NVIDIA: Kepler, it pay?

Small update on NVIDIA finance, in place in its various markets and decided to accelerate its growth with Kepler.


NVIDIA comes from post its financial results for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2013 (i.e. the second calendar quarter ended April 30) and has over these three months a turnover of $ 924,9 million. Net income is down to $ 60.4 million, this being explained by all the investments made now by the company for the market.

Jen-Hsun Huang, President and CEO, explains without detour: "Kepler GPUs accelerate business (...)" Our new range Dekstop is having one of the best notes that we have had in the press. On the Notebook, our GPUs are a record quarter. And Tegra, the growth curve is good, boosted by very good terminals and waiting to see what will give Windows on ARM (...) The graphics are more important than ever. "Stay connected, the GPU Technology Conference, we will introduce new mobile and cloud-computing".

Recent news from NVIDIA includes launches the Kepler GPU GeForce GTX 670, 680 and 690, as well as those of some mobile versions in series GeForce 600 M. The first ultrabook equipped with a NVIDIA GPUS was released March 6, it's the Acer Aspire Timeline M3. The first Tegra 3 phone is available, the One x NVIDIA HTC also announced the launch next GeForce Experience service who, through powerful servers, will be able to optimize the graphics settings of the games based on the configuration of the player.

For the second quarter of its fiscal year, NVIDIA is expected to achieve a turnover between 990 million and $ 1.05 billion, with a margin of about 51.2%. It can be expected that after these launches, this either on the coming months that the range of GPUs Kepler gives its first real results.

NVIDIA Q1 2013 Fiscal Year


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