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NVIDIA: Kepler, it pay?

Small update on NVIDIA finance, in place in its various markets and decided to accelerate its growth with Kepler.


NVIDIA comes from post its financial results for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2013 (i.e. the second calendar quarter ended April 30) and has over these three months a turnover of $ 924,9 million. Net income is down to $ 60.4 million, this being explained by all the investments made now by the company for the market.

Jen-Hsun Huang, President and CEO, explains without detour: "Kepler GPUs accelerate business (...)" Our new range Dekstop is having one of the best notes that we have had in the press. On the Notebook, our GPUs are a record quarter. And Tegra, the growth curve is good, boosted by very good terminals and waiting to see what will give Windows on ARM (...) The graphics are more important than ever. "Stay connected, the GPU Technology Conference, we will introduce new mobile and cloud-computing".

Recent news from NVIDIA includes launches the Kepler GPU GeForce GTX 670, 680 and 690, as well as those of some mobile versions in series GeForce 600 M. The first ultrabook equipped with a NVIDIA GPUS was released March 6, it's the Acer Aspire Timeline M3. The first Tegra 3 phone is available, the One x NVIDIA HTC also announced the launch next GeForce Experience service who, through powerful servers, will be able to optimize the graphics settings of the games based on the configuration of the player.

For the second quarter of its fiscal year, NVIDIA is expected to achieve a turnover between 990 million and $ 1.05 billion, with a margin of about 51.2%. It can be expected that after these launches, this either on the coming months that the range of GPUs Kepler gives its first real results.

NVIDIA Q1 2013 Fiscal Year

Windows 8: the shelves and hybrid Intel for November?

According to some anonymous sources, the launch of Windows 8 should be around the month of November, when will emerge equipped with shelves of the new OS and an Intel chip. journalists are safe, a first range of Windows 8 tablet equipped with Intel processors will be on the market in November. According to one of the reliable sources of this writing, the time schedule for the launch of the Windows 8 stamped products is relatively tight. Microsoft wants to be the new OS on all fronts, with the support of Intel and AMD processors, as well as ARM chips, and this Office, but also tablets and laptops.

Intel Letexo

The prototype Intel Letexo, a ultrabook that turns into tablet...

This latter market, Intel would have ambitious plans. Namely offering a selection of at least twelve products with partners about Windows 8, including a good half of shelves x 86 operating a processor Atom platform Clover Trail (of the dual-core engraved in 32 nm). The other half would be hybrid products, namely touch laptop usable as of tablets.

Finally, says that Intel is working hard on Bay Trail, the next Atom platform cache chip carved 22 nm (such as the Ivy Bridge) and which includes a smart 3 G / 4 G and a new graphical circuit. There is more than to wait for the formalization of these machines to see if the sources in question are right.

The logo of the 690 of EVGA GTX can vary in luminous intensity

Using the House LED Controller utility, the graphics card manufacturer to vary the light intensity of the logo of its GeForce GTX 690.

All graphics GeForce GTX 690 output by the various partners of NVIDIA are similar in all respects. Indeed, the new graphics card bi - GPU ultra high range and prices of the firm to the chameleon with an exemplary finish out, third-party manufacturers did not have the right to change not a chouia the physics of the map, even the lesser small sticker being prohibited.

evga-gtx670-led-controller02     evga-gtx-690-ledcontroller

Manufacturers had only the bundle to differentiate, which is usually their utility House to control and monitor the different settings for the card. And this is that brand EVGA differs from others by offering a small software, LED Controller that allows to manage the light intensity of the GeForce GTX 690 logo on the top of the hull of the monster and compatible only with their model.

In addition to the Precision of the mark X tool, this utility allows to vary the light intensity of the logo or manually by entering a value between 0 and 100 but also automatically based on the frequency of the GPU or the number of FPS. Totally futile so completely indispensable for those who have the means of snapping €1000 in this graphics card, but also in a case styled with facade selection. If not, necessarily, it is not used in grand-longitudinal

> Download LED Controller for 690 EVGA GTX

Sputnik: the distribution-oriented dev of Dell

Canonical and Dell worked together to provide a usable on XPS 13 upon unpacking developer-oriented Linux distribution...

