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Ultrabooks: not so expected that we

While Intel expects a proportion of the ultrabooks on the global market for laptops up to 30 or even 40% in 2012, analysts estimate that goal difficult to achieve on the old Continent, and expecting more to 20%.

After them, European consumers have a large preference for models 15 inches and more. However, it turns out that dominant the ultrabooks format is 13 inches and that at best can be found the 14-inch, as with the spectrum at HP. The 15-inch seems well intended, but would greatly depend the success of formats 11 and 13 inches. The snake that bites the queue…

This is not to mention the fact that the invoice which climbs quickly enough for a few hundred euros as soon as one turns to the ultrabooks and that there is no large fracas to wait on this side, according to surveyed manufacturers. For in 2012, in any case. However, it is perhaps that would encourage consumers to hand pocket and would allow sales of really décoller…

Then, wet firecracker or step, the ultrabook in Europe? Obviously, this will depend on efforts by manufacturers to seduce the consumer.

HP Spectre
The spectrum ultrabook formalized by Hewlett-Packard at the recent these (click to enlarge)

Toshiba Dynabook 301: nettop based on Cedar Trail

Based on the new Intel Atom Cedar Trail processors, this netbook Windows 7 Starter Edition on-board chip dual-core Intel Atom 2800 dual-core 1.86 GHz and supported by up to 4 GB of RAM DDR3 and Intel GMA 3650 graphic part.

Displaying 1.36 kg on the scale, it has a LCD 10.1 inch definition screen 1024 x 600 pixel (WSVGA), a VGA output, a WiDi, a signed audio Harman Kardon speakers, a headset, Ethernet network link / Wi - Fi and three USB 2.0 ports. No HDMI, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth, however.

It do besides a hard disk with a capacity of 320 GB at 5,400 rpm and a multiformat memory card reader.

On autonomy, it is announced at 6 hours and a half or 8 hours, depending on the chosen battery.

Toshiba Dynabook N301
Netbook Toshiba Dynabook 301 (click to enlarge)

Now see if output in our country is being considered. And if so, at what price.

Electrical outlet intelligent to control consumption

If mobile devices grow and users are increasingly equipped with, they also require greater power consumption. Nomadic devices requires, they are often accompanied by their charger in order to contribute to them anywhere, anytime. But at a time when a penny is a penny, all is not necessarily a very good look you ponctionnez them a little of their electricity.

This is the case in public places, the common spaces, which face, more and more, these users for a recharging terminal, their charger in hand. Pay for others is less and less tolerated, especially when the invoices is dramatically allourdissent. For those, there, for those who suffer, Sony has thought of them and is currently working on a project of new outlet.

Sony prise de courant intelligente

Smart, it would identify a device and its user and judge his personal use of power on a collective network. A good idea that would now allow everyone to pay what it consumes and to impose an expenditure to a third party. A chip would be introduced in the ambout of the electric cable, connected to a drive associated with the outlet used. The data are sent to a central system that evaluates its consumption and making history.

More or less good news for users who must perform their own invoice. But the outlet by Sony does not stop to this simple use and may obtain you money, save you. This system of recognition of devices may, in the future, assess the activity of your equipment and automatically put to sleep if they are not in use. Also complete outages pop-up when you get all your devices at the same time, making then Manager uses priorities.

This is still only a prototype, but Sony has learned the lessons of the last nuclear disaster. The risk of shortages of current after the closures of Japanese plants grows constructors find solutions to better manage their electricity consumption and not wasting energy.

The heart rate to replace passwords

Passwords are instrumental in the protection of your data, your access, but the relevance is not Legion. "QWERTY", "123456", date of birth, the names of his children, of his dog, aberrations which snapped good number of it professionals who are involved in the maintenance and must manage security vulnerabilities only related to the offhandedness or lack of knowledge of the users.

And what about those forgotten passwords of his incessant requests for re-initialization? How to retain improbable, sieve numbers, codes to be precisely on top of security? Passwords are a wound for everyone and researchers well understood, since they propose a practical solution, the use of heart rate.

Battements du coeur mdp

The beating of the heart is unique to each individual, and is the singularity that sought to exploit Taiwan engineers. Whether for a sustained effort or rest, your heart offers a mathematical function, independent of your physical condition. By affixing a few variants, researchers fired a unique encryption key, which belongs to a single individual.

