Facebook: will the CFO drinking (water)?

Facebook obviously found the perfect culprit to extinguish the controversy of its introduction on the stock market...

Credits Facebook (2).JPGYet yesterday talked about the controversy following the introduction of Facebook stock (introduced at $ 38, title tends today to back above the $ 33), with the filing of a complaint in partnership for bad information of small shareholders of new financial forecasts less optimistic than those initially in the folder of the IPO.

Also, critics are the very late decision of Facebook to revise upward the introduction price and 25% the number of issued shares. But if bad languages say that it is a decision taken unilaterally by Mark Zuckerberg, by pure ego, to see his company valued more than 100 billion dollars, today the information are all others.

Indeed, we learn that it is the Financial Director of the social network, David Ebersman, who have decided to only the increase in the number of titles on the market. This is in any case very officially told the Wall Street Journal, citing internal sources to Facebook and the words of about a dozen in the introduction process. If there is of course strange that David Ebersman made only one rider at an important time, many see a way for Facebook to defuse the controversy, pointing his CFO as being solely responsible for the situation.

At the time, David Ebersman is now built in fault, excluding the liability of Mark Zuckerberg and the banks. Does not that the larger strings are those that we see less and sometimes go with large hooves to convince... In any case, doubt remains enabled.


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