Cisco parasite the purchase of Skype by Microsoft

Cisco is concerned that once bought by Microsoft, Skype takes too much importance on the VoIP market, and this without complying with the standards in the industry.

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The European Commission has approved the purchase of Skype by Microsoft, but Cisco does not refer it to this ear and announced yesterday that he appealed this decision. According to the telecom giant, Skype does not work with alternative video platforms that are industry standards. MessageNet, as Cisco VoIP services provider, joined him to regret the decision of the European Commission.

On Cisco blog, Vice President Martin De Beer explains the situation as he sees: "Imagine a world in which you would be limited in the calls that you spend, in which you could not join your loved ones if they are not in the same operator, or if they have not the same brand of phone (...)" Cisco wants to avoid video communications fall into such a State. "The video appeal should be as simple to switch to send an e-mail or to a classic call".

However, Cisco does not put in question the merits of the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft, merely intends to the European Commission imposed on Microsoft to standardized interoperability standards. Microsoft has provided for only one answer that the European Commission had already studied in depth the folder in an investigation procedure attended Cisco. American giant considers therefore that the Brussels decision should be maintained at the end of the appeal process.


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