In the continuity of their experience, researchers have developed a device, a prototype, which blocks and unblocks with the beating of the heart. No need to ask your device near your vital body, simply paste the Palm of the hand on the device in question.

The next stage of this study is to install it in the hard drive unlocking. Then, this new technology could take a little more scope and interest some users, notably to protect access to smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

JVC KW-R900BT: car 2 - DIN which casts

Format 2-DIN, colour black glossy for the hull and blue, red or green backlighting for the buttons. The least that can be said, is that it is particularly flashy. This should in any case guarantee some success with young drivers and fans of sono.

In terms of features then, it offers playback of CD, the reception of the radio AM / FM with display of their names, listening to the songs stored on devices USB / Bluetooth, listen to the radio stations of the Web with the smartphone, the dissemination of the audio stream on its 3.5 mm connectors and telephony hands-free (up to two mobiles at the same time, yours and that of your half)(, for example).

All with a view of the information on a large screen LCD back-lit display four lines, restitution via amplifier 4 x 50 Watts (possibly supported by a second amplifier connected to a subwoofer, with the pre-amplifier output) and a control that can go through the buttons on the front, controls the steering wheel or a small remote control.

The three retro-éclairges possible (click to enlarge)

It take about 250 euros to this car.

Sun City: the car-suitcase of tomorrow

Children, it imagined that cars would most affect the soil, they would be able to drive without us. The dreams of this ilk continue to be powered by the concept cars, vehicles of the imaginations of engineers. Number of these new cars will not see the day, but they have at least the merit offer us new perspectives and let our imagination on what would be the daily with this kind of products.

That's what it comes with Sun City, conceptual vehicle par excellence. From a Michelin design competition, the vehicle surprise. The image of these retractable bikes that can carry around with you, the Sun City can withdraw and turn into suitcase, that is behind us as all trolleys.

Soleil City (5)

The assumed so ultra lightweight and ultra compact. And yet, the model presented is two-seaters, and from pictures issued by Michelin, the position would be similar to that of a two wheels. Conducted in a flexible material, in order to be more easily folded, Sun City is fitted with an electric motor that can recharge anywhere, even on your wall in your living room since there is no question to leave your vehicle in the street.

A magnetic levitation system will propel the entire wheel acting as the engine. The design and materials have not shifted to security since the latter, seem to offer real protection. Sun City returned already in our newspapers, as evidenced by its proposals in the Parisian streets. And we also imagine the incredible silence offered to the capital.

Soleil City (6)

Soleil City (3) Soleil City (4)

Drivers Catalyst 12.2: pre-certified download version

AMD has to deliver a new version of its Catalyst graphics drivers. Stamped 12.2, there is a pré-certifiée version. Not all to be finalized, but almost.

And as could be in doubt, it's especially to ensure full support of solutions Radeon HD 7950 / HD 7970 launched last January, but also solutions Radeon HD 7750 / HD 7770 freshly unveiled - and having already made some tests also.

Note however that this support is valid under Windows Vista and Windows 7 environments. For Windows XP, need to wait until the release of a numbered version 12.4, until next April so.

Radeon HD 7750 Radeon HD 7770
The Radeon HD 7750 / HD 7770 (click to enlarge)

AMD Radeon HD 7950
The Radeon HD 7950 (click to enlarge)

But it is not since it is also question of support of Super Sample Anti-Aliasing and Adaptive Anti-Aliasing technology for applications DirectX 10 and DirectX 11. They are activated with the new Radeon HD 7000, including Radeon HD 77 x 0 solutions / Radeon HD 79 x 0.

Are also mentioned improvements for Eyefinitymultimonitor technology, with: the automatic adaptation of the display in the connecting or disconnecting one of the monitors. the possibility of customizing for the display of the task bar; and the possibility to complete the list of profiles with custom profiles.

Download AMD Catalyst 12.2 drivers

Alienware M18X R2: a 18.4 inch doped for gamer

Scheduled in two finishes black and red, it is a laptop computer, or rather a transportable, with its imposing format 18.4 inches.

-Side processor, is expected to proposed new models Ivy Bridge 22 nanometers of Intel approached on April 8, and quite naturally to what either the large declinations to two or four hearts.

