Strong demand for Samsung flexible OLED screens

What does Samsung of its flexible OLED screens that it will begin mass production? Will propose to its partners or to keep exclusive temporarily...

Last week, LG meant advances in the design of screen OLED flexible and unbreakable dedicated terminals in small sizes, type smartphones. It was for us an opportunity to recall that compatriot Samsung is, for its part, obviously more advanced still matter, promising for some time already the output of finished products with such screens for the year 2012. But it was Samsung will retain this innovation for its own products, it would seem that the usual Samsung partners, those who regularly purchase screens to Display division, are many to seek the brand to buy these flexible screens.

Knowing that Apple is one of the first clients of Samsung on the screens, it takes more to panic junkies iPhone rumors... Even if it is known that between the two giants, the tensions are numerous. Is Apple or not, Samsung suggests that interest in its flexible screens is strong, but does not say if he has to give in to these sirens or if he prefers to stick to its initial plans, which could give it a very important competitive advantage if it is the first to propose laptops equipped with flexible screens.

A few clues filter also about the ability of production of Samsung flexible OLED tiles, because one learns that it is the plant of Tangjeong in the South of the province of Chungcheon receiving the tools necessary for the production of 960.000 leaves OLED of this type to the end of the year. According to Samsung, the OLED will gradually replace the LCD on the market and the demand will be high as soon as 2015 for the finer and brighter screens.

Kwon Oh-Hyun, Vice President of Samsung, says that the company has invested heavily in the OLED and will continue to do so, as a leader in this emerging market. In this context, be the first to mass produce flexible OLED send a message strong. And be the first to market with a smartphone that is equipped with more...


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