Axis: an appli Yahoo universal to improve the Web search

Yahoo tries to interfere in browsers Internet Office, but also on mobile devices, with Axis, its new search plugin...

Yahoo has launched an application - mobile and desktop - called Axis, that portal evokes literally as an Internet browser, even if on Office she specifically is a plugin for the popular browsers. A plugin which provides a research module carrying the engine of Yahoo - Bing - and proposes including display very visual lists of results.

Another point put forward by Yahoo, the synchronization. Indeed, on all devices on which the user will be logged to Axis with the same account, it will find its home page and the search history, and his favorite sites. Axis also offers a built-in Photo Viewer or interactions with Pinterest. Nothing fundamentally new, but the editor insists on implementation facilitated by the mere use of a member Yahoo account.

Yahoo Axis (1).PNG

The Group explains its choice of quite clear way, with comments that make sense. Indeed, although said Yahoo know that Internet users are generally attached to their browser and its performance. They use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer, they are are usually attached by force of habit. Therefore, propose a new Internet browser did not have much sense and seemed to be a tough decision to impose. At the time, Yahoo chose offer a plugin compatible with the major existing browsers, allowing users to easily access the functions he proposes, but without changing browser.

Idem, in incorporating a small floating panel in the lower left corner of the screen, Yahoo would step disturb the traditional navigation users, but simply be present with Axis on their system, inviting them when they want to launch a research with him. Small flat, the mobile application is available on iOS for the moment, and it will have to wait a little to see it land on Android. Rest the first return of American journalists are good, evoking Axis as an excellent research tool and a valuable aid to navigation.

> Visit the Web of Yahoo Axis

A video of presentation of Axis by Yahoo (in English)


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