Test : Corsair Vengeance M90

Thinking for MMORPG players with its 15 programmable buttons, the M90 is not a small player mouse. Managed however to maintain a good ergonomics?

Corsair Vengeance M90

Corsair Vengeance M90

Quality manufacturing
Used plastics
Speed and glide
Heavy, precise and silent wheel

Lack of weight system

As regards the keyboard Corsair Vengeance K90 which incorporates most of the features of the K60 but is adapted to the practice of the MMORPG, the mouse M90 is the MMO of the M60 already tested by our care and oriented FPS. In Corsair, was therefore chosen to apply to each player profile specialize its products rather than trying to develop a unique keyboard-mouse couple requiring to make concessions and frustrate everyone. A point of view defending, as this allows Corsair to apply directly to the players in terms of their types of choice. And as more this new range of devices is on the whole very good, this spoil nothing. But then, what differences are there between the M60 and M90 mice? They are many, the shape is different, the M90 has more buttons, handles up to five profiles stored on its 48 KB of memory and - for aesthetic - a back-lit logo. See this in détails…

In its design, the Corsair Vengeance M90 resumed the bases of the M60 and has worked for right-handed ergonomics. The chassis is always cut and shaped in the alu, on which are pasted below four pads in Teflon which ensure good glide. On top, the coating is a soft-touch, pleasant. On the right side plastic offers a more grainy, for a better grip. There is that aluminium wheel is heavier than on the M60. Textured, it remains no less silent and accurate. The key two clicks (left and right) are also different, more flexible, with a somewhat less marked return, but quality. The embedded sensor, is the same. Sensor laser 5700 DPI provided by Avago Technologies, able to withstand accelerations up to 30 G and digesting "165 per second. Drivers to manage the sensitivity of the latter by steps of 100 DPI, but also to resolve precisely the response time of the shares between 1 and 8 ms.

Corsair Vengeance M90 Officiel (3)           Corsair Vengeance M90 Officiel (2)

Corsair Vengeance M90 (1).JPG Corsair Vengeance M90 (3).JPG Corsair Vengeance M90 (2).JPG Corsair Vengeance M90 (4).JPG

Quite instinctive drivers that allow to assign the functions desired 15 programmable buttons in this field mouse, not one less. And 9 of these buttons immediately fall under the thumb. It is here that is the MMO mouse orientation, to put a maximum of its spells and other shortcuts macros. It is also the major challenge that started the M90: an also sophisticated mouse can be successful from an ergonomic point of view. Because it is not obvious to think a mouse which do the same appeal to the inch. It is probably what explains the particular form, which is undeniably a pebble in the hollow of the Palm. On the right, the form is very rounded and the grip of the surface allows to have good mouse in hand for travel even when one is fun with the thumb on the other side. This is disconcerting at first, but rather well found to maintain the right balance.

Corsair Vengeance M90 - Pilotes (1) Corsair Vengeance M90 - Pilotes (2)

The thumb, he comes to rest on a neutral surface which is reserved. A small surface, but again, the ergonomics of the mouse (and form beveled buttons of this part) is that it commits very few false manipulations with despite the number of buttons installed at this location. Overall, these nine buttons are easily accessible and well distributed. And if it is necessarily at the beginning groping to find after a few nights of intensive farming with the M90 as ally, we end up forget about it and of course use the skills assigned to these keys.

It is a non-negligible advantage, and as often, if initially believed that a large number of buttons will only serve us to nothing, eventually be satisfied once accommodated this comfort. We also note that at the front of the thumb five small LED blue are incorporated into the chassis to inform the player of the profile that he is using, while two small arrows at the left click (vive space geometry!) dyr are used to switch between the three presets of DPI in a same profile. It lets you imagine the number of opportunities offered by such a mouse, able to adapt to many applications. To be sure, some might even find benefits in associating CAD software to replace a few keyboard shortcuts.

You will have understood, difficult to blame something this Corsair M90, as she managed to work around the most sensitive points of its design to make the assets. Thus, we had some concerns about the ergonomics for the use of a mouse that does the same appeal to the movement of the thumb, but found tips can keep a true ease of use. Gliding and precision are meet regardless of the surface, and drivers to manage a multitude of settings that will allow the most fastidious players to customize their experience to the maximum. Nothing to say on the side of production, it is a beautiful object, well designed and well manufactured. Only the absence of removable weight system is to report, an option that players like in General. Therefore, keep in mind that this small pebble is quite heavy with its 146 grams. But when the snow goes, any va.


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