Nothing wrong with Sony which publishes abyssal loss

Sony, the time for assessment sounded and the figures are disastrous, the company posting the biggest loss in its history.

Sony has published figures for the last quarter of fiscal 2012 and thus also those of its full exercise and, to say the least, is that they are not good. Indeed, the 2.5 billion euro of losses of the last quarter are climbing the score rises to 4.4 billion euros of losses on the full year. This is the biggest loss in the history of the group, which last year already lost EUR 2.51 billion.

For the CEO Kaz Hirai, not easy to swallow the pill, but it is obviously several explanations for this. First, it cannot exclude a comprehensive and proven demand decline, but it also blames him unfavorable exchange rate and the impact of the catastrophe that was the terrible tsunami for the Japanese economy. With this balance could not be more morose, Kaz Hirai has what explain its recent decision to delete in total 10,000 positions at Sony (or 6% of the workforce). A comprehensive restructuring that is expected to cost EUR 750 million over three years to bring Sony profitability.

PS Vita (2).JPG

1.8 million PS Vita sold end of March in the world. It is little, but Sony does not fall
the arms and account on his laptop to help it regain profitability...

With a turnover annual down 9.6% to $ 69.5 billion, it will also know revive sales, which seems difficult in view of the current situation. Bravia televisions which allowed Sony to inflate its CA in recent years are only available as well, and its activity on the video game is in decline. Indeed, the PlayStation 3 is the end of its cycle and the consoles is changing overall downward, as evidenced by the sales of the all-new PlayStation Vita are not good, even if Sony hopes to sell 16 million on the new fiscal year. It is the only product in the division Consumer Products & Services - which depends on the PlayStation brand - for which forecasts are on the rise. A division which, she alone, lose Sony 2.2 billion euros.

The results of its branch cameras & video cameras are not good, down 11.7%. The Xperia smartphones of the mark, the purchase of the shares in Ericsson should allow Sony to try to innovate in this area to boost sales. But in the end, the only division that really earns money from Sony, is that of financial services through which the brand sells insurance. An increase of 10.6%, this service reported to Sony 1.3 billion euros. That is a bit dramatic, recall some, for a company that sells the high-tech at the base.


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