Archos double its turnover, the French bars have the rating

Archos benefits to full of the growth of the market for tablets and strategy models less than €400 is bearing fruit.


Yesterday, Archos released the results of its fiscal year 2011 and they are very good! Indeed, the constructor French, tablets, took advantage of the turmoil in the market and has a turnover of € 171.4 million, compared to the 83.3 million the previous year... is a 106% increase!

Archos has thus doubled its turnover in one year, while EUR 57.9 million in 2009. Performance is remarkable, and this without the help of the Government had reserved for its program "tablet at €1 per day" to foreign brands (Apple and Samsung), which had not failed to respond Archos.

It is on the European market that Archos is the most comfortable, the old continent representing 117,9 million euros of turnover. But the progression is also very strong on the Asian market, revenues from the manufacturer in this region of the world has been multiplied by 6 (i.e. EUR 24.9 million).

Based on a panel of GfK, Archos says be the first seller to bars less than €400 in the first 7 European countries, and the second vendor of volume shelves all segments combined according to this report in Europe, behind Apple and ex-aequo with Samsung...


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