Dell XPS 13 (3)The Sputnik project has nothing to do with the first Russian satellite launched into orbit on October 4, 1957. No, this project is about the efforts made in common by Matt Baker, Michael Cote, Nnamdi Orakwue and Barton George (the latter being responsible for Cloud Computing and Open Source at Dell) which launched the idea internally to design a developer-oriented Linux for the XPS 13 distribution. For its part, Canonical has not slowed this development following his previous experiences in this area. Six months of work and research, the project allows Dell to offer a first ultrabook under Linux for developers with the easiest working environment that is.

Based on the latest version of Ubuntu, 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" that we have the tour in images, Dell will propose this distribution changed to its latest XPS 13 ultrabook optional in the sales portal configuration procedure, but is already available for customers via an installation image downloading. Barton George points out that there are still a few small changes to to a full support of the multi-touch trackpad for example. Currently, Dell is seeking a way around these small inconveniences while waiting for a clean solution from the manufacturer of the touchpad.

ubuntu-12.04-selecteur-bureau       ubuntu-12.04-dashboard

The idea of the Sputnik project is not that in the development of a distribution to small onions for a single model, but for all Dell signed products. In addition, one of the strengths of this project is the developers profiles management. For the moment, Dell offers the Android, Ruby and JavaScript profile which will come then install all of the software and their necessary dependencies for these three profiles of developers. More simple therefore start work quickly. Dell indicates that it is also possible to manufacture profiles and distribute them on the Developer Platform on its forum.

Finally, according to Mark Shuttleworth and Dell, project Sputnik could see further and make competition to Github for example term. The idea would be to create small spaces of development in the cloud for a few developers using this distribution to then open to the rest of the world if required for development. Because the tools are common to all the developers of this same distribution, it would be more compatibility issue, of "versioning" or different platforms that result often with the addition of patches in the code to work around these problems. Dell and Ubuntu could use the OpenStack to manage these spaces online.

All ready for Diablo III?

Fans are nervous waiting for Diablo III. There are more than a few hours to wait for the launch event.

One might almost already prepare the news that we will post in a few days and will give the figures for record sales of Diablo III, another episode of the hack & slash of the Blizzard. The output of the set, scheduled tomorrow Tuesday May 15, is clearly one of the main events of the year gaming PC (and Mac, but good...) and there is no doubt that the title will be sold by whole pallets. A few hours of the grand launch, players are eager and seek to get the latest news. Many had pré-commandé it, but if you have not yet made your arrangements to buy Diablo III, be aware that several choices are available to you.

Diablo III Battle Net.PNG

Including sold in direct download by Blizzard store of its portal (€59.99) to play as soon as the servers online, expected for 00: 01 that night. This should of course have downloaded the game and launched its facility, which will be possible according to Bashiok from 17 h 01 today. For the moment, the message "fire fall always sky." "Diablo III is not yet out" is still available.

Bashiock Twitter.PNG

If you prefer to retrieve a box of the game and this last pressed on DVD, you can always opt for online merchants, provided that it not be too hurried. Among them, Amazon is - as often - one of the most interesting choices, as Diablo III is sold €45 (in free shipping). A good opportunity to save a few euros to invest in a good mouse, because with Diablo III, it will click dry!

Finally, for players installed, the more impatient Paris region, and those who want to live an event with their peers the licence of Blizzard fans there is the possibility to go to the tail on the Champs-Elysées to the Fnac to be able to buy the game for the exceptional opening of the shop for the launch of Diablo III from midnight. As always with this kind of launches, the leader will begin to fill well before and will be implemented to wait the customers in a festive atmosphere.

Of course, we will propose you as soon as possible our test of Diablo III, but not before the release of the game and be able to properly play. As with Blizzard, there are no rules, even the press does not have access to the final game before the opening of the servers... It is like you, was looking forward to!

Personal mobile TV is dead and buried

The APF aborts the TMP project after five years of battle with broadcast operators.


TMP is definitely stopped. The CSA has indeed removed the allocation of frequencies for the DVB - H standard concerning the personal Mobile television. March 5, 2007, this standard was established in France for broadcast in television (at the Rugby World Cup) in a project led by the CSA.

The Supervisory Board of audiovisual French then opted for TDF society who was in charge of technical as antenna infrastructure deployment and distribution network between television and digital distribution network.

