Free Mobile could be punished by Arcep

Alternative Mobile has, on behalf of the MVNO, before the Arcep regards wholesale offers Free mobile virtual operators...

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The conditions for the entry of Free Mobile in the mobile telephony market have been defined by Arcep - Telecoms Regulator - and negotiated in exchange for commitments specific (and ambitious) to animate the competition. If, in terms of rates applied, Free Mobile has fulfilled its commitments and even a little more than that by planting a beautiful mess (the first results are visible, with an average revenue per user down), this is hardly the case with respect to offers of large virtual operators, the famous MVNO. Thus, Alternative Mobile seized Arcep comes formally to initiate a procedure against Free Mobile for breaches of commitments.

It must be said that the wholesale rates proposed by Free Mobile in the MVNO are such that they do not really to propose offers more interesting than those already placed on the market by the néo-opérateur. Thus, the monthly access subscription is billed at least €2 duty-free, while Free Mobile offers its customers to package to €2 per month TTC. According to Alternative Mobile, this demonstrates that Free Mobile does not take its commitments of animation of the competition, leaving no room for manoeuvre to the MVNO, as explained already here: Free Mobile does stimulate competition or kill the MVNO?

Alternative Mobile welcomes the decision of Arcep to have put in place a procedure and hope that it will go to an end to punish Free Mobile and force it to honour its commitments so that the MVNO who would rely on its network to offer their offers, can do so at competitive rates.


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