Then, at the level of the graphics solution it evokes a card GeForce GTX 660 M, two cards GeForce 675 M in SLI or two cards Radeon HD 7970M in CrossFire. What to run the more gourmet video games with a high definition and without saccade.

Otherwise, there is talk of a Wireless HD link to send the video stream in wireless to television and a backlit keyboard.

For the rest of the technical details (amount of RAM and storage capacity, for example) and (high prices, as it questioned), must likely await the formalization, which is expected in the second quarter.

Alienware M18X R2
The Alienware M18X R2 (click to enlarge)

The washing machine of tomorrow: speed supersonic anti-tâches

That sounds like the mother Denis by discovering this new concept of machine washing? New technologies interfere in all areas of life: medicine, communications, work, the car but also in which closely affects household tasks. Designer Elie Ahovi probably has a passion for domestic appliances and in a distant future, bring a new revolution in laundry.

The Orbit, created with his hands, has more nothing to do with the current drum. This "machine" to very conceptual design, usera more laundry and water. But carbon dioxide and a magnet for levitation. The principle is to work the carbon, and send it to a supersonic speed through the clothing. Then comes a chemical reaction between the spot and the CO2 to separate the various traces of the tissues. These dirt are then vacuumed, the carbon becomes solid and you can remove your clothes of the apparatus, the latter coming out clean and dry.

Elie Ahovi Orbit (1)

The main interest of this Orbit is do not use detergent or water and should be in line with the environment. Only, this is the technique of washing in itself that requires significant energy resources. Much therefore still way to make to optimize such an apparatus and the move of the domain of the dream to reality.

Elie Ahovi Orbit (3) Elie Ahovi Orbit (2)

SanDisk: two SSD SATA III top of range

SanDisk starts in the middle of the SSD offering to its two young new models. The manufacturer obviously wishes to place on the market since the Extreme SSD clearly displays the color of the high and just play in the same court as the Intel 520.

Extreme SSD displays a sequential flow of 550 and 520 MB/s read and write and reach up to 83,000 and 44 000 IOPS read and write random. Features already displayed in Intel or for the SandForce SF-2281, evidence that Sandisk is to intrude on the niche. The SSD is available in three models, the 120 GB and 240 GB, sold respectively at 170 and €350. Another version in 480 GB will arrive later in the year at a price of €480.

SanDisk is a little more discreet on the SSD X 100, a more conventional range. He also SATA III but use a Marvell base. It is question for him to 500 MB/s 420 MB/s write and write. The SSD X 100 will be also available in different models, 2.5 inches or m-SATA. It is question of 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB, but unlike the Extreme range, no price has been unveiled, or availability.

Sandisk SSD 100jpg sandisk extreme ssd

Augmented reality, no need to undress to try

Fitting booths are not always the place of choice for the shoppers. Remove, restore, display light blighted before unflattering mirrors, by 30 ° for cause of failure of air conditioning, press time, fittings are actually not part of pleasure. Today, more and more, on order by Internet, we try at home, before his favourite mirror, and sites are so kind that they allow us to return free of charge. If this is the longest time to dispose of your purchase, the e-commerce understood everything.

Also, now need signs that are street to motivate the troops, buyers, and provide true comfort. Cisco has worked on the subject and proposed reality increased in the cabins. The system is called Cisco Style and allows you to simply put you before ice and virtually try your potential purchases. Simple, fast, effective, perhaps not revolutionary and not not perfect no more, but it will not remove the principle of remove us some hassle.

Cisco Style (2)

Cisco Style is a virtual mirror, where you can have access to the entire collection of the store, and multiply the fittings, combinations, by playing the touch screen. It is not sure time savings made, given the immense choice that can now be given to the purchaser. Without physical fittings, you will not know if this pretty sweater wool, also highlight is, is not unbearable to wear. But this virtual asset can provide you with other services. Non-contact, "tried" clothing adapt to your morphology, and you can see you in the seams, as in a traditional fitting.

Then, the system is also Advisor. Too bad for the sellers and vendors, the computer will advise you in your choice, will also offer other products in harmony with your desires, as a true girlfriend but whose major interest is not to have rear-thoughts or to be hypocritical. And then, if you absolutely the opinion of your loved ones on a holding, you can always share your pictures of you in full fitting live on social networks.

Cisco Style (1)

Finally, if you are not satisfied, the computer do impose you not purchase. You can send to you for taking the time to choose your fittings...

