android. Indeed, many say that Android has perhaps things to learn from WebOS, a system which - despite his quick abandonment - was able to convince many observers and mobile systems specialists. It is also possible to find them affiliated with the Chrome section, to work on the framework developers of the Chrome Web Store.

A Corsair kit from the HDD to the SSD easily

Corsair think have found the solution to help customers migrate from the plateau to the SSD hard drive simply.

The DSS can undoubtedly accelerate the performance of our computers. Whether in terms of startup time, application load heavy as famous processing software Adobe Photoshop photo or in the field of video game on PC, these new storage components offer a real advantage over the hard disks with conventional tops.

Even if these SSD cannot compete in terms of storage space to good old hard drives trays, especially because a price astronomical go for the SSD market, small models are ample case without too much ruin to speed up computers, including laptops, which are long towed to HDD anemic performance. Thi, Vice President of Corsair memory products indicates indeed that "often, customers who wish to pass on this type of disks are well aware of gain that they, but they are too complicated to migrate all of their old disk data to an SSD", so Corsair launches its new product called "kit to update SSD for laptop pc".

corsair-ssd-upgrade-kit-force3-001         corsair-ssd-upgrade-kit-force3-002

Based on Corsair Force 3 120 or 240 GB, this kit consists of one of these two disks, a CD-ROM containing software for very easily migrate data and a USB adapter cable to SATA. Thus, with the supplied software, it is possible to fully fill the hard drive of the notebook of origin to the DSS included in the kit by simply following the steps of the software. Then, simply disassemble the laptop, remove the HDD tray replace DSS.


Corsair has already sent copies of its new kit to update to resellers from around the world, which will sell at a public price of €120 for the disk of 120 GB and €210 for the 240 GB drive that we tested. However, we nuancerons the advertised price because they do not appear to reflect the final in store prices. For example a Corsair Force 3 240 GB alone is in store at a price of €230 on average, we doubt that this kit which includes this SSD is less expensive than a single disk. Follow therefore.

The new BBox will feel effective June 18?

Bouygues Telecom formalizes the launch of its new BBox Sensation, available June 18.

At the beginning of the year, saying you little else BBox sensation, new Box Internet ISP Bouygues Telecom. Today, we learn that she will be proposed on 18 June. As the most recent competitors (Evolution, Freebox Revolution, Numericable LaBOX access), it is oriented towards the top-of-range, powered by a processor more powerful and offering new services such as the Streaming game. The idea being to differentiate through the Box for ISPs, since tariff offers on the Triple Play are often held in a Pocket handkerchief.

BBox Sensation (7)      BBox Sensation (6)

If it works of course with the ADSL network, the BBox Sensation is also thought to fiber optics, whether of FTTH to 100 Mbps on the network Bouygues, or hungry Numéricable network (which begins theoretically climb to 200 Mbps on Paris). The fiber version is in a single housing (Bouygues Telecom holding that in fiber optic installations, connections is often installed near the TV), while the ADSL version is two. Manufactured by Samsung, the BBox incorporates an Intel Atom this 4200 (faster than that of the Freebox V6), with 1 GB of RAM and a 320 GB hard drive. In contrast, not Blu - ray player. Gamepads communicate not by catch CPL, but by WiFi, Celeno technology called OptimizAir guaranteeing the passage of multiple video streams in Full HD without problems in wireless.

BBox Sensation (8) BBox Sensation (4)

The new interface of the BBox Sensation...

It is the method of connection to the network used, the BBox Sensation is proposed for €37,90 per month with a Triple-Play subscription. If new clients will receive this Box by default as of June 18, already subscribed customers see the migration to this new Box be charged €49. Remember that if subscribers BBox Park amounts to 1.3 million customers in the last record, it will grow new 300,000 came with the acquisition announced Darty Telecom by Bouygues.

Sony and Sharp end joint venture on the LCD slabs

Sharp stops to work with Sony on the LCD slabs, and found a new ally: Foxconn.

Sony BRAVIA NX800In February 2008, we announced the creation of a joint venture by Sony and Sharp to pool their investments in the production of slabs LCD. Today, the flat screen market in lack of profitability, the two companies announced the end of their collaboration on Sharp Display Product, the joint venture in question that was installed in the factory of Sakai to the East of Japan. Sony will indeed recover 10 billion yen sharp (approximately EUR 100 million) in which the firm will give all its shares, or 7.04%.

If Sony recently posted huge losses increased by the poor performance of its televisions, on the difficulties encountered by its range of products Bravia pressed by a very aggressive price competition, Sharp on the other hand found support in Foxconn, since the parent thereof (Hon Hai Precision) has invested $ 1.6 billion to retrieve 9.9% of the capital of the Japanese.

