ZOTAC GTX 670: the Extreme Edition special overclocking

The Zotac mark will soon be a third model of GeForce GTX 670 to the overclockers, the GTX 670 Extreme Edition.

The Chinese manufacturer Zotac, after having announced its classic and AMP models! Edition of the GeForce GTX 670, would prepare a third version known as the Extreme Edition. It would be more for overclockers and demanding users who wish to make the most of their equipment.


Indeed, this map is completely customisée, long PCB was enhanced to provide 8 + 3 phases, cooled by an additional radiator on the top of the card with LED integrated to illuminate the logo. The map will then require connectors PCI-e 8 + 6 pins to feed energy.

The cooling system consists of a large copper base surmounted by a large radiator finned aluminum covering the PCB, crossed by 5 heat pipes 9 mm brass, all rafraichi by two fans of 90 mm diameter. The card has a backplate for stiffening the whole and dissipate heat, a module + OC can also connect in USB on the map to relate it to the motherboard to monitor and precisely control the various parameters of the card (GPU/memory frequency, tension, speed of the ventilos…).

Zotac-GTX-670-Extreme-Edition-02  Zotac-GTX-670-Extreme-Edition-03  Zotac-GTX-670-Extreme-Edition-04  Zotac-GTX-670-Extreme-Edition-05

ZOTAC announces an overclocking of plant for the GK104 amounting to 1100 Mhz in standard and 1200 Mhz in GPU Boost, the 2 GB of GDDR5 is processors to 1650 Mhz (1502/980/915 Mhz for the GTX 670 of reference NVIDIA). This model will be the month next in Asia at a rate not release and arrival on the European market has not yet been mentioned.


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