In truth, the arrival of augmented reality in the fitting booths does not guarantee you to save time, but gives more attractive to shopping with his advice and unlimited choice of fitting, all without having to remove the lesser habit. To see if the shoppers to leave convince and return a little more often in stores.


Graphics Radeon HD 7750 / HD 7770 formalized

As announced in a relayed internal roadmap there is little in our columns, the AMD Group chose this Wednesday, February 15, to launch its new Radeon HD 7750 midrange graphics cards and Radeon HD 7770, exploiting to recall the new architecture 28 nanometres.

In its basic version, the first relies therefore on a heart at 800 MHz with 512 processors of processing, associated with 1 GB memory GDDR5. It offers a DVI connector, an HDMI connector and a DisplayPort connector. In terms of energy consumption, it is about 55 Watts.

In its basic version, the second uses its side a heart to 1 GHz processor 640 of treatment, backed up by 1 GB of GDDR5 memory. It has sound DVI, an HDMI outlet and two catches mini-DisplayPort. At the level of consumption, it flirts with 80 Watts.

Side rates to complete, will need to pay 99 and 139 euros for versions of basic, and overclocked models proposed by the partners marks a little more.

Radeon HD 7750 Radeon HD 7770
The Radeon HD 7750 and Radeon HD reference 7770 (click to enlarge)

Philips: a 3D range dedicated to players

Philips is to unveil two new models of 3D television, whose main asset is of benefit to players. If you are hungry to two parties and the screen splitté has shown you its limits, then these 3D televisions could meet some of your expectations.

Dual Play technology embedded by these 6000 and 7000 models is practical for which combines the parties in multiplayer. Two players side by side, with both the appropriate glasses, can play on a single screen not seeing the same image. They have therefore both the comfort of a full-screen, living experience to the part, in 3D.

The Dual Play Mode is compatible with Xbox 360 and PS3, games which allows all the games of the time and those to come to be played so.

The series 6 000 of these screens Philips declines in different sizes: 32, 37, 42, 47 and 55 inches. As the 7,000 range, found the in the trade between 40 and 55 inches. The side Smart TV of this range will open access to the NetTV portal (Internet browsing, video on demand, etc.) and own Philips, Wi - Fi or Ethernet functionality.

The 7000 range stands out on its five ports HDMI, three ports USB, version 6 000 with a priori that a single HDMI port.

These two new Full HD 3D televisions should arrive in the second quarter of 2012. No tariff has been unveiled to their subject.

Philips 3D 6000 7000 (2) Philips 3D 6000 7000 (1)

ViewSonic VX2336s-LED: a little limited IPS 23 inch monitor

It is likely not the monitor IPS LED of the year, but he will perhaps provide an alternative to already existing competing models. VX2336s-LED will arrive at the end of February and will also offer its IPS technology on its screen 23 ". Angles of view 178 ° open and on all axes. The screen backlit by LEDs, reached a maximum brightness of 250 cd/m² and a contrast of 1000: 1 ratio. Definition screen only Full HD 16: 9 and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The first somewhat embarrassing detail is its speed of response: 14 MS, the monitor turns on this point.

The Viewsonic VX2336s-LED box on another aspect, its connectors. The monitor offers a VGA output and a DVI - D input. No HDMI therefore nor even integrated speakers. In the list of grievances, the slab does not pivot function found on many products of its kind and which has already been proven in terms of comfort. Aesthetics, Viewsonic visibly did not evidence of good taste, despite the use of LEDs, the slab is quite impressive.

VX2336s-LED Viewsonic (1) VX2336s-LED Viewsonic (2)

However, there is one area on which the VX2336s-LED distinguished: energy consumption. 35 watts in use, 21 in eco mode where the backlight is less powerful and 0.5 W in standby, such are its capabilities.

The Viewsonic VX2336s-LED, very classic and without major distinction, will be available at the end of the month for €240 approximately.

VX2336s-LED Viewsonic (3)  VX2336s-LED Viewsonic (4)

Ultrabooks: toward a failure because the price too high

Mike Moskowitz, analyst for JP Morgan cabinet, Ultrabooks imagined by Intel to give breath to the computer market should not meet the expected success, i.e. a proportion of 40% on the global market for portable computers.