Before the immobilization of TDF and the difficulties of deployment, the APF subsequently asked that an operator is designated to mount an offer of access. Virgin Mobile was the only proposed an alliance with TDF in May 2010, but this project was stopped in January 2011. Following the announcement of Virgin Mobile, TDF also stated that he stopped the costs and to désengageait project.

Sixteen television stations that have an authorization to broadcast on the DVB - H network have not found a new transport operator and eventually asked the CSA to end definitively to the project, with solutions of broadcast programmes via the 3 G for example. The frequencies in question will not be reused for the mobile network, too remote of the GSM standard, UMTS or the LTE. Three blocks of frequencies are therefore abandoned, the VHF - III (174-230 MHz), the UHF - IV and V (470-830 MHz) and L-band (1452-1492 MHz) which are already used by other standards of dissemination such as DVB - T and the T - DAB currently being at stake for the TNT.

Elsewhere in the world, this standard is also abandoned for the 3 G or 4 G to monetize access to digital content much more easily. Unless the B2M (Broadcast Mobile Multimedia) led by TDF can replace the TMP within a few years. In any case, the digital TV on mobile is available that by paying a supplementary package.

ZOTAC GTX 670: the Extreme Edition special overclocking

The Zotac mark will soon be a third model of GeForce GTX 670 to the overclockers, the GTX 670 Extreme Edition.

The Chinese manufacturer Zotac, after having announced its classic and AMP models! Edition of the GeForce GTX 670, would prepare a third version known as the Extreme Edition. It would be more for overclockers and demanding users who wish to make the most of their equipment.


Indeed, this map is completely customisée, long PCB was enhanced to provide 8 + 3 phases, cooled by an additional radiator on the top of the card with LED integrated to illuminate the logo. The map will then require connectors PCI-e 8 + 6 pins to feed energy.

The cooling system consists of a large copper base surmounted by a large radiator finned aluminum covering the PCB, crossed by 5 heat pipes 9 mm brass, all rafraichi by two fans of 90 mm diameter. The card has a backplate for stiffening the whole and dissipate heat, a module + OC can also connect in USB on the map to relate it to the motherboard to monitor and precisely control the various parameters of the card (GPU/memory frequency, tension, speed of the ventilos…).

Zotac-GTX-670-Extreme-Edition-02  Zotac-GTX-670-Extreme-Edition-03  Zotac-GTX-670-Extreme-Edition-04  Zotac-GTX-670-Extreme-Edition-05

ZOTAC announces an overclocking of plant for the GK104 amounting to 1100 Mhz in standard and 1200 Mhz in GPU Boost, the 2 GB of GDDR5 is processors to 1650 Mhz (1502/980/915 Mhz for the GTX 670 of reference NVIDIA). This model will be the month next in Asia at a rate not release and arrival on the European market has not yet been mentioned.

CVgate: the Yahoo CEO resigned and four members of the Council

Yahoo loses its new CEO, forced him to resign for having embellished his CV to a degree that he never received...

Scott ThompsonLast week, Scott Thompson, recently arrived at the head of Yahoo, apologized to its employees for bidonné a line of his CV (a degree of computer engineer that he never received) and asked them to remain focused on their tasks to help the group meet according to the plans he had to draw (including the dismissal of 2000 people).

Today, this case of "CVgate" has his last rebound, as Scott Thompson comes - in the storm - to resign from his position as CEO. The former President of PayPal (a subsidiary of eBay) will therefore held only a few months in the highest responsibilities in Yahoo. Several shareholders claimed his head after the sham.

Result, it is Ross Levinsohn, currently in charge of the domestic media, which temporarily takes CEO at Yahoo headquarters at the United States. Remains that Scott Thompson leads in its wake four other leaders, also pushed towards the exit from this scandal. As could be expected, Patti Hart, Member of the Board of Directors of Yahoo and responsible for the recruitment of Thompson is also his suitcases, and three other members of the "board": VJ Joshi, Arthur Kern and Gary Wilson. Daniel Loeb, the pattern of Third Point, the investment fund that owns 5.8% of the capital of Yahoo and claimed the first the resignation of Scott Thompson, made at the time of its entry to the Council. Two of the Allied of the latter are also join him, Harry Wilson, and Michael Wolf.

