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Affordable IPS monitors in AOC?

And if AOC was able to propose suitable IPS monitors to attractive price?


High quality at low cost, it's like this AOC presents two new references that he introduced today. What he means by that, is offer screens with slabs IPS (a technology which it no longer has the advantage to equivalents TN, except in terms of reactivity) at reasonable prices. Increase in the demand, economies of scale, improved manufacturing processes, here are the reasons why AOC said now capable of integrating these tiles affordable monitors.

Thus, the AOC i2252VWH and i2352VH offer respective diagonal of 21.5 "and 23", and display a Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The maximum brightness of 250 cd/m², 1000: 1 contrast ratio and a response time of 5 MS backlit with LEDs, these monitors avoid to be too thick. Side connections, there are VGA, DVI and HDMI ports.

These two monitors will arrive in France in September. Unfortunately, if it promises us prices contained, there has not yet accurate rates to which they will be marketed. Hope that the quality of the tiles is the appointment.

Windows 8: referred to the file manager

Microsoft will revise its Manager files for Windows 8.

The beginning of June, as some builds of Windows 8 development began to circulate on the Internet, we get some information about a new file system called "Protogon" that suspected Microsoft want to introduce in his bones. But while expected necessarily new information about the file system of Windows 8, Microsoft prefer to communicate on another aspect of his system, the file manager.

The interface changes will indeed introduced to "facilitate and simplify" everything that touches moving, copying and deleting files. Thus, the Publisher unveils its advances on new boxes of dialogue of current operations and to implement pause or cancel. View detailed it will now display a graphic illustrating the rate of transfer, while continuing to indicate remaining estimated and the amount of data it is time to copy, move, or delete.

Windows 8 Gestionnaire fichiers (2)      Windows 8 Gestionnaire fichiers (1)

Microsoft also said that the window that opens in a conflict to the level of the file names will be more explicit. Different files with the same name will be displayed in a window inviting the user to check the version he wants to keep. Finally, for an experience souble, Microsoft says it will consider unnecessary Windows, frequently asking confirmation in the handling of files.

HD 6850 overclockée in Sapphire

Sapphire presents a new version of the Radeon HD 6850, coupled with its Vapor-X heatpipe.

Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 Vapor-X (1)Sapphire has just announced a new graphics card. It's a Radeon HD 6850 in Vapor-X Edition. This map is based as the reference model, with 960 stream processors and 48 TPU (Texture Processing Units), but its frequencies are reviewed on the rise with 800 MHz in the heart and 1.1 GHz memory.

It is of course to the solution of cooling House Vapor-X contain this rise in frequencies. An efficient heatpipe which should leave to the overclocking enthusiasts a little margin to fun with TriXX, the tool of OC without charge provided by Sapphire.

On the dual-slot of this adapter bracket, there are two outputs DVI, a HDMI and two mini DisplayPort. Using two DVI and two DisplayPort, may use up to four screens feature Eyefinity. Note that the HDMI port is the standard 1-4, and therefore compatible with the 3D functions. Expected now to see the first listings of this map by cyber-merchants to know when it will be available, and at what price.

Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 Vapor-X (3)           Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 Vapor-X (2)

Crucial and 8 GB of DDR3 modules

The Crucial American manufacturer has launched new strips of 8 GB of DDR3.

Lexar has announced new modules of memory under its Crucial. These strips of 8 GB of DDR3 display frequency of 1333 MHz and latencies CL9. The first is a DIMM, which will take place in a desktop computer, and that requires a 1.50 volt voltage. The second is a SO-DIMM for notebook, which only 1.35 volt. The subsidiary of the American skier Micron launches its two solutions to public price advised $329,99 (DIMM) and $ 399.99 (SO-DIMM).


This is equivalent to approximately 269,99 French rates € TTC and €329,99 TTC. Will have to pay a substantial sum to take his machine to 32 GB (if you have a desktop) or 16 GB (if you have a laptop). As usual, it is better to be sure that you truly need so much memory out its portfolio!

