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Windows 8: Explorer starts the tape and mount the ISO and VHD

Microsoft Unveils some new features Windows 8 and, in particular, improvements in file Explorer.

Microsoft continues to show a little more Windows 8, and have largely insisted on the new interface Windows Phone 7-inspired for the touch, this is the most traditional part of the new OS is revealed. Was there a few days of file manager, and Microsoft yesterday presented the new Explorer of files, which has the particularity of integrating well known users of the latest drafts of Office Ribbon interface. The idea admitted Microsoft is to respect the Explorer integrated since the beginning of Windows, while the dust suppressant to adapt it to new monitor resolutions and by improving the ergonomics.

Windows 8 Explorateur Fichiers (1)      Windows 8 Explorateur Fichiers (2).jpg

It is the role of the four tabs in the Ribbon, with the most used actions in the handling of files... Classics copy - paste to the more advanced functions as backup documents or share them. The observers notice also in these pictures that the button to go back one level in the tree of files made comeback. Just as interesting, Microsoft shows that even if the tape is an important top window, this new presentation of the Explorer to view more items to equal window from Windows 7 size.

Other information gleaned on the developers blog from Microsoft about Windows 8, we learn that the latter will be natively able to mount and read the ISO and VHD images. It will therefore need to install a third-party software to perform these tasks, which should not delight Daemon Tools publishers, among others. Via functions advances proposed by the Ribbon of the new Explorer of files, it will be proposed to mount and read or burn the image when the system will retrieve ISO and VHD files.

Windows 8 Images ISO VHD (3)      Windows 8 Images ISO VHD (2) 

Once mounted, the image appears in the Explorer as a removable storage medium. However, it is unclear if it will be possible to create an ISO directly from File Explorer image. As to the support of the VHD (Virtual Hard Drive), it is interesting to the extent where once mounted and open, these images will appear in the system as conventional hard drives. While waiting to see what this compatibility cache as new upcoming features on virtualization.

An interesting case in Lian-Li

The Taiwanese manufacturer Lian Li announces a new functional housing and relatively little expensive.


Lian Li this him also a new box, after the new solution of its subsidiary Lancool range entry. The PC-90 will be available early next to public price of €179 TTC, a reasonable amount for a Lian Li case. This large Tower 230 x 512 x 489 mm and weighs 6.6 kg. It is very logically designed anodized and brushed aluminum, and will be offered in black or silver. Found an interesting design, because the hard disks (or disk flash) are installed in the motherboard. This last may be both format Mini-ITX, as Micro-ATX, ATX, E - ATX, XL - ATX or even HPTX! Note also that twelve HDD/SSD 2.5 inch can replace the six 3.5-inch as needed.

Space for graphics is considerable (400 mm).  The cooling is entrusted to two fans of 140 mm (in front) and a 120 mm (back), knowing that passes-pipes (for liquid cooling system) are also available. This PC-90 has also two bays of 5.25-inch, and its control panel includes two ports USB 3.0 and a port eSATA and two 3.5 mm jacks. Lian Li offers an interesting and accessible solution which is quite rare!

90-08 90-09 90-10 90-18 90-21

Very good results for Free which prepares the arrival of Free Mobile and attack Numericable

Small point encrypted on the progress made by Free on the past semester. If the ISP who recruits the most, Free account not stop in so good way...

Freebox Revolution V6

After bad LICO figures yesterday, it is the turn for Free to the point on his first six months of activity. And in the troublemaker of the Internet, all is well. Indeed, the ISP displays a record recruitment rate, far exceeding that of its competitors. If SFR attirué 96 000 new clients for its offers Web, that Orange has drawn 164 000 and Bouygues Telecom has 215,000 new entrants, Free parade with 231 000 new subscribers on the first six months of the year. Which still represents 36% of its sales. For sure, its Revolution offer attracts surfers, allowing Free to count a total of 4,245 million customers (and 4.7 million with Alice subscribers), 4.9 million SFR. The gap is reduced more and more. What "credible" the ambition of Free of "double in size by 2015", explains Thomas Raynaud, Chief Financial Officer, to the Reuters news agency. Of course, in the meantime, Free Mobile will was launched.

