After Intel Medfield, it will be Merrifield and 6331

The roadmap of Intel on the processors for smartphones and tablets gives us info on the fineness of engraving and the radio of these new chips part.

Our colleagues from SemiAccurate have laid their hands on the roadmap Intel processors coming to smartphones. We already know this generation with the Intel Medfield and its three references Z2460 and Z2580 or the Z2000, all three engraved in 32 nm.


SemiAccurate has obtained the names of the next two processors dedicated to tablets and smart mobile, Merrifield and 6331. The menu, the 22 nm for these two chips with a Merrifield coupled part radio of the skier, the Intel XMM 7260 that supports all transmission technologies current radio from GSM to the LTE.

For the 6331, also from the Intel R & D's radio part would be just as well off since it would be the Intel XMM 7160 that handles also the 2 G, 3 G up to 42 Mb/s and the LTE up to 100 Mb / s. The difference would be on the Bluetooth 4.0 support or energy management.

Intel is preparing already for the third generation of mobile processors under 14 nm lithography that will also be Haswell processors. Intel must now prove its solution compete with microarray under ARM in terms of performance and management of energy while offering attractive for manufacturers prices and of course his catch on the applications catalog, or an ARM emulator / x 86 worthy of the name to see the native x 86 applications flowered in the shops of apps of mobile operating systems.


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