HTC just shows its Puccini Tablet

Several times delayed, the future Taiwanese manufacturer HTC 10.1-inch Tablet is now functional!

The HTC Puccini is back. The first HTC 10.1 inch tablet should be shortly launched by the American operator AT & T (perhaps under the trade name Jetstream). Its touch screen will display a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. A dual-core processor running at 1.5 GHz with 1024 MB of RAM will be at the heart of the tablet. The storage of the device would be given to 16 GB of memory flash. The Puccini incorporates a sensor of 8 megapixels with a double flash led.


It benefits also module LTE / 4 G, and probably WiFi 802 .11n ready. This tablet will function under Google Android 3.x (Honeycomb), accompanied by of the wrapper Sense. Our colleagues of Engadget have unfortunately not obtained further details with respect to the rate of future HTC solution. With regard to availability, can bet on a parallel of the LTE of AT & t. attached network launch two images of the Tablet approached by Engadget.


The prepaid in "unlimited" in SFR

SFR extends its range of prepaid unlimited offers limited time cards.

SFR has launched the card prepaid program, new refills which include unlimited calls. Three rates are proposed-side voice, with the unlimited on one, three, or five days for 5, 10 and €15. It is 24/7 unlimited calls to all fixed and mobile numbers in France.

And that's not all, outgoing SFR also another card prepaid for unlimited WiFi, that works the same way, and gives a few days in unlimited WiFi of SFR (3 million access points) network access. Unlimited WiFi cards that also integrate communication for voice credit (to €0.55 per minute) and the mobile Internet in 3 G + connection.

SFR La Carte Illimite (2)      SFR La Carte Illimite (1)

Three cards are also proposed: five days for €5 (€5 calls, unlimited WiFi and 10 MB of mobile surf), twelve days for €10 (€10 calls, unlimited WiFi and 20 MB of mobile surfing) and twenty days for €15 (€15 calls, unlimited WiFi and 500 MB of mobile surfing).

ZOTAC unveils a new GeForce GTS 450

Hong Kong manufacturer Zotac has recently formalizing its GeForce GTS 450, an economic model new energy.


In this bleak period on graphics cards, Zotac throws the veil on its new GeForce GTS 450. This "ECO Edition" should display a lower energy consumption by 33% from the Nvidia reference solution. There is however no miracle since the GTS 450 frequencies are revised downwards.

The GF106 and its 192 stream processors are respectively processors 600 and 1200 MHz (against 783/1566 MHz for the original model). 1024 MB of DDR3 display have a frequency of 667 MHz (900 MHz). A reminder, this VRAM is connected to the GPU via a 128-bit memory bus.

ZOTAC covers its new solution to a heatpipe mono-slot consisting of a simple aluminum heatsink, and a small turbine. This GeForce GTS 450 offers ports DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. ZOTAC did not specify when and how much it had run this ECO Edition.

zotacgeforcegts450ecoedition02 zotacgeforcegts450ecoedition03

Epson pirated. 350 000 affected customers...

Epson has seen its South Korean servers be pirated. Result, the personal data of 350,000 customers were intercepted.

Epson Logo

Since Sony servers very media piracy, the pressure is not settled on industrialists who continue to be concerned by various more or less serious attacks. This time, it's Epson which in fact costs in South Korea where its servers dropped against hackers attacks successful at is steal data bases containing personal information of nearly 350,000 customers. Addresses e-mail, phone numbers, postal addresses and passwords... There is no obviously up. Fortunately, no banking information is a priori stored by Epson.

No one knows what these pirates will make the data thus retrieved, even if we can imagine that they are in used to organize campaigns of phishing to retrieve even more sensitive data to affected users. They could for example use of false updates to Epson products to introduce on the machines of these clients. Or use many other techniques to deceive their vigilance. This is why Epson calls, first, its customers to intensify mistrust.

Epson also called on South Koreans to change their words of passes on other services that they have used to use and customers where they could store sensitive data... If of course they were used to use the same password on different services (Facebook, Hotmail, online banks, etc.). Because it is cutting the stolen information that hackers may attempt to usurp the identity of these users to take advantage!

