YouTube celebrates 7 years with new record figures

The platform of sharing and dissemination of videos on the internet, YouTube, celebrated Sunday its 7 years of existence and advance records figures.


Well Yes, it's been already 7 years videos YouTube hosting site has emerged. It was in May 2005 under the leadership of three former PayPal employees who simply wanted to share videos with their loved ones, indeed the first shared video on YouTube was one of the creators of the site who commented on his visit to the San Diego Zoo.

Then everything dissolves very quickly, the hearing took off quickly with 8 million videos viewed by day in December 2005 and 15 million in July 2006. In October 2006, the site is bought by Google for the astronomical sum of $ 1.65 billion and the site knows now considerable success is not disavowing.

To cite a few towering figures, YouTube attracts each month 800 million visitors to its pages representing 3 billion hours of video views, and every minute is not less than 72 hours of videos which are sent to the servers of the firm of Mountain View.

Of course, it is everything and anything, especially anything else, but at least there are for all tastes and all. Who has also never recovered from old cartoons or emissions generic completely forgotten, or a good old video clip well kitsch and rotten but who scored our childhood, hum?

Find below a video published on the official blog YouTube tracing seven years of significant events throughout the history of the California company.


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