Yahoo will be looking for a new CEO. After the dismissal by telephone of Carol Bartz, this is another case which deprives the group for a genuine new beginning. Unless the new CEO follow road map towards growth paths by Scott Thompson, what is not said, each officer with his approach.

Ivy Bridge and temperature: a problem of TIM confirmed

TIM (for Thermal Interface Material) is a thin layer of thermal paste between the nucleus and the IHS. Intel would have used a somewhat limited TIM which results in a rise in temperature important in overclocking on the Ivy Bridge.

processeur-tim-thermique-diagOur Japanese colleagues from PC Watch had fun to disassemble a third-generation Intel Core, Core i7-3770K CPU to be exact, and analyzed the impact of the thermal paste between the nucleus and the IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) used by Intel. As we have seen in testing of overclocking the processor by our expert Thomas "Pt1t" Kerrinckx, the heater is much more important than expected. The emitted doubts writing is confirmed by tests of Japanese and used thermal paste is not the most effective.

In the design of a processor, the caster has two solutions, it pastes the IHS on the ring with a thermal paste either it directly welded the IHS on the ring. In both cases, the heat emitted by the nucleus must be evacuated at best to the heatpipe itself intercalated with a thin layer of thermal paste. The image of PC Watch above illustrates this point, with black kernel, in red the two layers of pulp thermal (the bottom being posed by Intel and the top by the user) and clear grey the IHS on the dark grey that represents the base of installed heatpipe.


Our Intel Core i7-3770K decapsulation...

Thus, the Overclocking can engage in the gurgling on this generation of processors to then put a new layer brand, as the paste OCZ Freeze Extreme or the Coollaboratory Liquid Pro. The results are without appeal and the performance of the pulp used by Intel inhibits the potential of OC of Ivy Bridge. The decapping operation is not without risk still and the gain may be minimal if the processor is not of good quality. However, PC Watch tests show a difference of 15 to 20 ° C reference processor and the modified processor, which allows up to 5 GHz to 1.55 V without any configuration plant during the Cinebench 11.5 multi-threaded test in the case of Liquid Pro.

pc-watch-tab-oc-intel-ivy-bridge-001                  pc-watch-diag-temp-oc-intel-ivy-bridge-001

A table and a record of temperatures by PC Watch

Remains to be seen if revisions of these third-generation Intel processors will correct this problem with the pulp of better quality, or with an IHS directly welded to cut short just this controversy... But nothing is less sure.

Nothing wrong with Sony which publishes abyssal loss

Sony, the time for assessment sounded and the figures are disastrous, the company posting the biggest loss in its history.

Sony has published figures for the last quarter of fiscal 2012 and thus also those of its full exercise and, to say the least, is that they are not good. Indeed, the 2.5 billion euro of losses of the last quarter are climbing the score rises to 4.4 billion euros of losses on the full year. This is the biggest loss in the history of the group, which last year already lost EUR 2.51 billion.

For the CEO Kaz Hirai, not easy to swallow the pill, but it is obviously several explanations for this. First, it cannot exclude a comprehensive and proven demand decline, but it also blames him unfavorable exchange rate and the impact of the catastrophe that was the terrible tsunami for the Japanese economy. With this balance could not be more morose, Kaz Hirai has what explain its recent decision to delete in total 10,000 positions at Sony (or 6% of the workforce). A comprehensive restructuring that is expected to cost EUR 750 million over three years to bring Sony profitability.

PS Vita (2).JPG

1.8 million PS Vita sold end of March in the world. It is little, but Sony does not fall
the arms and account on his laptop to help it regain profitability...

With a turnover annual down 9.6% to $ 69.5 billion, it will also know revive sales, which seems difficult in view of the current situation. Bravia televisions which allowed Sony to inflate its CA in recent years are only available as well, and its activity on the video game is in decline. Indeed, the PlayStation 3 is the end of its cycle and the consoles is changing overall downward, as evidenced by the sales of the all-new PlayStation Vita are not good, even if Sony hopes to sell 16 million on the new fiscal year. It is the only product in the division Consumer Products & Services - which depends on the PlayStation brand - for which forecasts are on the rise. A division which, she alone, lose Sony 2.2 billion euros.

