CVgate: the Yahoo CEO resigned and four members of the Council

Yahoo loses its new CEO, forced him to resign for having embellished his CV to a degree that he never received...

Scott ThompsonLast week, Scott Thompson, recently arrived at the head of Yahoo, apologized to its employees for bidonné a line of his CV (a degree of computer engineer that he never received) and asked them to remain focused on their tasks to help the group meet according to the plans he had to draw (including the dismissal of 2000 people).

Today, this case of "CVgate" has his last rebound, as Scott Thompson comes - in the storm - to resign from his position as CEO. The former President of PayPal (a subsidiary of eBay) will therefore held only a few months in the highest responsibilities in Yahoo. Several shareholders claimed his head after the sham.

Result, it is Ross Levinsohn, currently in charge of the domestic media, which temporarily takes CEO at Yahoo headquarters at the United States. Remains that Scott Thompson leads in its wake four other leaders, also pushed towards the exit from this scandal. As could be expected, Patti Hart, Member of the Board of Directors of Yahoo and responsible for the recruitment of Thompson is also his suitcases, and three other members of the "board": VJ Joshi, Arthur Kern and Gary Wilson. Daniel Loeb, the pattern of Third Point, the investment fund that owns 5.8% of the capital of Yahoo and claimed the first the resignation of Scott Thompson, made at the time of its entry to the Council. Two of the Allied of the latter are also join him, Harry Wilson, and Michael Wolf.

Yahoo will be looking for a new CEO. After the dismissal by telephone of Carol Bartz, this is another case which deprives the group for a genuine new beginning. Unless the new CEO follow road map towards growth paths by Scott Thompson, what is not said, each officer with his approach.


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