Piracy and DRM, the revived debate...

It was known for a long time that the CD Projekt Red company was opposed to the principle of DRM, here the Director General of its distribution, Good Old Games, gives a layer.

The Witcher II

At a time where Diablo III servers are the yo-yo between opening and impromptu maintenance, preventing the players enjoy their acquisition, the General Director of Good Old Game (games to download without digital locks online shop), Guillaume Rambourg, opportunity to relaunch the debate on the principle of DRM and their real impact on piracy.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, he takes as an example the case of The Witcher II, which was distributed in a digital without DRM version, and in a protected box version. He insisted on the fact that this is the second version which is found on the parallel networks, while everyone, including him, was rather the reverse. For him, the explanation is simple: the pirates would face the need to disseminate a title if they can boast in having previously broken the protections.

Beyond this example, Guillaume Rambourg goes on this way have the publishing companies to consider each version pirated, as a lost sale: "can be done pretty in official reporting, to show how hackers are dangerous, but it is so far removed from reality." For him, the 4.5 million pirate copies of The Witcher II (figures December 2011) are rather to be regarded as testing versions, leading or not, a real purchase.

Whether informed or not (it lets you judge), this notice should logically remain largely minority, according to the multiplication of the measures of protection and identification that continue to impose on us publishers and developers.


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