The European Commission warns Google

The European Commission invites Google to quickly take consistent measures, before a complaint is officially filed.


Known, the European Commission inquiry in Google for some time following complaints by several actors of the Web who believe that the giant research abuse of its dominant position (including decommissioning some comparators of price to the benefit of Google Shopping). For its part, the Commission has not yet decided if it would file, or a complaint.

However, we learn that the Commissioner of competition, Joaquin Almunia, formally requested Google to take action in the next few weeks to limit any risk of abuse of dominant position. If nothing is done, the procedure could therefore go further, which somewhere means that the European Commission did note malfunctions.

Joaquin Almunia said that the investigation led the Commission to "identify several areas in which Google practices may be regarded as abuse of a dominant position". He cited including the links highlighted by Google by a "preferential treatment", the way in which Google "copy of the contents of competing vertical search engines and uses it to its offerings" and finally problems suspected in advertising contracts, with exclusivity clauses that impose on certain contracts. Therefore, a new phase opens in this survey, and if Google takes steps by Brussels quickly, the case could be closed. Otherwise, the investigation will continue, and the fine incurred for up to 10% of the annual turnover of the company.

Finally, remember that in the United States, a Federal Trade Commission investigation is also underway at Google, on its search and advertising practices.


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