Free Mobile that the Iliad group obviously has the means to finance, despite its reluctance to pay with a 4 G licence. Indeed, semi-annual turnover was 2.6% at 1.04 billion, when the benefit net is of EUR 145 million, up 8% on a year. In addition, Free took advantage of the presentation of its results to let know that 3.6 million taken very high speed (understanding optical fiber, FTTH) are deployed or being deployed. About Free Mobile, the project today is 3 500 people mobilized, Free as in more than 100 corporate partners, including suppliers and subcontractors. And to those who think that Free Mobile will not be able to decide prices also strongly than expected, since competitors took the measure of his arrival by lowering overall tariffs, the Financial Director responded that according to Free, the France mobile market is always the same, "prices are still high".

Finally, let's finish by sliding a little word on the dispute between Free and Numericable around the term "Revolution". Remember no doubt that a few months ago, a mysterious operator promised "The Mobile revolution" and that it is ultimately of Numericable who had launched an "unlimited" offer. And although Free believes to be owner of the term "Revolution" he largely tied to its brand, as well to the public for the press. Thus, PCInpact says that the Iliad group was assigned to justice Numericable and claimed 10 million euros in damages and compensation for damage to its image and reputation. And for the relief of harm "constituted by the diversion of its image and the weakening of his own advertising and commercial efforts". Confusion with Numericable voluntarily played as Free, which probably exaggerates a little by explaining that "38 million of advertising investments were thrown at the window".

The father of Java is leaving Google to work on aquatic robots

The creator of Java will not remained only five months in Google.

James Gosling

A year and a half, we you announced the resignation of James Gosling - founding father of Java - Oracle home following the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. He decided, five months ago, joining the ranks of Google. A collaboration of short duration because one learns today as James Gosling, 56 years old, will join a company that designs robots specialized in the collection of information on the seabed, Liquid Robotics. A start-up company based in Sunnyvale in 2007 where Gosling will be responsible for the software part and where he will again meet one of his former classmates at Sun, Bill Vass.

"This is Bill which presented me the project of these aquatic robots, and initially, I believed that it was a joke." "But I soon saw that they could collect amazing data, and that they just need good software to properly exploit" explains, without commenting on its short period of activity in Google. It should be noted that these robots allow to make huge savings on money spent each year to probe the seabed.

A bi-heart for an ultra-compact Zbox Brazos

Published on 01 September 2011, by Florian Vieru - updated September 01, 2011 at 09 h - key words: Zotac

The Hong Kong manufacturer Zotac comes to unveil a new ultra-compact Zbox nettop.


ZOTAC has announced its nano ZBox. The Hong Kong manufacturer as usual offers two versions, the barebone (AD10) and SFF PC (AD10 more). There are also the usual design of the mark, with a luminous circle at the centre. However, this solution is much more compact than previous ones, since it measures 127 x 127 x 45 mm!

Are found under the hood an E-350 (a Brazos bi-heart to 1.60 GHz) AMD and DDR3 slot SO-DIMM format, occupied by a module 2 GB 1066mhz in SFF PC version. HDMI and DisplayPort connectors are connected to the integrated graphics solution Radeon HD 6310, while storage is assigned to a disk format 2.5-inch.

ZOTAC provides a 320 GB 5400 RPM in its more AD10. A 6 in 1 memory card reader is also present, and an eSATA port. The connectivity of the beast is based on Gigabit LAN, as well as WiFi 802 .11n ready and Bluetooth 3.0 modules. ZBox nano also offers USB 3.0 and HD audio connectivity ports to 7.1 channels. Our colleagues from PCWatch advance availability for the start of September to the Japan, at rates of 27 500 yen (€285 TTC) and 35,000 yen (€365 TTC).

6149_05_zotac_announces_zbox_nano_ad10_mini_pc_full 6149_03_zotac_announces_zbox_nano_ad10_mini_pc_full

BayFiles : The Pirate Bay se met au direct-download

The creators of The Pirate Bay to launch their service "to the Megaupload"...