The main reason for this: the price of these machines that are relatively high, which should remain that this year, as indicated by some manufacturers. Because if pay a stamped product Mac does not surprise really consumer who knows very well that it is the tariff policy of Apple, pay much for a PC product seemed abnormal with its more generic side and prices that can be observed in opting for a portable computer classic, certainly less noble, but allowing the same things. This is why what worked well with the MacBook Air will not work with the Ultrabooks.

Eyes are thus turning to Ultrathins defended by the competitor AMD, knowing that they play just on the tariff aspect by adopting a book loads less binding than the Ultrabooks. Talking of a ticket of 500-600 $ for the Ultrathins entry, while the Ultrabooks should not pass under the helm of 799 dollars this year.

Ultrathin AMD 1 Ultrathin AMD 2
The reference model for the Ultrathins of AMD (credit Engadget; click to enlarge)

Mithos: car of the future, teleportation and levitation

The Portuguese industrial designer Tiago Miguel Inacio work perhaps in the unattainable, in the unimaginable, in a different sphere than our lives very shore land. In all cases, it offers dream lovers of beautiful displacements and both worse if his creations will never see the day both they respect no physical law. Today, maybe Tiago Miguel Inacio is truly ahead of its time, and in thousands of years, on another Galaxy, the supercar would have found its place.

The Mithos embarks a current engine induction élétromagnétique 1.5 megawatts or, in words, 2011 horses. He only he takes 2.1 seconds to reach 100 km/h and can go up to 397 km/h in 12 seconds...

The Mithos has so much under the hood, and should delight fans of speed and sensations. Clumsy drivers also, those struggling to make a niche, which unfortunately type a pillar. Its body is produced in a carbon material shape memory. An accident and your car resumes its original line... Another comfort, the Mithos incorporates a scan as the State of the road. Suspensions are adapting, on the ground, potholes to perfection of the road...

Mithos concept car (3)

But, where the car is particularly distinguished, is on his teleportation system. Thanks to the teleportation relay stations network, which runs the streets is it not, you can get anywhere quickly, with good suspensions while ignoring the various obstacles during your trip.

And that's not all... The Mythos has the means to léviter above ground with the Quantum Boost technology, and can reach, in this way the 655 km/h. With all these capabilities, it expected not to what it is quickly put on the market. But she is dreaming, it is certain.

Mithos concept car (1) Mithos concept car (2)


LANCOOL PC-K56N: sobre PC enclosure and tooless

It is a medium model tower built in base of steel and plastic that displays dimensions 21 x 47.2 x 50.2 cm and 8.7 kilograms net weight.

Available only in black, it proposes to allow a Micro-ATX or ATX motherboard and eight maps girls with a maximum length of 41.5 cm (large graphics cards are welcome), and three 5.25-inch units, three 2.5-inch and two units 2.5-inch with advanced management of the cables and an installation without tools (clips and hand screw)

It has also a deported accessible front connector which includes two USB 2.0 ports, a headphone jack and a micro management. In short, the Union minimum.

Cooling, it can if done by ventilation, with a 14 cm front turbine (provided), another 12 cm at the back (provided) and two other 12 or 14 cm on the side panel (optional few however). But also by liquid, using the holes pré-percés rear.

Lancool PC-K56N 1 Lancool PC-K56N 2
Enclosure PC Lancool PC-K56N (click to enlarge)

Count approximately 100 euros with us.

Selection of the best high-tech products of the week

Among the products selected this week: a ski mask signed Buhel, a car designed by JVC and origin Antec PC case.

With the first, we enjoy the opportunity to listen to his music and call while keeping his mobile from shock and cold. And this, while enjoying a good protection for the eyes and a good autonomy of use. Can only hope that some will not forget to remain attentive to the minimum is going autour…

With the second, there is the look trendy, but also the big screen and big buttons that make practical use. Damage to the price a little high.

With the third, on holds price, the possibility of water cooling and the presence of USB 3.0 at the level of the deported connections. It regrets however that it will have to draw a line on the large graphics cards such as the Radeon HD 7970. Quite unfortunate for a template that said "gamer".