An entry to the capital which also concerns the joint venture that left Sony, Sharp Display Product, including Hon Hai Precision is now 46.5% shareholder. Some people see in the investment of Foxconn at Sharp preparations for future production of an Apple TV...

Facebook: will the CFO drinking (water)?

Facebook obviously found the perfect culprit to extinguish the controversy of its introduction on the stock market...

Credits Facebook (2).JPGYet yesterday talked about the controversy following the introduction of Facebook stock (introduced at $ 38, title tends today to back above the $ 33), with the filing of a complaint in partnership for bad information of small shareholders of new financial forecasts less optimistic than those initially in the folder of the IPO.

Also, critics are the very late decision of Facebook to revise upward the introduction price and 25% the number of issued shares. But if bad languages say that it is a decision taken unilaterally by Mark Zuckerberg, by pure ego, to see his company valued more than 100 billion dollars, today the information are all others.

Indeed, we learn that it is the Financial Director of the social network, David Ebersman, who have decided to only the increase in the number of titles on the market. This is in any case very officially told the Wall Street Journal, citing internal sources to Facebook and the words of about a dozen in the introduction process. If there is of course strange that David Ebersman made only one rider at an important time, many see a way for Facebook to defuse the controversy, pointing his CFO as being solely responsible for the situation.

At the time, David Ebersman is now built in fault, excluding the liability of Mark Zuckerberg and the banks. Does not that the larger strings are those that we see less and sometimes go with large hooves to convince... In any case, doubt remains enabled.

Sonuz: a headset by CM Storm

CM Storm launches a stereo headset "enclosing" enough classic: the Sonuz.

CM Storm SonuzLast summer, CM Storm - peripheral branch Cooler Master gamers - the microphones with the Sirus, started a fairly ambitious 5.1 model launched at €120. This year, CM Storm returns to the fundamental, with a more conventional model called Sonuz.

The idea is to position themselves in the medium-of-range of the market, offering a design said "wrap-around" and a detachable microphone. Stereo, this Sonuz is equipped with two transducers of 53 mm. From a technical point of view, the Sonuz covers 10-20,000 Hz, displays a 45 Ohm impedance and sensitivity of 98 dB / mW. The on-board microphone is removable, but also Omni-directional type. Note that it is possible to install it on the left or right, listener based on the preferences of the user. Cushions can include ear and provide comfort and insulation (small).

Finally, in terms of connectivity, the CM Storm Sonuz has two Jacks Jack 3.5 mm and a cable of 2 m, with a wired remote control for the volume control and activation of the micro. It should begin to be in stores starting in the month of June, for €69.90 TTC, recommended prices.

NVIDIA Kai, the cheap 3 Tegra Tablet under $ 199

The California skier NVIDIA wants to propose, with Kai, Tegra 3 quad-core cheap to offer tablets Android 4.0 ICS to $ 199.

Jen-Hsun Huang, President and CEO of NVIDIA, had declared the beginning of the year 2012 to propose its architecture Tegra 3 quad-core with touch tablets Android for less than $ 200 from the summer.


And it would seem that this is indeed the case, the California skier who recently unveiled the Kai, a Tablet 7 "under android 4.0 ICS project powered by its processor House Tegra 3 displaying a rate of only $ 199. To do this, NVIDIA has somewhat revised its Tegra 3 architecture by focusing on reducing the energy consumption of the SoC and by using low-cost components but all this without to review performance down. Kai is also more powerful, according to the manufacturer, that the Tablet competing directly under the Fire of Amazon Kindle it also available for $ 199.

We should have more information on the subject at the Computex 2012 to be held in Taipei from 5 to June 9.

Google goggles: photos and official video

Google more than the Glass project page makes available new photos and especially a video to demonstrate that new glasses of the Mountain View giant work well...

Finally subscriptions to Google and Play apps

Google introduces new for developers of apps Android, the opportunity to provide their customers with a subscription.

Google has just added an important component to its store of applications Android, Google Play (ex-Android Market), allowing developers to offer their customers a subscription system. The idea is of course to provide an additional rope arc of monetization of applications, to open new opportunities developers.

This system of subscription can be used by developers of games and applications in all kinds, but also of course to newspaper publishers who can now offer subscriptions to their magazines, with automated collection. Samples that user will of course be able to set up as it seems, and this in order to avoid abuse. Base, they will be automatically extended.

Google Play Abonnement Frontline Commando.jpg

After the in-app purchases successfully introduced by Google in March 2011 (23 of the 24 most profitable applications are in Freemium on Google Play), Android so catch on iOS for subscriptions and now offers little almost the same opportunities of monetization to application developers. Glu Mobile is the first company to be threw on this system of subscription for its Frontline Commando game.

