Windows 8: Aero, c'est fini!

Microsoft changes the style Office and Windows for Windows 8, drawing a line on the look of Windows with Vista and reshaped with 7. He also announced a better management of the multimonitor, for approximately 15% of users.

From an aesthetic point of view, Windows 8 evolves significantly from its predecessor, what we could see in dissecting the Consumer Preview images. This is necessarily the case for the Metro interface, derived from that invented for Windows Phone, but it will also be the case for the Office. Indeed, Microsoft has a feature on the Aero style and its shadow and transparency, games that were emerged with the release of Windows Vista. The trend is to the square, and sobriety. Result, Windows want much more discrete Windows 8, and only the desktop task bar will benefit from special treatment, maintaining transparency properties. According to Microsoft, this is of course an important change, but the editor ensures that users will not be disturbed.

Windows 1 1985      Windows 3 1990      Windows 95

Windows 1, Windows 3 and Windows 95...

In addition, Microsoft indicates that the multimonitor will be better managed by the pane customization, and that for example it will be possible to select a different wallpaper on each screen, or to expand the display of the wallpaper on the available space, in landscape. But the most important is probably in the news presented on the ergonomics of the bone, disconcerting first. As such, Microsoft indicates that it will be possible to extend the taskbar of the bureau on all screens. Also, the user can choose to display only the relevant screen applications. Those who work in dual-screen can therefore, without having to install additional program, independently manage each screen with a bar of own tasks and shortcuts to the desired programs. Finally, relating to the Metro interface controls will be more available only on this interface, and the "active angles" will be available on all screens.

Windows 8 Desktop

Windows 8, without interface Aero, with edges in right angles and
Windows without shadows and transparency...

Each can see the benefit of these changes and the quality of the new decoration on the availability of the Preview Release, latest version of Windows 8 that will be proposed to the public (no doubt early June) before the release of the final version of the operating system. For the latest news, the release of Windows 8 is scheduled for October.


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