Windows 8 will natively handle USB 3.0

With Windows 8, there is more need to install third-party drivers to make the most of its USB 3.0 devices.


The head of the division Devices & Networking of Microsoft, Dennis Flanagan, addressed the issue of the support of USB 3.0 in Windows in a note published on the blog of the firm. An opportunity for him to confirm that if the computers running Windows 7 with USB 3.0 connectors must to go through the installation of third-party drivers, it will more be the case with Windows 8 will take support natively the SuperSpeed USB standard.

It is a further democratization of USB 3.0. Mother card manufacturers have globally all implemented ports to the new standard on their latest products, the external storage market players are also to be thrown into the bath, and there is more than to wait for that chipset natively manage USB 3.0 at Intel (planned for 2012) that the standard be comfortably installed in the marketchipset AMD took a small advance.

We note in passing that Microsoft did not take the problem lightly by choosing to completely rewrite the code of Windows dedicated to the support of the USB for Windows 8. It must be said that the current code is a repeatedly updated version of the module developed for Windows 95. Of course, all previous versions of the USB standard will continue to be supported. It should be noted that the forecasts on which Microsoft based, 99% of the PC should be compatible USB 3.0 in 2014.

SFR increases the price of its "unlimited to mobile" option

A small increase of €2 which should push customers to offer access Evolution...

Neufbox Evolution

Our colleagues of DegroupNews noticed a change in fee options offered by SFR customers access. Indeed, the famous "unlimited to mobile" option, introduced after Free presented its offer Revolution including calls to mobiles in unlimited from the box, is increased from €3 to €5 per month.

An increase which, however, concerns only the invoiced standard offer €31,90 per month, knowing that the unlimited to mobile is already included in the Evolution offer, charged it, €37,90 per month. If for some clients remain on the standard offer and take the "unlimited to mobile" option to €3 (either €34,90 total) could be interesting, with only €1 difference now, better opt for the Evolution offer which gives right to the "new" box of the operator.

Of course, this price change does not apply to existing customers, but to new subscribers of the option in question.

A new in Cooler Master NotePal

The Taiwanese manufacturer Cooler Master announces a new notebook cooler, the Notepal U.

Cooler Master unveils a new sink for laptops. The NotePal U joined an already wide range in the catalogue of the Taiwanese manufacturer. Mainly designed in aluminium, it measures 410 x 310 x 55.5 ~ 217 mm, 1.3 kg and supports a maximum 17-inch diagonal machines.

NotePal U can also serve as a foot, and he offers five different height settings. It incorporates two large fans of 100 mm operating at 1200 RPM (and which do not exceed 21 dB of noise emissions). The novelty of Cooler Master also incorporates a three port USB 2.0 hub.

Manufacturer seeks $ 50 for its NotePal U, or about 41.5 euros, taxes included. Has here a complete solution, which will however have to make his hole in a very competitive market.

coolermasternotepalustand04 coolermasternotepalustand02 coolermasternotepalustand01 coolermasternotepalustand03

The new Atom Cedar Trail delayed by DirectX?

The PowerVR circuit chosen by Intel for its new Atom platform would pose it serious problems to pilots because the DirectX 10.1 support.


It is not the Cedar Trail platform, expected to boost the interest of the Atom processors which will be engraved in 32 nm and embarqueront a PowerVR graphics circuit. What, for Intel, try to come back in the race to the APU Brazos of rival AMD. On the graphic part, Intel has decided to separate his old - and very few performance - GMA 3150 for the benefit of a PowerVR SGX545 circuit. The latter found in certain ARM tablets, is compatible DirectX 10.1. But problem, if according to the information obtained by Digitimes, this compatibility is not optimal and currently pose real problems at Intel who have choice to delay the release of its new platform.

