When the Microsoft antivirus takes Google.com for malware

Small blunder for Microsoft Security Essential, which took Google.com for a site infected a few hours...

Security Essentials

It remembers that Security Essentials, free antivirus from Microsoft, had played a bad turn to Google's Chrome browser last year, victim of a false-positive and reported as dangerous for nothing. Which had been quickly corrected by a hotfix.

This time, it is squarely Google.com which has been affected by a false-positive. Thus, after you apply the latest Tuesday Patch, Windows and Security Essentials users were report the home page of Google as being fraudulent, infected with the malware JS.Blacole.BW. Idem, the pros using the Microsoft Forefront security suite have been affected by this nasty bug.

Fortunately, Microsoft immediately recognized the problem and a fix was made in the hours that followed.


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