The Samsung Cloud Gaming, or video game streaming on TV

To play a video game directly on its TV without having to turn on the console or computer? Samsung said that it will be possible with the Samsung Cloud Gaming application for its Smart TV.

samsung-smarttv-es8000Samsung wants to grow the game on our television screens in a new dimension. In partnership with Gaikai, one of the leaders of the video game in the cloud, the Korean will offer a simple interface called Samsung Cloud Gaming to play all of the games of the moment without having to process download, installation and application of complicated patches.

For Korean is to give the opportunity to its customers to play in under a minute to any recent game as well as the headlines of the industry without recourse to a living room console or a computer.

After the beta test will take place first in the United States, all screens purchased this year in the Samsung LED 7000 series and the following will be able to visit the "Smart Hub" menu and find the new "Samsung Cloud Gaming" from the time when the Internet connection is sufficient, without more than precision. Samsung also States that it will be possible to test the games free of charge and pay then if the game please. A good way to check if it is playable comfortably or not on its Internet connection speeds. Gaikai and Samsung will make a demonstration a few days at E3, we know more at this time there.


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