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Sony Vaio: series E & S updates

Sony updates its series Vaio E (approximately 80% of its sales volume) and series S, a line-oriented to professionals.

After having presented at the beginning of months its Ultrabooks - squarely behind - Japanese Sony takes advantage of the spring (if, if, we have...) to renew its laptops Vaio E series and S. New references that have interest to please for help the mark up the slope, after the publication of the catastrophic results. It is also not a surprise that series E and S are the first to be subject to changes (before the usual updates of re-entry), since these series that sell best.

Thus, the series E of 14 "what two big brothers of 15.5" and 17.3 ", benefiting from a new global design. Smooth hull, rounded forms and sober colours are in the program, and definitions of 1600 x 900 pixels that can pass to 1920 x 1080 as an option. The touchpad is reworked. Great, it does appear left and right clicks. While the optical drive moves to the slot-in. Also, a new audio system is integrated under the banner "xLoud", and Sony indicates that the cooling system is entirely new. According to Sony, it is an opportunity to listen to feedback from users who complained of machines to the sound system too little performance and a hair too noisy.

Sony Vaio E 15

Conclude by pointing out that the backlit keyboard is offered as an option. Prices start at €470 for the "15.5 and €520 for 17", configurations are customizable through online store Sony, ranging to the Core i7-3612QM, 8 GB DDR3, burner Blu - ray, Radeon HD 7650M 2 GB, 1TB of hard drive (no), larger battery... What pushed the Bill around the €1200 with these components on the model "17.3. End on the E series by specifying that the mark evaluates the possibility out a model of a diagonal of 11.6 "in this series. Step of Intel, but a Brazos APU instead, for less than €500 with a hard disk of 500 GB and 4 GB of RAM.

On the S series, Sony puts forward two new main models of 13.3 "and 15.5". The new chassis is thinner and does not exceed 20 mm. The optical drive is also in the slot-in, touchpad has the same adjustments and the keyboard can also be backlit. Good news, the slab is treated non-glare, but the definition is stuck at 1366 x 768 pixels on the 13.3 ", while the" 15.5 may mount up to Full HD. Side weight, the advantage is to the smallest with 1.7 Kg all included, while the "15.5 remains narrowly below 2 Kg. Two ports USB 3.0, exit HDMI, WiFi n, Bluetooth 4.0, Webcam 1.3 megapixels, connectivity is complete.

Sony Vaio S

Note that in the Configurator, Series S "13.3 does not choose graphics (access to a GeForce GT 640 M the reserved to 15.5"), and must simply the iGPU integrated with Intel processors to the Core i5-3210M. Starting prices are approximately €900 13.3 "and about €1000 to 15.5".

> Configure a Vaio computer on the Sony shop

Windows 8: Aero, c'est fini!

Microsoft changes the style Office and Windows for Windows 8, drawing a line on the look of Windows with Vista and reshaped with 7. He also announced a better management of the multimonitor, for approximately 15% of users.

From an aesthetic point of view, Windows 8 evolves significantly from its predecessor, what we could see in dissecting the Consumer Preview images. This is necessarily the case for the Metro interface, derived from that invented for Windows Phone, but it will also be the case for the Office. Indeed, Microsoft has a feature on the Aero style and its shadow and transparency, games that were emerged with the release of Windows Vista. The trend is to the square, and sobriety. Result, Windows want much more discrete Windows 8, and only the desktop task bar will benefit from special treatment, maintaining transparency properties. According to Microsoft, this is of course an important change, but the editor ensures that users will not be disturbed.

Windows 1 1985      Windows 3 1990      Windows 95

Windows 1, Windows 3 and Windows 95...

In addition, Microsoft indicates that the multimonitor will be better managed by the pane customization, and that for example it will be possible to select a different wallpaper on each screen, or to expand the display of the wallpaper on the available space, in landscape. But the most important is probably in the news presented on the ergonomics of the bone, disconcerting first. As such, Microsoft indicates that it will be possible to extend the taskbar of the bureau on all screens. Also, the user can choose to display only the relevant screen applications. Those who work in dual-screen can therefore, without having to install additional program, independently manage each screen with a bar of own tasks and shortcuts to the desired programs. Finally, relating to the Metro interface controls will be more available only on this interface, and the "active angles" will be available on all screens.