Indeed, the graphics drivers fail to be validated by Microsoft with respect to the Windows 7 operating system, which is more than a hassle. It is not impossible to see Intel move out of Cedar Trail in November. Not to mention the concessions that the caster is going to do, since there is talk of a limitation of the pilots the 32-bit for the launch, and restricted to DirectX 9 compatibility. Necessarily, it's chaos and if this is really the case, Cedar Trail could lose part of its interest, especially among the manufacturers of netbooks which will no doubt appreciate such restrictions. 64-Bit compatible DirectX 10.1 drivers could arrive to many weeks later. Follow.

A Treasury of enclosure for HDD in SilverStone?

SilverStone presents a new external enclosure for 3.5 "hard drives.

SilverStone unveils a USB 3.0 external enclosure which guarantees a 5 Gb/s maximum transfer rate by taking advantage of a SATA III interface. Mounting disks 3.5 "(HDD or SSD) is guaranteed"without tool". Damage however that a system for attaching a disk 2.5 "is not proposed, especially as the SSD in 3.5" do not run the streets... Of course, this is also compatible with USB 2.0, but in this case the flow will be limited to a maximum of 480 Mb/s.

Treasure TS07 began to be delivered to partners resellers of SilverStone. It weighs 340 g and measures 193 x 128 x 35 mm. It is provided with its small external power supply. Its sale price advised in Europe is €29.90. All information are directly available from SilverStone.

SilverStone Treasure TS07 (4) SilverStone Treasure TS07 (3)

SilverStone Treasure TS07 (2) SilverStone Treasure TS07 (1)

A gallery of images integrated with Twitter

Micro-blogging platform adds an automated image gallery.


After having reached an agreement with Photobucket to offer direct online of photos on its platform, Twitter just reinforce this feature by proposing display of copies of users via a gallery. Micro-blogging site logically continues to implement functions which, until then, required to use third-party services.

Two objectives: facilitate and enrich the use of Twitter. Thus, these galleries together all pictures published by members in their messages, and this regardless of where the files are hosted, even if it is in TwitPic or yFrog. The gallery displays the 100 most recent photos available. Note that the re-tweetés messages are also taken into account.

Only small boundary to the system, users must necessarily delete the tweet associated with an image if they want that it no longer appears in their gallery.

A minute on the Internet, it is...

It is crazy what can make Internet users around the world in a single minute on the Internet.

695 000 articles updated in Facebook, 600 new videos available on YouTube, 70 registered domain names, 13 000 downloaded iPhone applications, 6 600 photos added on Flickr, 370 000 voice via Skype conversations or 695 000 searches on Google... And all this in small 60 seconds! It is the activity of the social Internet condensed on computer graphics proposed by the Shanghai Web Designers.

Internet 1 minute

Note that other tools exist on the Web to measure the activity of the major social platforms, as developed by Gary Hayes that simply allowed to run a minute before you compare the results with those of this graphics. If there are important disparities between these results, particularly with regard to the Google Research (695 000 per minute according to these designers, 1 400 000 depending on the tool of Gary Hayes) e-mails sent (168 million emails sent every minute here against 205 million), or the rest of the results about glue. Anyway, we can well imagine that measure this activity is a real puzzle and that the results are to take purposes only...

Gary Hayes Media Count 1 minute.PNG

The Sony Tablet S under Android for the month of September?

Does call it more S1 but Sony Tablet S. Marketing would be imminent, even if the constructor always refuses to release these info.

It finally says with Android Sony tablets. Including the S1 and its design "way magazine folded", which has finally be given a final name: Sony Tablet s. Engadget, at close to the record, unveils that Sony plans are always offer this model upon re-entry, and therefore current September for a price of $ 599 in the US. It must be said that this tablet leaves more into more easily close by the press and that many videos of hand are circulating on the Internet.

Sony Tablette Android S1 (2) Sony Tablette Android S1 (1)

Take this opportunity to recall that the S1, forgiveness, the Sony Tablet S is equipped with a screen "9.4 displaying a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels and with TruBlack technology. Sensor 3 Megapixels is present on the front, and another 5 megapixel full table in the back, not to mention the presence of a USB connector. Equipped with an Nvidia Tegra 2 chip, this tablet would be its output under Android 3.1 Honeycomb. It now expected to have news of the other Sony Android tablet, the S2 and its Seashell design closes on two screens.

