Champion Microsoft of de-indexing with Google applications

If the rights holders on cultural property are very active dereference to Google applications, Microsoft makes more requests...

Google regularly publishes statistics on the listings requests that are sent to him and the links it actually removes from its search engine. As always, the Majors and other rightholders (NBC Universal, the RIAA or the British Industry Record Music) are part of those seeking more frequently Google on this subject, regarding the indexing of pirated content made available by various sites and blogs. But in the first place, there are Microsoft which has only asked the withdrawal of Google 543.000 Internet pages which were all products of which the rights belong to the Redmond giant. Microsoft remains on a large rate, since in a little less than a year, 2.5 million Web pages which he asked the dereference.

Google Demandes Dereferencement Statistiques.PNG

Fred von Lohmann, counsel for Google in charge of copyright law, explains that it is not uncommon that Google received 250,000 requests for de-indexing per week. In the month of May alone, it is 1.2 million applications were received on behalf of different rightholders 1000, on 24,000 websites. Figures, even if they seem very important, do not cover the whole of the unlawful activity on content protected on the Web, far from it. But then Google manages to process as many requests? A priori, Yes, because the search engine says that between July and December 2011, 97% of requests were processed. Google would like to announce that, in the future, these statistics will be published daily on site Transparency Report.


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