Finally subscriptions to Google and Play apps

Google introduces new for developers of apps Android, the opportunity to provide their customers with a subscription.

Google has just added an important component to its store of applications Android, Google Play (ex-Android Market), allowing developers to offer their customers a subscription system. The idea is of course to provide an additional rope arc of monetization of applications, to open new opportunities developers.

This system of subscription can be used by developers of games and applications in all kinds, but also of course to newspaper publishers who can now offer subscriptions to their magazines, with automated collection. Samples that user will of course be able to set up as it seems, and this in order to avoid abuse. Base, they will be automatically extended.

Google Play Abonnement Frontline Commando.jpg

After the in-app purchases successfully introduced by Google in March 2011 (23 of the 24 most profitable applications are in Freemium on Google Play), Android so catch on iOS for subscriptions and now offers little almost the same opportunities of monetization to application developers. Glu Mobile is the first company to be threw on this system of subscription for its Frontline Commando game.


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