Windows 8 Desktop

Windows 8, without interface Aero, with edges in right angles and
Windows without shadows and transparency...

Each can see the benefit of these changes and the quality of the new decoration on the availability of the Preview Release, latest version of Windows 8 that will be proposed to the public (no doubt early June) before the release of the final version of the operating system. For the latest news, the release of Windows 8 is scheduled for October.

Two motherboards Thunderbolt in Asus

ASUS formalizes two motherboards rather top-of-range in the P8Z77-V series, with port Thunderbolt.

ASUS P8Z77-V PRO (1)

ASUS officially introduced two new motherboards (socket LGA 1155 - chipset Z77) to feature to propose a Thunderbolt connections. The first model is known, since it is a Pro P8Z77-V which is therefore version Thunderbolt.

The Panel back of inputs and outputs is slightly changed, with for main difference the disappearance of two USB 2.0 ports and the passage of the DisplayPort to mini-DisplayPort.

Asus has not indicated when and how many would out this version of the motherboard, and our colleagues from questioned the possibility of an additional for the P8Z77 - V Pro Classic, card to appear in trade to offer optional the Thunderbolt. Follow.

Asus P8Z77-V Pro Premium Thunderbolt

The two maps Asus Thunderbolt side by side...


The other new motherboard of Asus in Thunderbolt have been presented is the P8Z77-V Premium. A map which has an additional PCI Express switch, allowing it to manage together up to four PCIe ports on the processor.

Note also the presence of two Ethernet ports, and that of a 20 + 4 + 2 phase power circuit. On the refinements of the "Premium" model, there is the presence of Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi n "dual" modules.

But it is not everything, to take advantage of the mSATA port, this motherboard will be delivered with a SSD of 32 GB. If you don't know the characteristics of the disk in the final version, the first samples of the card use MLC Toshiba chips and a Marvell 88SS9175 controller. Availability is announced for the coming weeks at the price of €429.



Thunderbolt devices to the string...

The Kernel Linux 3.4 is available

Linus Torvalds announced the availability for download of the new version of the Linux kernel now happening in 3.4.

3.4 Kernel is output. In the menu, improved performance, better management of cases of errors to avoid the "Kernel Panic" and new analysis tools when it occurs. But it is not everything, since he is add support for graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce 600 Series under architecture Kepler, the latest AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series under architecture Tahiti, but also the last APU as Trinity and the CPU for smartphones, the famous Intel Medfield.

AMD Radeon HD 7970 (12).JPGtest-nvidia-geforce-gtx680-08

More security and bug fixes, this new version 3.4 improves the performance of GTK2, a system of automatic discovery of CPU used to load the appropriate driver, or a new module called "Yama" input to improve the kernel security by limiting access to the ptrace command.

Another novelty for this version 3.4 of the Linux kernel, the management of the pointers in 32-bit mode on a 64-bit environment. This management can reduce the memory consumption, because registers of 32-bit pointers consume much less than 64-bit, so with this new mode of operation hybrid, Programs Manager little memory space can use lighter pointers registers with the possibility to allocate more memory in 64-bit.

We also note the possibility of launching a kernel without module by adding the parameter "nomodule" or the hardware acceleration support for encryption of data in AES on NVIDIA Tegra chips. The famous KernelNewbies site lists all of the changes and they are many, to go even further, the Linus Torvalds Advertisement message itself is readable here.

Test : Corsair Vengeance 2000

Corsair enhances its recent range of microphones to a newcomer in 7.1, which has the particularity to work wireless. The spatialisé its free?

Corsair Vengeance 2000Corsair Vengeance 2000

Very comfortable
Good spatialization

Support a long hair
Only USB
Cost a little wireless

Its simplistic remote control and its connections limited to USB, the Corsair Vengeance 1500 we had strong impression. Comfortable, the Corsair headset is perfectly cut for long gaming sessions, providing rendering its spatialisé 7.1 of quality and of addition of practical pilots to use. Filled with qualities, it is with pleasure that is again allowed this model to the drafting, but wireless version. Dubbed Corsair Vengeance 2000, this new helmet has the same benefits as the wired version. This is the case for the audio part, on which we we will expand here, since we already said what we on the test of the 1500 revenge. To summarize, the spatialization is good, especially from sources 5.1, convincing use of ProLogix II.

