A ski mask to call top tracks

All those who practise skiing know how it is not obvious, and mitts or thick pair of gloves, his smatphone or access the surf touches his MP4 Player or any other music sources. To choose, you can be freeze you the fingers on the chairlifts to the risk that a twitch Vienna you losing your precious object above trees in full rise, or either you go music, contacts with your loved ones and all leave at home.

People, probably affected by the problem, were thus set in motion their brains and have created an interesting object, G33-Intercom in Buhel ski mask. As a first step, this here is real protection for the Sun, geek or not, Sun protection is paramount. It displays a protection UV 4000, is scratch-resistant and also protects you from the reflection of the Sun on the snow. In the event of fog, the mask also ensures visibility.

masque-de-ski-GT33_Intercom-BuhelIn addition to these aspects specific to snow and skiing, the mask embarks with him a little bit of technology. Blutooth, it allows you to be connected to your smartphone, warm in your pocket. You can receive calls, and even without with voice recognition. A sensor on the nose of the helmet you will avoid even to scream to discuss with your loved ones.

You have the right to autonomy of 10 hours listening to music, or 12 hours in conversation. To see if your phone following the same rate... Finally, note that if your friends have the good idea to obtain the same mask, you can communicate together.


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