If the founders of The Pirate Bay decided to stand up to all those who wanted to sink the torrent links directory, they nevertheless come to launch a new service called BayFiles which proves that they are still. Indeed, this new file sharing service is presented as being "respectful of copyright". And to cause, any illegal content identified by the subject of a request for withdrawal will be deleted servers.

For information, BayFiles is a new service for online storage and sharing files like Megaupload, RapidShare, Hotfile and others. It is enough to register on the site to send files on servers, which are then available for download through a single link provides the user. Link it can of course pass to his contacts to share a document and put online.

The prohibition of sending illegal files is fully indicated in the terms of use of the service. Any claim and for the removal of file will be processed within 14 days after verification by the site team. Note that BayFiles remains accessible to the non-incumbent in an account, but in this case is limited to the sending of files of 250 MB maximum. Free members see this limitation pass to 500 MB per file. Do skip these constraints and able to send files up to 5 GB, to opt for a subscription billed €5 per month (€45 for one year).

A box, four declensions in Lancool

The Taiwanese manufacturer Lancool comes to unveil a new enclosure mi-acier, mi-aluminium, offered in four separate versions.


LANCOOL has announced four new cases in its First Knight Series. The PC-K9A/X/XW are actually rdafs mean towers, measuring 210 x 472 x 505 mm and weighing 8.28 kg. They have a chassis steel with aluminum panels. The PC-K9X/XW are fully painted in black, the second taking advantage also of a window. PC - K9A is him either black or silver, but with an Interior "to the natural". Their facade shows three 5.25-inch bays. These boxes can accommodate a motherboard in ATX, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX format and one or more graphics very long (415 mm of space).

There are also six locations of 3.5 inches under the hood, knowing that you can install four 2.5-inch drives in the PC - K9. They also benefit of a system of installation without tools. The cooling is entrusted to three fans, two 140 mm at the front, and one 120 mm at the rear. Finally note the holes facilitate the installation of a liquid cooling system and present dust filters in the ventilation level. These housings have a control panel with two ports USB 3.0 and two 3.5 mm jacks.

These three new Lancool will be available in early September, at the public price recommended €95 TTC (PC - K9A), €103 TTC (PC - K9X) and €107 TTC (PC-K9XW).

lancoolpc-k902 k9-05 k9-04 lancoolpc-k9wx01 lancoolpc-k9wx03

Firefox tablet in pictures

Presentation, images support, Firefox for tablets. A browser for Android Honeycomb shelves.

Firefox Tablets (1)

Ian Barlow, engineer at Mozilla, loose some information and images concerning the Firefox tablet on which he worked with a dedicated team. A browser adapted to shelves Android Honeycomb (3.x) as Mozilla prepares to launch in beta. This "Firefox for tablets" is based on "Firefox for mobiles", but with a user interface redesigned to take advantage of the wide screen of Internet tablets.

The idea, from a point of view aesthetic, is sticking to what provides Google with Android 3.0, namely a relatively minimalist and efficient style. We note that "horizontal" mode, the tabs are presented as thumbnails, which can be very practical. Tabs are presented in the form of a drop in "vertical" mode, to win a little place on the screen. Here are these a few images of presentation until power to try this beta version.

 Firefox Tablets (2) Firefox Tablets (3) Firefox Tablets (4)

First half worrying for SFR

The quarterly results of SFR are not very good and, especially, the recruitment of new subscribers are in free fall.

Espace SFR

If Vivendi, parent company of SFR, is doing very well with a result an increase of 20.2% over the first half of the year, the accounts of the operator are for their part not to the beautiful fixed with net sales decreased by 2% and disturbing recruitment rates, both on the fixed than the mobile. Thus, on the six first months of the current year, the SFR CA levelled off at 6.12 billion euros. For SFR, the scapegoat is all found, it is the increase of VAT which has not been passed on the price of its subscriptions (a gift that was to prevent leakage of subscribers by possible terminations without charge). SFR explains such that the VAT increase set apart, its CA would have increased by 2.7%.

