The logo of the 690 of EVGA GTX can vary in luminous intensity

Using the House LED Controller utility, the graphics card manufacturer to vary the light intensity of the logo of its GeForce GTX 690.

All graphics GeForce GTX 690 output by the various partners of NVIDIA are similar in all respects. Indeed, the new graphics card bi - GPU ultra high range and prices of the firm to the chameleon with an exemplary finish out, third-party manufacturers did not have the right to change not a chouia the physics of the map, even the lesser small sticker being prohibited.

evga-gtx670-led-controller02     evga-gtx-690-ledcontroller

Manufacturers had only the bundle to differentiate, which is usually their utility House to control and monitor the different settings for the card. And this is that brand EVGA differs from others by offering a small software, LED Controller that allows to manage the light intensity of the GeForce GTX 690 logo on the top of the hull of the monster and compatible only with their model.

In addition to the Precision of the mark X tool, this utility allows to vary the light intensity of the logo or manually by entering a value between 0 and 100 but also automatically based on the frequency of the GPU or the number of FPS. Totally futile so completely indispensable for those who have the means of snapping €1000 in this graphics card, but also in a case styled with facade selection. If not, necessarily, it is not used in grand-longitudinal

> Download LED Controller for 690 EVGA GTX


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