In game, it is happiness, as in dynamic scenes of cinema. Rendering is fairly neutral base, which is a good point for listening to music, but it tends to take a ride on the equalizer to add a little power to the bottom of the spectrum, because strangely for a headset-oriented game, revenge 2000 - as revenge 1500 - is a bit stingy in low.  Note that the microphone is also the same. It ranks along the left and one-way, it has a reducer of ambient noise that it minimizes perfectly by offering a rendering of the clear voice and breath.

This point fast completed on audio, let us to the construction of this helmet and its main novelty: the wireless. The model itself does not progress. There are two transducers of 50 mm mounted in large closed circum-aural headphones, providing a correct, but not enough insulation in noisy environment. The technical characteristics are identical (20 Hz - 20 KHz, 32 ohm), and found the same level of very good finish, except that the coating way alu brushed fact branches somewhat cheap. The headband is still as comfortable, while the bearings of the ears retain their finish Microfiber above mosses to memory of forms.

Corsair Vengeance 2000 (7).JPG Corsair Vengeance 2000 (12).JPG

Corsair Vengeance 2000 (8).JPG Corsair Vengeance 2000 (6).JPG Corsair Vengeance 2000 (4).JPG Corsair Vengeance 2000 (10).JPG

Big changes are on the left earpiece, where is found a button on / off and a fairly well integrated sound adjustment wheel, and a mini-USB connector which is used to load the helmet. A load that may be long enough - until 2: 30, perhaps even a little more, on a standard USB - if it does the branch that one times the emitted signals (light recurrent beep and LED flashing red), indicating that it has started the last 10% of the battery. However, once the green flag and entirely responsible for battery announced 10 h autonomy is fully respected. Without using the microphone and still at a normal level of listening, we even regularly exceeded this time. Of course, if the energy, it is possible to continue to use the helmet, playing while he recharges (even extending load time), provided you have a USB cable range.

Corsair Vengeance 2000 - Dongle AdaptateurThe scope of the 2.4 GHz signal, it is given for 12 metres, this without taking into account possible disturbances and other walls. In practice, either 5 or 6 metres in an environment filled with waves and fields as may be a high-tech writing, no problems to report. However, the passage of a bearing wall thick enough is now much less well tolerated.  Home, installed in the couch at 3 metres of the television the headset connected to the media center, no problem to report and the presence of a much thinner wall is also no particular difficulty. At the time, a few centimetres of the dongle USB to the PC, everything works perfectly. Still happy!

Note that in the box of the helmet is provided a USB cable to recharge, and an extension cable USB about 1.5 metre to deport the dongle USB of emission of the signal (to avoid any disturbance on the back of the motherboard, near card WiFi for example).

Corsair Vengeance 2000 - Pilotes (1).PNG     Corsair Vengeance 2000 (2).JPG

In the end, from the time the sound aspect is well managed, where the design of the helmet and the modifications imposed by the passage in wireless were made with care, and where everything goes well with the use, there is no particular issue reserves. The only small caveats relating to dependence to the USB port (and the incompatibilities that this implies, helmets revenge was primarily designed for use on PC), and the small lack of bass that is corrected without evil with the equalizer. Therefore remains to see how Corsair is pay the comfort of wireless.

Without necessarily going to the least expensive, for revenge, 2000 price is set at €139, while the 1500 revenge is around €85 or even less. Head, it is approximately €55 difference, which seems us a little much to the comfort of the wireless, even if we know that the wireless headset are generally quite expensive. Especially since even invest such an amount, it will be perhaps better to move into an all-terrain model, that can be easily used with a television or a console game. But the Corsair Vengeance 2000 is a very good product, that is that best after a small drop in prize.

The Gmail search auto-complète

Google opens its AutoComplete system to its Gmail service search bar.

The famous Mountain View search engine tirelessly continues its development, as we have seen there a few days with its social network better integrated in its mail service. It is once again Gmail entitled an improvement with a more intelligent search bar.