Is that in the results, the turnover of mobile activity is down 3.9% (to 4,257 billion euros) in the first half. Losses not fills the CA on the high speed Internet rose by 1.3% to almost EUR 2 billion. Numbers that could go if the rate of recruitment had not sunk. SFR has recruited only 220,000 new mobile clients for the first half, against 540 000 new clients recruited last year. For a total of 21,059 million customers arrested late June 2011. As the fixed Internet, it is even more alarming, with only 96 000 new subscribers recruited against 238 000 a year earlier. For a total of 4,983 million customers.

However, SFR has multiplied the new, between its new access Evolution adopted by 415 000 customers and a decrease in average 25% of its rates on the mobile, not to mention the launch of the "Square" specially offers thoughts to avoid the leak subscribers. SFR will have to redouble their efforts to reverse the trend.

Tango and Apollo, future updates of Windows Phone

Microsoft discusses the future of Windows Phone, with update planned for the after Mango.

Windows Phone 7 Logo

While Windows Phone owners expect the major update of the system, Mango, Microsoft decides to release the roadmap that it would hold for the future developments of its mobile OS. So one learns that a Tango called minor update is already programmed, and a future major update, it named Apollo. A priori, Tango will be first for that emerging markets such as the India and China, and entry-level phones, even those which are lacking in the Windows Phone offer.

However, Apollo is visibly see as the basis of what will be Windows Phone 8. No details have filtered and Microsoft has not indicated its ambition with this future development, but must be classify Apollo in large updates, those who correct but also add functionality, the same as Mango. Mango, it said, is poised to play a crucial role in the deployment of Windows Phone 7, since the arrival of this version will be accompanied by many new smartphones, on all lines.

Windows Phone 7 will also soon count on reinforcements from Nokia, after the partnership between the two giants. Remains to be seen what home public reserve in the Windows Phone of the Finnish manufacturer...

New case Middle-Tower in Sharkoon

The German manufacturer Sharkoon unveils a new economic package, the Tarea.

Sharkoon Tarea_inside

Sharkoon comes to unveil a new Middle-Tower enclosure entry. The Tarea is 475 x 200 x 440 mm and it weighs 6.2 kg. Fully painted black, it will accommodate an ATX or Micro-ATX motherboard and graphics with a length of 300 mm. Its facade shows nine bays of 5.25-inch, and a control panel providing two USB 2.0, eSATA port, ports and two 3.5 mm jacks. Sharkoon provides adapters to install 3.5-inch disks.

The Tarea is supplied without a fan, but he has four locations of 120 mm (one forward, one aft, and two on the side). There are also a cutting facilitating the installation of a heatpipe (with a maximum height of 16 cm), for large ventilation, and two passes-pipes. The new Sharkoon is available at the public price of €36,49 TTC. It is 10 euros more than the Vaya, which however has a relatively different configuration.

Sharkoon Tarea_02 Sharkoon Tarea_01 Sharkoon Tarea_back

Samsung announces 7 Series Chronos laptops

The Korean giant announced a new range of laptops, the Series 7, Chronos.


Samsung continues to unveil new lines of portable computers. Discover today the 7 Series "Chronos". These machines are solutions of 15.6, and 14-inch who adopt aluminum hulls particularly compact (the Korean giant spoke of equivalent dimensions to those of laptops of 14 and 13.3 inches with 23.9 mm thick). Samsung also emphasises its SuperBright slabs, with a LED backlight and a maximum brightness of 300 cd/m².

Will be under the hood a platform Intel Huron River (with at best a Core i7-2675QM 2.20 GHz) accompanied by a maximum of 8 GB of DDR3. The Series 7 will also have an AMD Radeon HD 6750M. These notebooks will feature technology ExpressCache, with a small SSD 8 GB coupled to a maximum of 750 GB disk. New Samsung babies will have also a DVD Super Multi burner, a webcam of 1.3 megapixel and quality audio system. Their battery is equipped with a technology allowing it to retain 80% of its capacity even after 1500 charge/discharge cycles. It is unclear yet precisely when these times will be proposed. Samsung speaks of prices starting around $ 1,000.

samsungseries7chronos01 samsungseries7chronos02 samsungseries7chronos04

Galaxy Note: Samsung blurs the tracks between smartphone and Tablet

Samsung presents a tablet "7.7 but also a telephone on the large screen touch pen called Galaxy Note. The best of both worlds?