A humanoid robot in the International Space Station

A companion robot to the International Space Station astronauts...

Robonaut 2

A humanoid robot in space! The International Space Station for a few hours, has a new occupant in the presence of Robonaut 2 (R2 to his friends) has been enabled by the cosmonauts. This since the month of February in the station, this robot is the result of a fifteen year collaboration between Nasa and General Motors has come "to life".

It is of course experimental and programmed to play the role of an assistant on board in the daily missions of astronauts. According to Nasa, if all the tests go well, it could even be entrusted with certain filters and a few exits space cleaning around the station instead of the astronauts.

But before work, this robot must acclimate to the environment of the station, and succeed to not interfere with the human inhabitants by managing properly the severity. Many adjustments to the level programs that it brings and that control will thus be made in the coming weeks. R2 has a camera instead of the eyes and Nasa would like to distribute, on a dedicated Facebook page, first image (unfortunately in poor quality) that sees the robot in the station. After these first tests, Robonaut 2 has been re-off, it will be in service in a few days for a new battery of tests.


A rhéobus who plays DJ

The American manufacturer NZXT unveils a new unusual rhéobus, Sentry Mix.


NZXT has announced a new rhéobus. This Sentry Mix features an unusual line, which takes over the design of the equalizers in the world of audio. This solution is almost entirely covered with a black matte painting, cursors being grey. Also note the presence of diodes, which will probably indicate the power supplied to each fan.

In this regard, is six, Sentry Mix to support knowing that each channel will provide about 50 watts! NZXT launches its latest public price of $ 39.99 (or approximately €33,99 TTC). For comparison, a top range model unveiled a little more than a year ago was worth $ 59.99. The American manufacturer does not specify when it expects to launch its new in France.

nzxt_sentry nzxt

Comparison test robot vacuum cleaners

At we rarely spend attention to gadgets, especially if the link with computers is not clear. For robot vacuum cleaners, we make an exception. These devices have a high gadget factor, but they are also autonomous, programmable computers that may be the beginning could usher in a larger robot revolution.

Robot vacuum cleaners have been in existence for a while: the American iRobot released in 2002 the first variant of its Roomba vacuum cleaner on the market and since then there have been more than twenty worldwide brands that also a product placed on the market. Especially in America are vacuum robots already popular for years. Now it is clear to make jokes about lazy Americans, but now also discovers Europe that such an automated home help really has a practical use and is more than just a gadget. Because unless vacuuming a hobby you is, can a robot to ensure that your home remains clean and that you have more free time.

Brands and models

The number of models that is available in Europe is enormously behind America. With a lot of pain and effort we found earlier this year three brands that deliver officially in Netherlands and to a comparative test wanted to do. We are talking about iRobot, Samsung and Infinuvo. Other brands like ASUS, MSI, Dyson, Electrolux, Neato and LG make and sell although robots, but not (yet) in Netherlands. Although of course you can get everything via the internet from abroad, it is precisely in mechanical devices such as robot vacuum cleaners be pleasant if you locally for warranty and spare parts.

Since writing this article, we also have a Philips robot vacuum cleaner, tested the HomeRun FC9910. A review of this device can be found here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review

On the one hand, Samsung will not of course been pleased with all the fuss that the Apple's lawsuit against Samsung around the launch of the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 caused. In the Netherlands is tablet, however, at least until mid-October for sale and also the German ban on the sale of the device in Europe as a whole is reduced to only Germany. So considered, this case Samsung might be not so bad, so around the launch of a product where they get their largest and most expensive advertising campaign ever developed. If we assume that the statement ' there is no such thing as bad publicity "is true, would the lawsuit still good deal for Samsung. The consumer would now think that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 should be very good if Apple so doing are best for your device from the shelves.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G White

However, it is but the question of whether this tablet this extra free publicity needs. If we do open the box, we see a very beautiful, refined tablet. He has not that what clumsy that, for example, the Acer Iconia Tab A500 and (to a somewhat lesser extent) the Motorola Xoom. Grab your tablet out of the box, then you will notice immediately that this is very light. It weighs only 567 grams, which is soon 40 grams less than the iPad 2 and about 10 grams less than the Galaxy Tab 10.1 v, whose production with the advent of this Galaxy Tab incidentally is discontinued. As regards appearance is only a pity that Samsung has opted for a shiny back of plastic.

