A Corsair kit from the HDD to the SSD easily

Corsair think have found the solution to help customers migrate from the plateau to the SSD hard drive simply.

The DSS can undoubtedly accelerate the performance of our computers. Whether in terms of startup time, application load heavy as famous processing software Adobe Photoshop photo or in the field of video game on PC, these new storage components offer a real advantage over the hard disks with conventional tops.

Even if these SSD cannot compete in terms of storage space to good old hard drives trays, especially because a price astronomical go for the SSD market, small models are ample case without too much ruin to speed up computers, including laptops, which are long towed to HDD anemic performance. Thi, Vice President of Corsair memory products indicates indeed that "often, customers who wish to pass on this type of disks are well aware of gain that they, but they are too complicated to migrate all of their old disk data to an SSD", so Corsair launches its new product called "kit to update SSD for laptop pc".

corsair-ssd-upgrade-kit-force3-001         corsair-ssd-upgrade-kit-force3-002

Based on Corsair Force 3 120 or 240 GB, this kit consists of one of these two disks, a CD-ROM containing software for very easily migrate data and a USB adapter cable to SATA. Thus, with the supplied software, it is possible to fully fill the hard drive of the notebook of origin to the DSS included in the kit by simply following the steps of the software. Then, simply disassemble the laptop, remove the HDD tray replace DSS.


Corsair has already sent copies of its new kit to update to resellers from around the world, which will sell at a public price of €120 for the disk of 120 GB and €210 for the 240 GB drive that we tested. However, we nuancerons the advertised price because they do not appear to reflect the final in store prices. For example a Corsair Force 3 240 GB alone is in store at a price of €230 on average, we doubt that this kit which includes this SSD is less expensive than a single disk. Follow therefore.


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