TV 3D OLED LG soon marketed in France 55 "

Korean LG Announces the next arrival on the European market of its TV 3D 55 "OLED technology.

Unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas in January last in the form of prototype, designed by LG 3D OLED TV will soon be marketed in Europe.


With a diagonal of 55 "(1.40 m), this TV Full HD 1080p new generation is extremely fine with just 4 mm thick, almost non-existent edges and a weight of only 7.5 kg without the foot and just 10 kg with. Add to that an excellent image quality because exploiting the benefits of technology OLED - time of 0.02 ms response, with infinite contrast, black deep, shimmering - the 55EM9600 Announces exceptional.


In addition, this TV is also compatible 3D (passive), has connected features Smart TV and network domestic, incorporates an SoC dual-core and will be driven by a remote recognition voice and sign language, the Magic Remote control.

All this debauchery of course a price and the technology place this TV in the very high range with a rate of €9000 for availability in Europe estimated at the month of October, 2012.

OmniVision: a 4 K sensor compatible smartphone...

Film with its smartphone in 4 K will perhaps become a reality by the beginning of next year, there will more be to equip themselves in compatible TV...


After the Nokia PureView proposing to jolis clichés to 41 million pixels, OmniVision Society announces the launch of a new sensor for smartphones capable of filming in 4K2K... and even more! The reference of this new CMOS sensor is OV16825 and aligns 16 million photosensitive cells or already on a surface of only 1.34 µm each. These already operate technology originally introduced in 2007 by the same company and named "Back-illuminated CMOS" placing the substrate containing the photo-cathodes directly across from light to capture and put behind all the wiring necessary for the functioning of these cells. This technique allows to pass 60% of light being captured to nearly 90%.


The capabilities of this new sensor are rather impressive, since it will be possible to film scenes in Full HD at 60 fps with a system of digital stabilization, but also in 4K2K - or 3840 x 2160 - 60 images per second without stabilization and finally in full definition of the sensor - is 4608 x 3456 - 30 images per second. OmniVision is also on his sheet a new sensor OV16825 has all the essential features for the taking of photo, such as the setting of the exhibition or the sensitivity expressed in ISO. Output, it will be possible to send images to format RAW 10 and 12-bit for a richer colour rendering, 1024 levels of colors for the 10-bit and 4096 colors for the 12-bit levels.

If manufacturers engage in a race to the finesse in the market of smartphones, this sensor will not respond. The size of the sensor is 1/2.3 "instead of" 1/3.2 in normal time and measure 9.2 x 8.9 mm for the single die and 1.28 x 1.18 cm for the complete package. There is still a last problem to be overcome for the manufacturers, the flow of data sent by this sensor must be huge. It seems difficult for the SoC current to be able to support such a definition. Perhaps the next mobile processors will fail, knowing that this type of sensor is not due until early 2013 and will also address the market of compact cameras and camcorders.

Axis: an appli Yahoo universal to improve the Web search

Yahoo tries to interfere in browsers Internet Office, but also on mobile devices, with Axis, its new search plugin...

Yahoo has launched an application - mobile and desktop - called Axis, that portal evokes literally as an Internet browser, even if on Office she specifically is a plugin for the popular browsers. A plugin which provides a research module carrying the engine of Yahoo - Bing - and proposes including display very visual lists of results.

Another point put forward by Yahoo, the synchronization. Indeed, on all devices on which the user will be logged to Axis with the same account, it will find its home page and the search history, and his favorite sites. Axis also offers a built-in Photo Viewer or interactions with Pinterest. Nothing fundamentally new, but the editor insists on implementation facilitated by the mere use of a member Yahoo account.

Yahoo Axis (1).PNG

The Group explains its choice of quite clear way, with comments that make sense. Indeed, although said Yahoo know that Internet users are generally attached to their browser and its performance. They use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer, they are are usually attached by force of habit. Therefore, propose a new Internet browser did not have much sense and seemed to be a tough decision to impose. At the time, Yahoo chose offer a plugin compatible with the major existing browsers, allowing users to easily access the functions he proposes, but without changing browser.

Idem, in incorporating a small floating panel in the lower left corner of the screen, Yahoo would step disturb the traditional navigation users, but simply be present with Axis on their system, inviting them when they want to launch a research with him. Small flat, the mobile application is available on iOS for the moment, and it will have to wait a little to see it land on Android. Rest the first return of American journalists are good, evoking Axis as an excellent research tool and a valuable aid to navigation.

> Visit the Web of Yahoo Axis

A video of presentation of Axis by Yahoo (in English)