Compared with the other Honeycomb-tablets that we have had in our test lab is the difference in weight pretty to even very large. With the even though not heavy ASUS Eee Pad Transformer saves the more than 100 grams and with the Acer Iconia Tab A500 almost 200 grams. These are differences that you really will feel if you use the tablet for a long time. We look at the thickness of the tablet, then we also see here relatively speaking quite a difference. With approximately 0.85 inches this device is almost a half an inch thinner than an iPad 2 or an Eee Pad Transformer.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G WhiteSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G White
The iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Watch and compare!

PC advice: home server-August 2011

The Home server. Subject of heated debates on Opinions vary widely on topics such as the need to keep the Cabinet compact, the advantage of hot-swap bays, what a desirable energy consumption is, how much processing power is required, what kind of storage is needed, and much more. We can safely say that "the ideal home server" does not exist, the differences among our visitors use goals clearly too much.

However, this does not mean that we have no PC advice for the home server. In short, there are two options: hand-and ready to buy or build it yourself. Although there has been some ready-made home servers are for sale and this certainly have their advantages (compactness, price/performance ratio), builds the educated and visitor this of course prefer itself. Our advice therefore tries to find the right balance between energy consumption, the affordability and expandability for a configuration that you can (make) build.

Central State energy consumption. A NAS with two disks consumes at most 35W; also an Atom-based PC can easily continue under the 50W. However, both these solutions lack the high flexibility in terms of enlargement and of our system, we have the lat therefore slightly lower. The recommended configuration consumes, according to our measurements, between the ages of 55 and 65W. It may be less, but then you lose heavily in terms of processing power and expandability. A compromise so, as always in the PC opinions (except the Ultimate system).

The configuration we recommend costs without operating system approximately 400 euros, barely more expensive than a ready solution. The advantages are evident: m r SATA ports, m r space for extensions, m r possibilities to processor or memory, appreciate or even to install additional storage controllers-and the choice of the operating system to the buyer.

This opinion is also excellent for making backups, streaming media, and also as a simple server for example, FTP or a photo album offers enough power.

Note: the PC opinions are compiled on the basis of tests of components by If there is between two opinions is no reason for change of a component, because there is no better product on the market has come, it will advice are identical to that of the preceding month.

Gaming hardware at Gamescom 2011

This week we were present at the Gamescom 2011 in Cologne. This fair is mainly aimed at the introduction of new games, but also gaming hardware is introduced. The stock market exists this year a total of seven halls filled with gaming fun and is visited by international audience. We went along with Razer, SteelSeries and Razer, who showed their new products.

New games this year at the Gamescom mainly of interest are Battlefield 3, Gears of War 3 and as a surprise the release of Warhammer Online: Wrath or Heroes, a free online role-playing game that can be played on Facebook and Google +. There are also many as traditionally dressed people around like Zelda and Darth Vader, including well-equipped Stormtroopers.

Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers were this year also present

At Razer we got news about a new 7.1 headset and SteelSeries showed us his new gaming mice and a Diablo headset. Roccat gave us a demonstration of their new Talk protocol and the German importer CaseKing we saw two future cabinets from Xigmatek and Bitfenix.

Be Quiet Straight Power E8 CM 580W review

A power supply of between 500 and 600 watts for many PC owners: the sweet spot for a luxury PC with fast processor and one high-end or two mid-range video cards, this is pretty much the capability that you can buy the best. Be Quiet recently sent us their new Straight Power 600W E8 CM, which, of course, we have extensively tested.