Previously, research from Gmail web portal required to fill the keywords by hand and then to consult the results to find an important e-mail. Now, Gmail has been auto-compléter the key word based on the contents of the email. The development team provides an example by searching the keyword "lax" for Los Angeles Airport, surely to find a ticket in many emails that the box contains. As the service Google mail index the entire contents of this box, the search bar offers key words approaching letters first entered by the user. Thus, find email becomes more simple.


For the moment, only the key words in English are recognized with a gradual opening for accounts in English on the coming days. Specific Google other languages will be taken in charge of here a few months then that business accounts Google Apps is also right, but without any date communicated to this day. Google therefore does more lies on our email indexing and proposed a system of effective research, hope that the Mountain View giant does not would like to further monetize its service.

The basis of Graphene transistor becomes a reality

The Samsung Research Institute publishes new results - demonstration in support - manufacturing of functional Graphene-based transistors.


The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, in the heart of the R & D of Korean, have developed a new basis of Graphene transistor. We talked about in a few months ago already suggested that this new material could one day allow the production of new transistors better than silicon.

Researchers in the foundries have two areas of research to continuously improve the performance of transistors that are in part the processors of our computers. The first axis is the reduction of the size of these transistors to reduce the distance that should browse the electrons between the source and the drain of a transistor. The second axis is simply the acceleration of the speed of the electron. To do so, should find a new material that replaces silicon and allow a more important than latter electron mobility. Researchers focused primarily on reducing the size even if others have also begun research into new materials, with the discovery of the Graphene in 2004.

Even if this discovery had excellent results with nearly 200 times the rate of mobility of electrons from Silicon, the manufacture of transistor was then still not possible. The reason is simple, the Graphene as a semi-metallic compound, the possibility to cut the flow of electrons was until now impossible. However, this possibility is essential to generate the bits necessary to the operation of our computers, the famous "0" and "1". Previous research had resulted in changes the Graphene to make semiconductor, but the mobility of electrons was much smaller than initially and was really an interest for the manufacture of transistors.


Graphite (base of the Graphene) to a wafer base of Graphene transistor Samsung

The Samsung Research Institute has published new results of research and announced that its researchers have developed a semiconductor Graphene-based without reducing its effectiveness. Called Barristor, Samsung indeed us demonstration by presenting a transistor made from Graphene with a door of Schottky mixing silicon and Graphene, which allows to control the passage of electrons between the collector and the transmitter at very low voltage. Researchers of the known have also exploited their new technique in manufacturer a few logic circuits to perform basic operations such as additions for example.

A new door is now open and researchers around the world can funnel into the breach to produce new yet more efficient transistors in the future. For when? We see products marketed with this type of transistors before a decade, unfortunately.

Facebook:-11% on the stock exchange to start the week

Facebook déchante for its second meeting on the Nasdaq, the action falls to $ 34.

Credits Facebook (2).JPGBack in detail, as we did yesterday, that the introduction of Facebook on the stock exchange and the timidity of the markets that are measured to the Internet phenomenon and had just enabled the social network completed its first day of Nasdaq rating on the rise, it should be noted that the second meeting of Facebook on Wall Street is not passed.

Indeed, yesterday Monday 21 may, Facebook title ended the day at $ 34.03, 10.99% lower, while the action was - on the reminds - introduced to $ 38. Identify the range of introduction and decisions to increase the number of titles on the market in the last hours of 25% are not really their fruit.

It recalls that enhancement of the action to its introduction was about 100 times the results of the company, then as major of the high-tech sector (Apple and Google) traded on Wall Street at best between 14 and 19 times the results companies.

Something tells us that Facebook had the eyes bigger than belly for his introduction on the stock exchange, although this allowed the company to write his name in history with new records beaten the early hours (including on the number of action) exchanged at the first session.

GitHub: a client Windows now available

GitHub on Windows developers finally have a client for their operating system.

