The new BBox will feel effective June 18?

Bouygues Telecom formalizes the launch of its new BBox Sensation, available June 18.

At the beginning of the year, saying you little else BBox sensation, new Box Internet ISP Bouygues Telecom. Today, we learn that she will be proposed on 18 June. As the most recent competitors (Evolution, Freebox Revolution, Numericable LaBOX access), it is oriented towards the top-of-range, powered by a processor more powerful and offering new services such as the Streaming game. The idea being to differentiate through the Box for ISPs, since tariff offers on the Triple Play are often held in a Pocket handkerchief.

BBox Sensation (7)      BBox Sensation (6)

If it works of course with the ADSL network, the BBox Sensation is also thought to fiber optics, whether of FTTH to 100 Mbps on the network Bouygues, or hungry Numéricable network (which begins theoretically climb to 200 Mbps on Paris). The fiber version is in a single housing (Bouygues Telecom holding that in fiber optic installations, connections is often installed near the TV), while the ADSL version is two. Manufactured by Samsung, the BBox incorporates an Intel Atom this 4200 (faster than that of the Freebox V6), with 1 GB of RAM and a 320 GB hard drive. In contrast, not Blu - ray player. Gamepads communicate not by catch CPL, but by WiFi, Celeno technology called OptimizAir guaranteeing the passage of multiple video streams in Full HD without problems in wireless.

BBox Sensation (8) BBox Sensation (4)

The new interface of the BBox Sensation...

It is the method of connection to the network used, the BBox Sensation is proposed for €37,90 per month with a Triple-Play subscription. If new clients will receive this Box by default as of June 18, already subscribed customers see the migration to this new Box be charged €49. Remember that if subscribers BBox Park amounts to 1.3 million customers in the last record, it will grow new 300,000 came with the acquisition announced Darty Telecom by Bouygues.


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