Straight Power is Be Quiets mid-range line power supplies. Not as luxurious as the Dark Power Pro 's, but as far as specifications are clearly above average. The new E8-generation is 80Plus Silver certified, uses Be Quiets own SilentWings fans and is equipped with a (in our opinion very tight) new appearance. The power supplies are both not modular if modular implementation. The latter is indicated by the addition CM (Cable Management).

Be Quiet Straight Power E8 CM 580W

The copy that we got sent works with four 12V rails, each 18 amps can deliver. In total together can the 12V rails up to 45A. This means that the diet almost his complete power on the 12V rails can offer: 540 watt to be exact.

The diet provides standard 5 molex plugs, 5 SATA connectors, two 6-pin PEG-and one 6/8 pin PEG connectors. It is fine with this food as possible to high-end said one or two mid-range video cards to combine. All cables are neat and gesleeved long, so you can do good cable management. The motherboard cables are 57 cm long, the PEG-cables and 59 cm molex and SATA cables are a maximum of 88 and 98 cm respectively.

The diet contains one 12-inch fan on top, who, like Be Quiet because of the brand name itself is mandatory, lekker stil runs his buttons. The rotational speed is, of course, depending on the temperature.

The food costs on average € 104.50. That price is average. If we compare, for example, we see that Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 600W about 20 euros more expensive, but at the same time, we also see that the us with a Bronze Award distinguished OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W about 40 euro is cheaper. In anticipation of the conclusion we can say that this is a price difference is that you very difficult to efficiency difference can recoup.

Be Quiet Straight Power E8 CM 580W

ASRock Z68 Fatal1ty Professional Gen3 review

During Computex in June will be shown for the first and now available, Z68 motherboards with support for PCI-Express 3.0. Of course that sounds good on the box, but what does it mean exactly and what have you? We sought it out on the basis of the ASRock Z68 Fatal1ty Professional Gen 3, ASRocks new high-end Z68 Board.

In order to get more popularity with the audience of gamers is ASRock echoing ABIT-who still remember them? -in sea gone with pro-gamer Fatal1ty to under his name motherboards on the market. Although Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendell since 2005, no game tournament has won more State, ' ie still known as the best gamer in the world and still seems to be that a Fatal1ty logo on products for more turnover.

Thanks to some extra features (which we will discuss later) this directive ASRock Z68-sign clearly on gamers. The most important feature is, however, PCI-Express 3.0, which the Board must be prepared on the next generation of video cards.

ASRock Z68 Fatal1ty Professional Gen3

HP ProBook 4330S review

If you're looking for a laptop and you're far more demanding than the average user then you will be able to do what disappointed coming back from a walk along the offer in the shop. Shiny screens, moderate housings and screaming colors. For those who want something else, there seems to be not an offer to be in the shop. Fortunately, there are also still laptops that some more aimed at business users, such as the HP ProBook 4330S.

HP ProBook 4330s (XX940EA)

The ProBook 4330S is aimed at small business users as it is called and will for smaller companies as possible the first acquaintance with a business laptop. The difference with a more consumer-oriented Pavilion-laptop goes beyond just another operating system install. That is in this case, Windows 7 Professional, but if you compare this 13.3 inch model with, for example, the previously tested HP Pavilion dm4-2000ed than is good to see the difference. The ProBook appearance just what behoudener, but you can certainly not boring; the dark aluminum finish on the wrist support and the back of the screen give the device a neat impression and that goes also for the bottom: that's neat black finished, and the ugly stickers are located under the battery.

PC advice: all-round PC-August 2011

Translate Request has too much data Parameter name: request

Een PC waarmee je zo'n beetje alles kan doen, die voorlopig voldoet qua snelheid en capaciteit: dat is de all-round PC. Op dit moment snel genoeg voor alle toepassingen, en tegen relatief lage kosten snel weer helemaal bij de tijd te brengen, als je wat meer rekenkracht of opslag vereist. Internetten, gamen, zakelijk software, video's en foto's bewerken; met een goede all-round PC zou dat allemaal mogelijk moeten zijn, zonder dat je bij ??n van deze gebruiksdoelen het gevoel krijgt dat je te weinig prestaties hebt.