Samsung has made several announcements in the margin of the IFA in Berlin. Include especially the next arrival of two new products, that the builder class in the categories of shelves, although - let's see - everything is not as simple. Pretty classic, we discover the Galaxy Tab 7.7, which, as its the name implies, all aboard a screen of a diagonal of 7.7 "(1280 x 800) Super AMOLED more technology. A tablet that runs on Android 3.2 with the wrapper TouchWiz. Inside, we discover the ARM SoC House, a dual-core running at 1.4 GHz and a module HSPA + promising on the carpet of flows on mobile networks that can reach 21 Mbps.

This small tablet is necessarily lighter than its big sisters, with 335 grams on the balance. 16, 32 And 64 GB versions will be proposed, with a port for SD cards and 5100 mAh battery promising up to 10 hours of autonomy, WiFi enabled. To complete the pan connectivity, there are also the Bluetooth 3.0 and a GPS chip, while sensors are 2 megapixels front and 3 megapixel back. A very complete Tablet and coming swift, in a format "7.7 rather unusual that could convince the consumers looking for a small tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (5).PNG

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (4).PNG Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (3).PNG Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (2).PNG Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (1).PNG

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

The other new product presented by Samsung is much more "innovative". It's a mobile phone of the Galaxy, to halfway between the Tablet and the smartphone is not unlike the Dell Streak project. It indeed do a 5.3 "Super AMOLED in 1280 x 800 screen and comes with a pen easy note taking and the drawing of sketches. This is huge for a smartphone, very small for a tablet... And Samsung hopes to impose on a new segment, playing on the two tables.

Galaxy Note runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread (also with the wrapper TouchWiz), with a module HSPA +, two 8 and 2 megapixel camera, removable battery 2500 mAh and the same SoC 1.4 GHz dual-core that is presented above for the Galaxy Tab 7.7. Also end (9.65 mm) than light (178 grams), Galaxy Note is not so cumbersome that it even if it is a little difficult to hold with one hand according to Engadget, which could approach it.

Samsung Galaxy Note (2).PNG Samsung Galaxy Note (1).PNG

The touch interface of the Galaxy is optimized with so-called functions "S Pen", specially designed to take advantage of the pen. There are particular S Planner, a calendar with functions of lists, from which you can manage its appointment of a simple drag-and - file, or even to change their schedules without having to open a new shortcut menu. But also S Memo, for note taking, the finger or the pen, but to voice for documents that can add photos. The development for applications S Pen kit will be available to third-party developers.

Nothing is known the price or the date of this surprising Galaxy Note, Samsung launch waiting to have the return of its partners and users before planning its launch campaign. In other words, if the Korean manufacturer wants to differentiate, it is not do tides and is to give a result Galaxy note launch budget if he feels that there is a craze for this smartphone very large screen.

A motherboard FM1/A75 in micro-ATX in MSI

The Taiwanese manufacturer MSI unveils a new map mother Micro-ATX support the A-Series AMD socket FM1.


MSI has officially announced a new motherboard support AMD A-Series (Llano) of AMD. This A55M-P35 is a solution to the Micro-ATX. It welcomes very logically socket FM1 and chipset AMD A75. Two slots supporting the DDR3 at 1866 MHz (on two channels) are also present on its printed circuit board.

The possibilities for extensions are provided by a slot PCI Express x 16 (supporting Dual Graphics Technology), two PCIe x 1 slot and a PCI slot. This A55M-P35 storage is based on six ports Serial ATA 6 Gb/s. Its back panel shows the connectivity Gigabit LAN and HD audio to 7.1, and VGA and DVI ports. The MSI integrates technologies House OC Genie II, Winki 3, and Click BIOS. It is not known yet when and how much it disembark in France.


