E3: A Sony Conference under anaesthesia

After met announcements of new technologies of Nintendo and Microsoft, it wondered what would respond us Sony: a spaceship, the beginnings of teleportation? Bah non... In fact, there were just games.

E3 Sony 04It is a fact: Sony showed us the game... Same full. Yet, at its Conference, to 4 or 5 hours of mat', therefore (it is tell you the State of freshness in which we wander in this beautiful spring afternoon), it was difficult to not hide a certain disappointment. Outside of a festival of titles, among which was particularly Beyond: Two Souls, the last creature of David Cage, there was no truly new announcement about the console itself: not cuts prices on the horizon, or tangible information about possible features of cloud gaming (the rumour had been state these past days the possibility of a partnership between the Japanese manufacturer and service providers like Gaikai or Onlive). Only finally granted announcement: the agreement between the constructor and HTC for the development of an application that would allow the owners of devices not Sony to access the games of its catalogue. Hmm... In addition to that it is enough coclass of Sony and ask the help of HTC in the field of mobile technologies, we will say that at times also indecent, they we in would have had much more to push to the chandelier.

E3 Sony 03 E3 Sony 01 E3 Sony 02

The games, it told you, there were many: we talked about Beyond: Two Souls, we could also mention Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and Assassin's Creed III: release on Vita, and The Last of Us, or God of War: Ascension on PS3. However, we were many hoped a few crumbs of information, or even an image, or even downright nice video 4 by 3, the Last Guardian, on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, or go, let's be crazy, why not a confirmation that Diablo III activities well one day on PS3, as rumoured had advanced it. In the same spirit, the Vita appeared to take a part well little importance in the ads, while the console would instead need a advertising foot buttocks to raise its sales. That said, many publishers can still strengthen the catalogue of the beast by the end of the show. It would be better.


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