Dat betekent een goede processor en videokaart met een uitstekende prijs/prestatieverhouding, ruim voldoende geheugen en opslagruimte. Maar ook een nette behuizing, een stille voeding die ook na een paar jaar gebruik voldoende efficient is. Een goede monitor, muis en toetsenbord: bezuinigen op de meest gebruikte onderdelen is nooit een goed idee.

Belangrijk bij een all-round PC is dat het systeem gebalanceerd wordt samengesteld; dus niet per se de snelste keuzes bij alle componenten, maar juist op alle vlakken een goede en snelle keuze, zodat het totaalplaatje snel en stabiel presteert. Uiteraard houden we het prijskaartje in de gaten - wie wat meer te besteden heeft, kan ook eens kijken naar het All-round Deluxe PC Advies.

Let op: de PC Adviezen worden samengesteld op basis van tests van componenten door Hardware.Info. Indien er tussen twee adviezen geen aanleiding is voor verandering van een component, doordat er geen beter product op de markt is gekomen, zal het advies identiek zijn aan dat van de voorgaande maand.

Logitech G300 gaming mouse

Logitech expands its G-Series product line for gamers with the Gaming Mouse G300. This G300 is equipped with nine programmable buttons that you can set game commands that normally only keyboards are reserved.

The built-in memory offers space for the storage of three game profiles, which you should be able to take the difficulty and open on another PC or notebook. You can choose from seven colors that you can save a profile and retrieval. The illuminated side of the mouse shows with the chosen color which profile you're using.

The G300 is suitable for right and left-handers alike, has a 2500 DPI laser, and macros that can be shared with other products from the G-line, including keyboards and headsets. The new mouse is in september in Europe on the market expected, but is available as can be found for approximately 30 Euro.

Cooler Master launches Gemini II S524 CPU-cooler

Today, almost all high-end processor coolers based on the tower principle, with some copper heatpipes the heat from the base plate transfer to numerous horizontal aluminum cooling fins. These are then cooled by one or two fans, that the hot air directly out of the closet can be expelled. Such a CPU-cooler is particularly effective in the cooling of the processor, but flows there is less fresh air along other heat-producing components such as the power supply for the CPU, chipset and memory.

Who is there concern can also at Cooler Master rightly so, because with the new GeminII S524 brings this company a new processor cooler on the market that also cooling can give to the components surrounding the processor. The GeminII S524 is a development of the old GeminII from 2007, which still worked with two 120 mm ventiloren. The new S524 works in fact according to the same concept, but the extra cooling surface and an improved heat pipe construction even better cooling performance. In addition, the new GeminII S524 what higher, so also memory modules with large heatspreader not in the way. The height difference between the baseplate and heatsink is 47 mm.

The GeminII S524 has one 140 mm PWM fan with sleeve bearing type, who works on a minimum of 800 and up to 1800 revolutions per minute. The air displacement is 34.2 and 77.7 CFM respectively, while the sound production 15.1 and 31.6 dB (A) for, respectively, the lowest and highest speed. The heatsink has dimensions 144 x 144 x 105 millimetres and a weight of only 490 grams, making many reasonable certainty we can say that this cooler will constitute no threat for the tower models of nearly 1 kilogram. The GeminII S524 has a nickel-plated brass base, in which five heatpipes of 6 millimetersthickness are processed.

According to Cooler Master GeminII S524 retrieves the, which is also cooling can give to the components around the processor, a lifetime of 40,000 hours. There are adapters included for the socket LGA 1366/1156/1155/Intel 775 * and the socket FM1/Am2 +/AM3/AM2 +/AM2 from AMD. The GeminII S524 is directly available and the suggested retail price is now also known, which is set at $ 39.99.

* Presence of LGA 775 adapter varies by country, please contact the webshop

Cooler Master GeminII brings new S524 CPU-cooler with 140 mm fan for $ 39.99 on the market