The results of its branch cameras & video cameras are not good, down 11.7%. The Xperia smartphones of the mark, the purchase of the shares in Ericsson should allow Sony to try to innovate in this area to boost sales. But in the end, the only division that really earns money from Sony, is that of financial services through which the brand sells insurance. An increase of 10.6%, this service reported to Sony 1.3 billion euros. That is a bit dramatic, recall some, for a company that sells the high-tech at the base.

Strong demand for Samsung flexible OLED screens

What does Samsung of its flexible OLED screens that it will begin mass production? Will propose to its partners or to keep exclusive temporarily...

Last week, LG meant advances in the design of screen OLED flexible and unbreakable dedicated terminals in small sizes, type smartphones. It was for us an opportunity to recall that compatriot Samsung is, for its part, obviously more advanced still matter, promising for some time already the output of finished products with such screens for the year 2012. But it was Samsung will retain this innovation for its own products, it would seem that the usual Samsung partners, those who regularly purchase screens to Display division, are many to seek the brand to buy these flexible screens.

Knowing that Apple is one of the first clients of Samsung on the screens, it takes more to panic junkies iPhone rumors... Even if it is known that between the two giants, the tensions are numerous. Is Apple or not, Samsung suggests that interest in its flexible screens is strong, but does not say if he has to give in to these sirens or if he prefers to stick to its initial plans, which could give it a very important competitive advantage if it is the first to propose laptops equipped with flexible screens.

A few clues filter also about the ability of production of Samsung flexible OLED tiles, because one learns that it is the plant of Tangjeong in the South of the province of Chungcheon receiving the tools necessary for the production of 960.000 leaves OLED of this type to the end of the year. According to Samsung, the OLED will gradually replace the LCD on the market and the demand will be high as soon as 2015 for the finer and brighter screens.

Kwon Oh-Hyun, Vice President of Samsung, says that the company has invested heavily in the OLED and will continue to do so, as a leader in this emerging market. In this context, be the first to mass produce flexible OLED send a message strong. And be the first to market with a smartphone that is equipped with more...

After Intel Medfield, it will be Merrifield and 6331

The roadmap of Intel on the processors for smartphones and tablets gives us info on the fineness of engraving and the radio of these new chips part.

Our colleagues from SemiAccurate have laid their hands on the roadmap Intel processors coming to smartphones. We already know this generation with the Intel Medfield and its three references Z2460 and Z2580 or the Z2000, all three engraved in 32 nm.


SemiAccurate has obtained the names of the next two processors dedicated to tablets and smart mobile, Merrifield and 6331. The menu, the 22 nm for these two chips with a Merrifield coupled part radio of the skier, the Intel XMM 7260 that supports all transmission technologies current radio from GSM to the LTE.

For the 6331, also from the Intel R & D's radio part would be just as well off since it would be the Intel XMM 7160 that handles also the 2 G, 3 G up to 42 Mb/s and the LTE up to 100 Mb / s. The difference would be on the Bluetooth 4.0 support or energy management.

Intel is preparing already for the third generation of mobile processors under 14 nm lithography that will also be Haswell processors. Intel must now prove its solution compete with microarray under ARM in terms of performance and management of energy while offering attractive for manufacturers prices and of course his catch on the applications catalog, or an ARM emulator / x 86 worthy of the name to see the native x 86 applications flowered in the shops of apps of mobile operating systems.

Free Mobile could be punished by Arcep

Alternative Mobile has, on behalf of the MVNO, before the Arcep regards wholesale offers Free mobile virtual operators...

Free Mobile Logo.PNG

The conditions for the entry of Free Mobile in the mobile telephony market have been defined by Arcep - Telecoms Regulator - and negotiated in exchange for commitments specific (and ambitious) to animate the competition. If, in terms of rates applied, Free Mobile has fulfilled its commitments and even a little more than that by planting a beautiful mess (the first results are visible, with an average revenue per user down), this is hardly the case with respect to offers of large virtual operators, the famous MVNO. Thus, Alternative Mobile seized Arcep comes formally to initiate a procedure against Free Mobile for breaches of commitments.

It must be said that the wholesale rates proposed by Free Mobile in the MVNO are such that they do not really to propose offers more interesting than those already placed on the market by the néo-opérateur. Thus, the monthly access subscription is billed at least €2 duty-free, while Free Mobile offers its customers to package to €2 per month TTC. According to Alternative Mobile, this demonstrates that Free Mobile does not take its commitments of animation of the competition, leaving no room for manoeuvre to the MVNO, as explained already here: Free Mobile does stimulate competition or kill the MVNO?

