Facebook:-11% on the stock exchange to start the week

Facebook déchante for its second meeting on the Nasdaq, the action falls to $ 34.

Credits Facebook (2).JPGBack in detail, as we did yesterday, that the introduction of Facebook on the stock exchange and the timidity of the markets that are measured to the Internet phenomenon and had just enabled the social network completed its first day of Nasdaq rating on the rise, it should be noted that the second meeting of Facebook on Wall Street is not passed.

Indeed, yesterday Monday 21 may, Facebook title ended the day at $ 34.03, 10.99% lower, while the action was - on the reminds - introduced to $ 38. Identify the range of introduction and decisions to increase the number of titles on the market in the last hours of 25% are not really their fruit.

It recalls that enhancement of the action to its introduction was about 100 times the results of the company, then as major of the high-tech sector (Apple and Google) traded on Wall Street at best between 14 and 19 times the results companies.

Something tells us that Facebook had the eyes bigger than belly for his introduction on the stock exchange, although this allowed the company to write his name in history with new records beaten the early hours (including on the number of action) exchanged at the first session.


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