Founded in 2008 by Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett, GitHub has become one of the most important platforms for hosting source code to the world. Based on the famous code Git Manager developed by Linus Torvalds himself, GitHub proposes to centralize the source code for a project to one or more persons, with the possibility to share it or not with all of the users of the service.

github-windows-branches-popup          github-windows-repository

Even yesterday, only Linux and Mac environments had a heavy client code between local and remote file management. Now, GitHub provides a client for Windows from XP to 8. Like its counterparts, it is possible to follow the history of "commit" codes, find and recover a development branch, or to create and publish its own branch as well as the delete or merge it with another already available branch.

Finally, this new application for Windows will automatically update without intervention on the part of the user, as the most popular Internet browsers. GitHub for Windows also supports GitHub business accounts with provision of a direct button called "Clone in Windows" for rapid synchronization of a project.

> Download Github for Windows

YouTube celebrates 7 years with new record figures

The platform of sharing and dissemination of videos on the internet, YouTube, celebrated Sunday its 7 years of existence and advance records figures.


Well Yes, it's been already 7 years videos YouTube hosting site has emerged. It was in May 2005 under the leadership of three former PayPal employees who simply wanted to share videos with their loved ones, indeed the first shared video on YouTube was one of the creators of the site who commented on his visit to the San Diego Zoo.

Then everything dissolves very quickly, the hearing took off quickly with 8 million videos viewed by day in December 2005 and 15 million in July 2006. In October 2006, the site is bought by Google for the astronomical sum of $ 1.65 billion and the site knows now considerable success is not disavowing.

To cite a few towering figures, YouTube attracts each month 800 million visitors to its pages representing 3 billion hours of video views, and every minute is not less than 72 hours of videos which are sent to the servers of the firm of Mountain View.

Of course, it is everything and anything, especially anything else, but at least there are for all tastes and all. Who has also never recovered from old cartoons or emissions generic completely forgotten, or a good old video clip well kitsch and rotten but who scored our childhood, hum?

Find below a video published on the official blog YouTube tracing seven years of significant events throughout the history of the California company.

Intel pushes new batteries to reduce the price of the Ultrabooks

To lower the price of the Ultrabooks, savings on all components are being considered. Intel think this time in the batteries...

Yesterday, we return a series both on the issue of the cost of returns to Ultrabooks, under the prism of storage, since it is learned that the part of SSD equipped Ultrabooks would fall in the coming months. Today, Intel is the support by continuing to help builders partners to find the right solutions to lower the price of the Ultrabooks, in attacking this time in batteries. Intel therefore attempts to push two manufacturers new types of batteries, models known as the cylindrical batteries 16650 and prismatic lithium-ion batteries. However, since 16650 cylindrical batteries are produced in small quantities, prismatic Li-ion batteries are more likely to be selected. However talking about solutions that can be adopted by mass as from next year, since these models of batteries must be certified and small problems of ability to persist and must be resolved.

Sanyo Batterie 16650 Batterie Prismatic Lithium Ion

Left A, cylindrical batteries 16650. At right, a prismatic Li-ion battery.

16650 Cylindrical batteries have a diameter of 16 mm and can therefore a priori be used in portable computers to the design purposes. Provided exclusively by the Sanyo Japanese and Chinese BAK for the moment, they earn in interest among assemblers who worry however see this market be controlled only by two suppliers. To them, the prismatic lithium-ion batteries are more expensive to purchase but have an advantage: fineness of only 5 to 6 mm for blocks of 6 x 8 cm. Proposed by more providers, they are available in greater numbers and could receive certifications necessary for their use in the Ultrabooks more quickly.

Note that, despite everything, some manufacturers are beginning to work with these batteries on all small series. This is Acer that performs tests on its Ultrabooks with 16650 cylindrical batteries, and Lenovo IdeaPad 530 of which adopts a prismatic Li-ion battery.

Ivy Bridge: it will cost how much a Core i3 22 nm?

Small récap' price expected for the Ivy Bridge Core i3 line.

According to the table published by CPU World, the third generation i3 Core will be sold by Intel (in batches of 1000) in the following the unit price. Expected these dual-core chips this summer... Nothing to add, everything is compiled here:

Ivy Bridge Core i3.PNG

Leap: navigation "Kinect" for $ 70

The American start-up Leap Motion offers a small movement "Kinect" capture device for PC/Mac to the rather impressive capabilities.