Buhel G33-Intercom: hands-free phone ski mask

Click here to read the relative news

The most:

The fact to be reachable, but also to Schem is able to listen to its musiqueLe anti-rayuresLa protection UV treatment that was not oubliéeL' autonomy of 12 hours of music and 10 hours on appeal

The less:

People less attentive to what is happening around in the final…

JVC KW-R900BT: car 2 - DIN which casts

Click here to read the relative news

The most:

The great branchéLe look écranLes large boutonsLa remote control fournieLa hands-free phone function

The less:

Antec One: casing PC gamer small budget

Antec One 1
Click here to read the relative news

The most:

Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX and ATXLa presence of 3 0La possibility of watercoolingLe price USB compatibility

The less:

The line to shoot large graphics (damage to a gamer… model)

Ivy Bridge Intel processors: Although April 8, but...

For the latest news, new processors Intel Ivy Bridge engraved in 22 nanometres, among which five models Core i3, are always expected April 8.

But contrary to what was thought, Santa-Clara firm will not immediately overdrive to impose its new processors. No, the production will be limited at first and will become really mass until the month of June.

Why? From industrial sources which are at the origin of the information, followed by the Internet Digitimes website, this would in fact enable partners to sell their stocks still important processors of the current generation Sandy Bridge in 32 nanometres.

And for manufacturers who have already communicated on their machines Ivy Bridge, to the image of Asus with its U47? According to the same sources, it will not be a concern, because is not on Ivy Bridge that really matters the computer industry, but rather on the next operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8 - slated for the fall of 2012. It is therefore not two or three months delay for Ivy Bridge that will sow panic.


A ski mask to call top tracks

All those who practise skiing know how it is not obvious, and mitts or thick pair of gloves, his smatphone or access the surf touches his MP4 Player or any other music sources. To choose, you can be freeze you the fingers on the chairlifts to the risk that a twitch Vienna you losing your precious object above trees in full rise, or either you go music, contacts with your loved ones and all leave at home.

People, probably affected by the problem, were thus set in motion their brains and have created an interesting object, G33-Intercom in Buhel ski mask. As a first step, this here is real protection for the Sun, geek or not, Sun protection is paramount. It displays a protection UV 4000, is scratch-resistant and also protects you from the reflection of the Sun on the snow. In the event of fog, the mask also ensures visibility.

masque-de-ski-GT33_Intercom-BuhelIn addition to these aspects specific to snow and skiing, the mask embarks with him a little bit of technology. Blutooth, it allows you to be connected to your smartphone, warm in your pocket. You can receive calls, and even without with voice recognition. A sensor on the nose of the helmet you will avoid even to scream to discuss with your loved ones.

You have the right to autonomy of 10 hours listening to music, or 12 hours in conversation. To see if your phone following the same rate... Finally, note that if your friends have the good idea to obtain the same mask, you can communicate together.

Radeon HD 7750 / HD 7770 : test et performances

This week, the firm AMD has formalized two mid range graphics cards: the Radeon HD 7750 and Radeon HD 7770 which are advertised in their basic versions, to respectively 99 and 139 euros.

But can it play in good conditions at these prices, i.e. without breaking the piggy bank? This is what wanted to know our colleagues from the Internet Guru3D site by testing the performance of these two graphics cards generation.

They relied on the following test configuration:

Power supply 1 200 mother WattsCarte MSI Big Bang XPower X58Processeur Intel Core i7 - 965 Extreme Edition running at 3.75 GHzMémoire RAM 6 GB of origin operating Windows AMD Catalyst 11.12 or nVIDIA GeForce 285.62 graphics 7Pilotes CorsairSystème

Here are some of the results obtained with recent games:

Radeon HD 7750 7770 performances 3 Radeon HD 7750 7770 performances 2 Radeon HD 7750 7770 performances 1
The number of images per second with three quite gourmet games resources: Anno 1404, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Far Cry 2. This more over the game is fluid (credit Guru3D; click to enlarge)

As you can see, the Radeon HD 7750 and Radeon HD 7770 are, overall, slightly better than the Radeon HD 5750 and Radeon HD 5770 two older generations. The progression is, but remains however limited. With Anno 1404, for example, it gets the number of frames per second following: 33 with the 5750 the 7750 36 and 40 with the 5770 against 51 with the 7770. Or, by our comparator of price, the price gap just go up to a few tens of euros (from 70 euros for the Radeon HD 5750; from 110 euros for the Radeon HD 5770). To see so if you are willing to pay the difference in fare to win a little in ease of use (fluidity).

