NVIDIA Kai, the cheap 3 Tegra Tablet under $ 199

The California skier NVIDIA wants to propose, with Kai, Tegra 3 quad-core cheap to offer tablets Android 4.0 ICS to $ 199.

Jen-Hsun Huang, President and CEO of NVIDIA, had declared the beginning of the year 2012 to propose its architecture Tegra 3 quad-core with touch tablets Android for less than $ 200 from the summer.


And it would seem that this is indeed the case, the California skier who recently unveiled the Kai, a Tablet 7 "under android 4.0 ICS project powered by its processor House Tegra 3 displaying a rate of only $ 199. To do this, NVIDIA has somewhat revised its Tegra 3 architecture by focusing on reducing the energy consumption of the SoC and by using low-cost components but all this without to review performance down. Kai is also more powerful, according to the manufacturer, that the Tablet competing directly under the Fire of Amazon Kindle it also available for $ 199.

We should have more information on the subject at the Computex 2012 to be held in Taipei from 5 to June 9.


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