The Microsoft Kinect the concern to make a. Indeed, a us start-up by the name of Leap Motion offers a device of motion capture no bigger than a large USB key with the accuracy of interactions is just impressive.

capteur-leap-02     capteur-leap-01

The Leap then connects by USB to any PC under Windows 7 or 8 (soon Linux) and creates a virtual 3D machine or the screen to reproduce precisely all the actions carried out, with one or two hands, with a pen or any other accessory. All applications already available or coming are therefore possible and imaginable video game 3D modeling through character recognition and gestures to the Minority Report navigation.

This small object, simplistic design strongly resembles an Apple product, is already available in preorder on the site of the manufacturer for the modest sum of $ 70 (the Kinect for Windows costs for its €240) but will be delivered unfortunately until December 2012, or even early 2013.

capteur-leap-04   capteur-leap-03

A free development kit will be made available for those who want to create their applications and a store of applications will be implemented to maximize the potential of the accessory.

Promotional video posted on the site of the start-up is particularly its and want to try the engine to verify functionality and real reactivity of it which, hopefully, will be as fluid that instinctive! And to learn more about this promising device, visit the Designer.

The Vertex 3 SSD are low profile

OCZ adds new references to its range of SSD Vertex 3, 7 mm thick.

OCZ Vertex 3 LP

After democratization discs format 2.5-inch 9.5 mm in thickness, more and more discs pass on only 7 mm thick, and it is not exclusively of DSS. And if Intel wants to see manufacturers of disks go even further in the finesse, for honing always more notebooks chassis, manufacturers recognize that the future is - as a first step - 7 mm thick disk. This growing OCZ to propose a new range of Vertex 3 baptized LP for "Low Profile".

Vertex 3 LP which enclosure is therefore, that 7 mm thick, and are therefore compatible with models Ultrabooks or Netbooks too fine to integrate 9.5 mm thick discs. Performance, is Vertex 3 everything there is of more conventional interface SATA with chips III MLC memory and controller SandForce 2281. Capacity ranging from 60 to 480 GB are proposed, and the price should remain those of the classical Vertex 3.

On our street-Hardware price comparator, the classical model of Vertex 3 of 60 GB is from €79, and 480 GB from €611. The 120 GB is sold from €118 and the 240 GB from €239. Two models on which it is therefore very close to the ratio price €1 / GB.

GoGo Gadget: autodestructible DSS video

Runcore offers a storage solution that can, if necessary, literally destroy its data with its model of DSS Invincible. The video evidence.

We you talked about three weeks ago in this news, the DSS of the Invincible of the Chinese manufacturer Runcore range, is able - with two buttons, the Green, the other Red - erase all "soft" data by entering the value FF on each memory cell, or permanently physically broiled memory chips.

ssd-runcore-invincible-audestruct-01     ssd-runcore-invincible-audestruct-02     ssd-runcore-invincible-audestruct-03

But images are better that thousand words so here a video of manipulation by Runcore that shows and explains how the thing with even the small cloud of smoke that emerges in overvoltage (2 min 33 for the less patient) chips. Invincible Runcore: DSS who feels the cramé!

Piracy and DRM, the revived debate...

It was known for a long time that the CD Projekt Red company was opposed to the principle of DRM, here the Director General of its distribution, Good Old Games, gives a layer.

The Witcher II

At a time where Diablo III servers are the yo-yo between opening and impromptu maintenance, preventing the players enjoy their acquisition, the General Director of Good Old Game (games to download without digital locks online shop), Guillaume Rambourg, opportunity to relaunch the debate on the principle of DRM and their real impact on piracy.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, he takes as an example the case of The Witcher II, which was distributed in a digital without DRM version, and in a protected box version. He insisted on the fact that this is the second version which is found on the parallel networks, while everyone, including him, was rather the reverse. For him, the explanation is simple: the pirates would face the need to disseminate a title if they can boast in having previously broken the protections.

Beyond this example, Guillaume Rambourg goes on this way have the publishing companies to consider each version pirated, as a lost sale: "can be done pretty in official reporting, to show how hackers are dangerous, but it is so far removed from reality." For him, the 4.5 million pirate copies of The Witcher II (figures December 2011) are rather to be regarded as testing versions, leading or not, a real purchase.