Considered separately then, the Radeon HD 7770 addresses more players whose budget is tight, because of its acceptable performance and its cooling system recent, while the Radeon HD 7750 more can be found its place in a configuration of fair because of its lower performance and moderate consumption. To condition however, for the second, to opt for a fanless (without fan) version than some brands partners should offer shortly, to take advantage of a silent solution.

Compared with the competition then it is quite quickly, knowing that nVIDIA has unveiled no new generation to date graphics solutions. In short, AMD was the totally free field for the time.

Access to the full test (in English)

HTC "One" V, S and X: the new range of smartphones

The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC might announce its new smartphones under the names HTC One V, S and X at the Mobile World Congress.


Change of names for the new smartphones from HTC brand which, according to the well informed website PocketNow, decided to simplify and clarify its offer by combining different models of input terminals, mid- and top-of-range under the same name HTC "One".

So will we see soon appear in the family "One" the HTC One V, S and X previously known under the names Primo, city and Endeavor (also known as the Edge...).

A reminder, the HTC One V will be a terminal entry equipped with a 3.7-inch touchscreen Super AMOLED shipping processor dual-core 1 GHz supported by 1 GB of RAM, an AFN 5 megapixel camera with 720 p video recording, all running Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich with the wrapper user Sense.

The midrange model will be represented by the HTC One displaying a screen 4.3-inch qHD of 560 x 940 pixels and a 1.5 Ghz dual-core processor in a thin shell of 8 mm thickness.

Finally, the top-of-range brand, the HTC One X terminal was awarded the famous SoC quad-core Tegra 3, Nvidia, a 4.7 "HD 720 x 1280 pixels screen and running Andoid 4.0.5 ICS with the new House Sense 4.0 interface.

More information will be disclosed in the MWC in Barcelona to be held in 10 days.

The likely closure of Elpida will have major consequences

One of the major global players of the DRAM, Elpida Japanese, could close its doors as early as April.


The likelihood of Elpida out of DRAM industry is more and more strong as we approach the month of April in which the company must pay the debt that it has with the Japanese Government. If this is the case, the consequences will be heavy for the DRAM market but not only, since it is the PC industry that could be affected by an increase in the prices of the RAM.

On February 15, Elpida has published a note in which the company explained the situation in which it finds itself, recognizing its inability to repay the Government. Talking of some 40 billion yen to reimburse the Government, $ 505 million, plus the $ 80 billion yen of loans contracted with banks of investment in the short term, additional $ 1 billion.

Of course, the direction of Elpida actively seeking a solution and new funding to ensure its survival, but so far no valid trail has been mentioned. But Elpida as a motor for the industry of DRAM with its effective process on the 30 nm, not to mention its successful work on the 20 nm, his miracle rescue remains a possibility in view of its potential. If Elpida, the DRAM market will be dominated by the Korean Samsung and Hynix and Micron American. The observers note that this oligopolistic situation is dangerous, probably leading to a rise in prices. Rising prices which we are already talking about referring to the possibility of a merger around Elpida.

pirated eBooks: a closed hub

A huge pirate bookshop has closed by justice. Its directors will be judged.


The successors of the book market continue to battle against the pirated eBooks with the large wave of purchases of the end of year 2011 electronic lights, are increasingly traded and downloaded. Thus, we learn that an international coalition of publishers just to obtain the closure of sites and at the end of seven months of investigation.

The first of these sites is accused of having made available more than 400,000 pirated digital books in relying on the hosting of the second ( offering also movies, music and video games). These two sites were installed in Ireland, but dismantling was difficult for the authorities because their administrators were hidden behind the name of real companies, regularly changing identity.

The complaint and indictment report are 8 million euros per year generated by the piracy of digital books on this platform. It does not lack for publishers, which would be more important, but to the amounts generated by ads, premium subscriptions and even donations, as a completely legal virtual library by encouraging its users to participate in its development.

The administrators of these sites are recognized to have them available even to illegal files, and therefore will not hide the Court behind a simple role of aggregator or image hosting. Thus, they will be prosecuted for breach of copyright.

Test : Corsair Vengeance M90

Thinking for MMORPG players with its 15 programmable buttons, the M90 is not a small player mouse. Managed however to maintain a good ergonomics?

