S Voice: the Siri of Samsung for all?

S Voice should be - at least temporarily - an exclusive feature in Galaxy S III. But the vocal Wizard is already available on other Android 4.0 smartphones...

S-Voice (1)S - Voice is one of the functions that Samsung has put forward at the presentation of his new star smartphone: the Galaxy S III. But while the latter is not yet available in shops, the hackers of the XDA-Developers team managed to wear S-Voice on other terminals Android 4.0.

They are indeed able to extract this function as the Samsung Siri of the smartphone ROM and have then proceeded to porting to other terminals. To date, S-Voice seems functional on a short list of Mobile Android 4.0 (Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sharp Aquos, Motorola RAZR, HTC EVO 4 G and HTC EVO 3D), but it could quickly go, including to update to the new version of the system are deployed by operators.

It is therefore concluded that XDA-Developers has managed to procure a Galaxy S III before its official release. They give all the information about the installation of S-Voice and offer a Kit ready to use on this forum. Quickly, Samsung visibly blocked access to S-Voice servers to other terminals Android, but the hackers have a blow in advance and offer procedures to suggest to the servers that other smartphones are also the Galaxy S III...

And this is the new flagship of the Galaxy range which could well lose the exclusivity of a function to the thought basis to compete with the iPhone voice Wizard 4 S, which no doubt will also be renewed in the next iPhone.


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