A last series of TouchPad... but not France!

HP is clearly poised to deliver a last shipment of TouchPad to resellers.

HP TouchPad WebOS

Become almost not found after passing at €99, the TouchPad of HP Tablet offered a baroud of honour by becoming, for a few days, one of the most wanted high-tech products. If HP announced the abandonment of the WebOS operating system (even if updates will be still available for some time), it was not cooled consumer visibly loans to invest in a tablet at broken prices. And to the General surprise, we learn that the TouchPad could end up a last ride on the shelves of retailers. Indeed, the tablet of the resistance and following the success of esteem, HP plans to produce a last limited batch of TouchPad, before permanently closing production lines.

An HP spokesman said: "We don't know yet how many copies we will put on the market, or when these last bars will be available." "All I can say is wait even a few weeks to buy the last units of TouchPad will be needed". These tablets should arrive in the third quarter, which is in fact not more surprising than that when we know that HP had planned discontinuation of the production in the fourth quarter.

Note that HP did not wish to confirm that the last price in force for the TouchPad will be the rates selected for this new delivery of tablets, but it is assumed that these latest models will also giveaway. Is also expected to see where the latest copies, will be delivered in the hope that the United States are not only concerned because there are in Europe and particularly in France still a lot of potential buyers...

[Updated on 31/08/2011 5 p.m.]

Finally, the last stocks of TouchPad did not arrive to the continent vieu, as we confirmed HP by press release: "HP is satisfied with the home that has been reserved for webOS and great expectations of returns of users, to help it optimize its platform."
A limited amount of HP TouchPad will be available in the coming weeks in the United States. "In Europe, we stop the production of devices under webOS and we provide no additional units beyond what is still available at various retailers". Damage.

Mechanical and silent keyboards in Razer

The California manufacturer Razer unveils new keyboards are both mechanical and silent.

razerblackwidowultimatestealthedition03After the BlackWidow and BlackWidow Ultimate, Razer is back with a new mechanical keyboard... BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition! Very logically, this solution is announced as being quieter than the previous. This is the uplift of the keys which has been improved (even if it loses a little at the level of the return of strike, of 45 g instead of 50 g).

These last are also illuminated by a five-level system. This keyboard is also an antighosting function that allows to press up to six keys simultaneously. The last baby of Razer offers also ten keys for macros (which can also save on the fly), and multimedia controls. This Ultimate Stealth Edition BlackWidow offers with 3.5 mm jacks and a USB port.

Note also his braided cable and 1 ms response time. This super keyboard 475 x 171 mm x 30 mm and weighs 1.5 kg. It will be marketed to the public price of €139.99 TTC. A non-Ultimate (without illumination) version is also available at €79.99 TTC. So that will delight those wanting fragger in discretion! Other crieront sacrilege, both the characteristic sound of a good old Cherry was as much charm as the return of strike...

razerblackwidowultimatestealthedition01 razerblackwidowultimatestealthedition02

Fujifilm X 10: compact retro advanced features

Fujifilm Unveils a nice compact retro lines and serious manufacturing.

Fujifilm takes advantage of the IFA in Berlin to unveil a new retro style, X 10 photo recording equipment. A compact is to side with the top line of the category machines, and just take over the limited series X 100, a compact retro focus lens fixed, 23 mm f/2. Here it finally is entitled to a manual zoom (28-112 mm) for apertures between f/2.8 and f/2. The onboard aspheric lens is "House" and promises excellent quality of image with Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating) technology. The black color casing is designed in magnesium and is, he must say, very elegant.

The sensor is 12 megapixel CMOS EXR format, a sensitivity up to 12800 ISO. It can collect up to 10 images per second and maximum resolution 7, and can shoot in 1080p so that save the images in RAW format. For now, Fujitsu remains silent as to the price at which will be proposed this device, but confirms that it will be available in stores at the beginning of November.

Fujifilm X10