Corsair Vengeance M90

Corsair Vengeance M90

Quality manufacturing
Used plastics
Speed and glide
Heavy, precise and silent wheel

Lack of weight system

As regards the keyboard Corsair Vengeance K90 which incorporates most of the features of the K60 but is adapted to the practice of the MMORPG, the mouse M90 is the MMO of the M60 already tested by our care and oriented FPS. In Corsair, was therefore chosen to apply to each player profile specialize its products rather than trying to develop a unique keyboard-mouse couple requiring to make concessions and frustrate everyone. A point of view defending, as this allows Corsair to apply directly to the players in terms of their types of choice. And as more this new range of devices is on the whole very good, this spoil nothing. But then, what differences are there between the M60 and M90 mice? They are many, the shape is different, the M90 has more buttons, handles up to five profiles stored on its 48 KB of memory and - for aesthetic - a back-lit logo. See this in détails…

In its design, the Corsair Vengeance M90 resumed the bases of the M60 and has worked for right-handed ergonomics. The chassis is always cut and shaped in the alu, on which are pasted below four pads in Teflon which ensure good glide. On top, the coating is a soft-touch, pleasant. On the right side plastic offers a more grainy, for a better grip. There is that aluminium wheel is heavier than on the M60. Textured, it remains no less silent and accurate. The key two clicks (left and right) are also different, more flexible, with a somewhat less marked return, but quality. The embedded sensor, is the same. Sensor laser 5700 DPI provided by Avago Technologies, able to withstand accelerations up to 30 G and digesting "165 per second. Drivers to manage the sensitivity of the latter by steps of 100 DPI, but also to resolve precisely the response time of the shares between 1 and 8 ms.

Corsair Vengeance M90 Officiel (3)           Corsair Vengeance M90 Officiel (2)

Corsair Vengeance M90 (1).JPG Corsair Vengeance M90 (3).JPG Corsair Vengeance M90 (2).JPG Corsair Vengeance M90 (4).JPG

Quite instinctive drivers that allow to assign the functions desired 15 programmable buttons in this field mouse, not one less. And 9 of these buttons immediately fall under the thumb. It is here that is the MMO mouse orientation, to put a maximum of its spells and other shortcuts macros. It is also the major challenge that started the M90: an also sophisticated mouse can be successful from an ergonomic point of view. Because it is not obvious to think a mouse which do the same appeal to the inch. It is probably what explains the particular form, which is undeniably a pebble in the hollow of the Palm. On the right, the form is very rounded and the grip of the surface allows to have good mouse in hand for travel even when one is fun with the thumb on the other side. This is disconcerting at first, but rather well found to maintain the right balance.

Corsair Vengeance M90 - Pilotes (1) Corsair Vengeance M90 - Pilotes (2)

The thumb, he comes to rest on a neutral surface which is reserved. A small surface, but again, the ergonomics of the mouse (and form beveled buttons of this part) is that it commits very few false manipulations with despite the number of buttons installed at this location. Overall, these nine buttons are easily accessible and well distributed. And if it is necessarily at the beginning groping to find after a few nights of intensive farming with the M90 as ally, we end up forget about it and of course use the skills assigned to these keys.

It is a non-negligible advantage, and as often, if initially believed that a large number of buttons will only serve us to nothing, eventually be satisfied once accommodated this comfort. We also note that at the front of the thumb five small LED blue are incorporated into the chassis to inform the player of the profile that he is using, while two small arrows at the left click (vive space geometry!) dyr are used to switch between the three presets of DPI in a same profile. It lets you imagine the number of opportunities offered by such a mouse, able to adapt to many applications. To be sure, some might even find benefits in associating CAD software to replace a few keyboard shortcuts.

You will have understood, difficult to blame something this Corsair M90, as she managed to work around the most sensitive points of its design to make the assets. Thus, we had some concerns about the ergonomics for the use of a mouse that does the same appeal to the movement of the thumb, but found tips can keep a true ease of use. Gliding and precision are meet regardless of the surface, and drivers to manage a multitude of settings that will allow the most fastidious players to customize their experience to the maximum. Nothing to say on the side of production, it is a beautiful object, well designed and well manufactured. Only the absence of removable weight system is to report, an option that players like in General. Therefore, keep in mind that this small pebble is quite heavy with its 146 grams. But when the snow goes, any va.