Alternative Mobile welcomes the decision of Arcep to have put in place a procedure and hope that it will go to an end to punish Free Mobile and force it to honour its commitments so that the MVNO who would rely on its network to offer their offers, can do so at competitive rates. week update

Inferno, GTX 670, 3 K, Torchlight II, Gigabyte, spectrum XT, chkdsk, Galaxy S III... Some of the key words of the week, for a news reviewed and corrected.

Still a four-day week, interspersed with on 8 may, which ends. And to say the least, that it was not busy, with the publication of four tests. In order, we have proposed you our impressions on the CM Storm Inferno mouse. Then the complete testing of the GeForce GTX 680 AMP! Edition of Zotac and the all-new GeForce GTX 670 - already are moving in must - have for a number of players, with performance of high and €100 less than 680 on the ticket of Fund. Finally, we had to screen the DSS HyperX 3 K of Kingston, very quick, a little less enduring, but less expensive.

test-nvidia-geforce-gtx670-07     Kingston HyperX 3K 240 Go (4).JPG

Of course, these articles plus news, many but not necessarily very interesting this week, with the exception of a few articles that reserve you for this weekend. Don't miss our summary of all models GeForce GTX 670 available (and there!), our point of view on the Torchlight II Beta, the hack'n slash enough Tared for wanting to make the shadow to Diablo III, and the presentation of four new Gigabyte products, that the constructor has come show us in the drafting. Those who follow our Facebook page had the inside scoop of the photos of these products.

Finally, with a journalist to "walk" in Shanghai with HP, we of course covered the presentation of the new laptops of the mark (spectrum XT, Envy Sleekbook and Ultrabook) and participated in a few interesting workshops (design and functionality, memristors and flexible screens, evolution of the all-in-one). Good weekend to all!

Top 10 most read news of the week:

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GeForce GTX 670: 4 - Way SLI not supported... for now

NVIDIA will soon bring the compatibility of the GTX 670 with technology 4 - way SLI via an update of drivers.

3-way-sli-gtx67The GeForce GTX 670 has two bridges SLI on the PCB, this one that suggested that the 4 - way SLI was possible but apparently, according to the PC Perspective website, is currently not the case, 3 - way SLI is operational.

The GPU GK104 GTX 670 being a very close variation of the GTX 680 and the PCB allowing two SLI bridges, there is no which would prevent this multi-GPU technology to function. After contacting officials in NVIDIA our colleagues have learned that 4 - way SLI would be soon supported with a next update of drivers.

When we see that a two GTX 670 SLI is only 2% less efficient and 20% less expensive than a GeForce GTX 690 with a consumption of lower energy, 4 - way SLI is therefore be a tempting solution, if drivers follow course. Case to follow so.

Statutes Facebook: when money comes into play!

Highlight his Facebook status can cost up to $ 2...

A few days separate Facebook of his scholarship and, as if it were a final strong message to investors, the social network announces a new lever of monetization: the opportunity to highlight its statutes for an understood amount between $ 0 to $ 2! Not yet deployed to all users of the network, this function could of course interest companies and brands who use Facebook to disseminate their messages and generate the hearing. This "building in front of the post as a major publication" therefore applies to the posted articles, but also photos and links.

Facebook Statut Payer

The first users who have been offering this option sometimes pay up to $ 2 were soon to contact Facebook to learn more, not having the habit of being offered to enter their PayPal accounts or information cards Visa or MasterCard at the time of posting a status. Facebook has so well was forced to communicate on the subject, explaining be testing this function on a panel of users on the network. "We try to without judgment of new features on the site." "This test is intended to measure the interest of the members of Facebook for the promotion of this new way to share with friends" says the spokesperson.

But we guess wrong a lambda user pay to ensure that his kick of the evening hangover or his album of holiday photos are more visible to its list of friends. No, clearly, it is to the media and other brands to address this new paid service. Mark Zuckerberg wants clearly go beyond the simple display of advertisements and mix a notion of money directly to the social function. Not sure that this is well taken by users who see always be displayed on the Facebook home page (before login) the following message: "it's free (and it will always remain").