Leap: navigation "Kinect" for $ 70

The American start-up Leap Motion offers a small movement "Kinect" capture device for PC/Mac to the rather impressive capabilities.

The Microsoft Kinect the concern to make a. Indeed, a us start-up by the name of Leap Motion offers a device of motion capture no bigger than a large USB key with the accuracy of interactions is just impressive.

capteur-leap-02     capteur-leap-01

The Leap then connects by USB to any PC under Windows 7 or 8 (soon Linux) and creates a virtual 3D machine or the screen to reproduce precisely all the actions carried out, with one or two hands, with a pen or any other accessory. All applications already available or coming are therefore possible and imaginable video game 3D modeling through character recognition and gestures to the Minority Report navigation.

This small object, simplistic design strongly resembles an Apple product, is already available in preorder on the site of the manufacturer for the modest sum of $ 70 (the Kinect for Windows costs for its €240) but will be delivered unfortunately until December 2012, or even early 2013.

capteur-leap-04   capteur-leap-03

A free development kit will be made available for those who want to create their applications and a store of applications will be implemented to maximize the potential of the accessory.

Promotional video posted on the site of the start-up is particularly its and want to try the engine to verify functionality and real reactivity of it which, hopefully, will be as fluid that instinctive! And to learn more about this promising device, visit the live.leapmotion.com Designer.


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