Google Drive would be well in preparation, the evidence in image?

An image seems to confirm the existence of Google Drive, a storage service online that the giant is preparing to launch very soon...

A few days ago we heard talk of the advance of the Google Drive project and some appeared to be that the launch of the giant online storage service could be very soon. A screenshot by Geekwire confirms that the project would be well advanced. Screen capture that was sent by a user of the services Google who found that Drive was strangely among services enabled in his account.

The interface looks clear and airy, with a layout that mirrors the broad lines of that adopted by Gmail or Google Docs since a few months. Note the presence of an option to install Drive, suggesting that a plugin for the browser or a small client will help manage files locally on the machine that you want to synchronize in the cloud, to the Dropbox.

It should be noted that the service would be free with a paid option for users wishing to host large files. The output may be involved in the coming weeks. And Yes, this image could also very well be a fake. So for now, it remains to the conditional and expected more from the mouth of Google...

Google Drive Screenshot


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