The Gmail search auto-complète

Google opens its AutoComplete system to its Gmail service search bar.

The famous Mountain View search engine tirelessly continues its development, as we have seen there a few days with its social network better integrated in its mail service. It is once again Gmail entitled an improvement with a more intelligent search bar.

Previously, research from Gmail web portal required to fill the keywords by hand and then to consult the results to find an important e-mail. Now, Gmail has been auto-compléter the key word based on the contents of the email. The development team provides an example by searching the keyword "lax" for Los Angeles Airport, surely to find a ticket in many emails that the box contains. As the service Google mail index the entire contents of this box, the search bar offers key words approaching letters first entered by the user. Thus, find email becomes more simple.


For the moment, only the key words in English are recognized with a gradual opening for accounts in English on the coming days. Specific Google other languages will be taken in charge of here a few months then that business accounts Google Apps is also right, but without any date communicated to this day. Google therefore does more lies on our email indexing and proposed a system of effective research, hope that the Mountain View giant does not would like to further monetize its service.


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