GoGo Gadget: autodestructible DSS video

Runcore offers a storage solution that can, if necessary, literally destroy its data with its model of DSS Invincible. The video evidence.

We you talked about three weeks ago in this news, the DSS of the Invincible of the Chinese manufacturer Runcore range, is able - with two buttons, the Green, the other Red - erase all "soft" data by entering the value FF on each memory cell, or permanently physically broiled memory chips.

ssd-runcore-invincible-audestruct-01     ssd-runcore-invincible-audestruct-02     ssd-runcore-invincible-audestruct-03

But images are better that thousand words so here a video of manipulation by Runcore that shows and explains how the thing with even the small cloud of smoke that emerges in overvoltage (2 min 33 for the less patient) chips. Invincible Runcore: DSS who feels the cramé!


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