Whether informed or not (it lets you judge), this notice should logically remain largely minority, according to the multiplication of the measures of protection and identification that continue to impose on us publishers and developers.

Z802 of Zero Devices: micro PC Android 4.0 to $76

Zero Devices offers the Z802, its micro PC running on Android 4.0 which compete directly the Cotton Candy and Raspberry Pi.

Minicomputers have the wind at this time and after the success of Pi Raspberry and Cotton Candy, that a third model was introduced: the Z802 proposed by Zero Devices.

With the appearance of a compact USB stick (8.8 x 3.5 x 1.2 cm for less than 200 grams), this micro-PC integrates a processor Allwinner A10 based on ARM Cortex A8 single-core running at 1.5 Ghz, a graphics processor 3D supporting the decoding of HD videos in 1080p (MPEG-4 and H.264), 512 MB of DDR3, 4 GB of memory storage and runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

z802-zerodevices-03     z802-zerodevices-02

Level connectivity and connections, the Z802 offers Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, a USB 2.0 to connect devices (keyboards, mice), a mini-USB port for feeding, a microSD (up to 32 GB) card reader and a mini-HDMI port to connect the micro-PC to a screen via the appropriate HDMI cable.

The Z802 is available for $ 76 on the site, it is currently out of stock but the preorders are open to reserve the product.


Cotton Candy and Raspberry Pi are competitors, competition is organised thus already on this new segment of the micro-PC which can be only beneficial to consumers will have more choice for rates revised downward.

The European Commission warns Google

The European Commission invites Google to quickly take consistent measures, before a complaint is officially filed.


Known, the European Commission inquiry in Google for some time following complaints by several actors of the Web who believe that the giant research abuse of its dominant position (including decommissioning some comparators of price to the benefit of Google Shopping). For its part, the Commission has not yet decided if it would file, or a complaint.

However, we learn that the Commissioner of competition, Joaquin Almunia, formally requested Google to take action in the next few weeks to limit any risk of abuse of dominant position. If nothing is done, the procedure could therefore go further, which somewhere means that the European Commission did note malfunctions.

Joaquin Almunia said that the investigation led the Commission to "identify several areas in which Google practices may be regarded as abuse of a dominant position". He cited including the links highlighted by Google by a "preferential treatment", the way in which Google "copy of the contents of competing vertical search engines and uses it to its offerings" and finally problems suspected in advertising contracts, with exclusivity clauses that impose on certain contracts. Therefore, a new phase opens in this survey, and if Google takes steps by Brussels quickly, the case could be closed. Otherwise, the investigation will continue, and the fine incurred for up to 10% of the annual turnover of the company.

Finally, remember that in the United States, a Federal Trade Commission investigation is also underway at Google, on its search and advertising practices.

S Voice: the Siri of Samsung for all?

S Voice should be - at least temporarily - an exclusive feature in Galaxy S III. But the vocal Wizard is already available on other Android 4.0 smartphones...

S-Voice (1)S - Voice is one of the functions that Samsung has put forward at the presentation of his new star smartphone: the Galaxy S III. But while the latter is not yet available in shops, the hackers of the XDA-Developers team managed to wear S-Voice on other terminals Android 4.0.

They are indeed able to extract this function as the Samsung Siri of the smartphone ROM and have then proceeded to porting to other terminals. To date, S-Voice seems functional on a short list of Mobile Android 4.0 (Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sharp Aquos, Motorola RAZR, HTC EVO 4 G and HTC EVO 3D), but it could quickly go, including to update to the new version of the system are deployed by operators.

It is therefore concluded that XDA-Developers has managed to procure a Galaxy S III before its official release. They give all the information about the installation of S-Voice and offer a Kit ready to use on this forum. Quickly, Samsung visibly blocked access to S-Voice servers to other terminals Android, but the hackers have a blow in advance and offer procedures to suggest to the servers that other smartphones are also the Galaxy S III...

And this is the new flagship of the Galaxy range which could well lose the exclusivity of a function to the thought basis to compete with the iPhone voice Wizard 4 S, which no doubt will also be renewed in the next iPhone.