Radeon HD 7750 / HD 7770 : test et performances

This week, the firm AMD has formalized two mid range graphics cards: the Radeon HD 7750 and Radeon HD 7770 which are advertised in their basic versions, to respectively 99 and 139 euros.

But can it play in good conditions at these prices, i.e. without breaking the piggy bank? This is what wanted to know our colleagues from the Internet Guru3D site by testing the performance of these two graphics cards generation.

They relied on the following test configuration:

Power supply 1 200 mother WattsCarte MSI Big Bang XPower X58Processeur Intel Core i7 - 965 Extreme Edition running at 3.75 GHzMémoire RAM 6 GB of origin operating Windows AMD Catalyst 11.12 or nVIDIA GeForce 285.62 graphics 7Pilotes CorsairSystème

Here are some of the results obtained with recent games:

Radeon HD 7750 7770 performances 3 Radeon HD 7750 7770 performances 2 Radeon HD 7750 7770 performances 1
The number of images per second with three quite gourmet games resources: Anno 1404, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Far Cry 2. This more over the game is fluid (credit Guru3D; click to enlarge)

As you can see, the Radeon HD 7750 and Radeon HD 7770 are, overall, slightly better than the Radeon HD 5750 and Radeon HD 5770 two older generations. The progression is, but remains however limited. With Anno 1404, for example, it gets the number of frames per second following: 33 with the 5750 the 7750 36 and 40 with the 5770 against 51 with the 7770. Or, by our comparator of price, the price gap just go up to a few tens of euros (from 70 euros for the Radeon HD 5750; from 110 euros for the Radeon HD 5770). To see so if you are willing to pay the difference in fare to win a little in ease of use (fluidity).

Considered separately then, the Radeon HD 7770 addresses more players whose budget is tight, because of its acceptable performance and its cooling system recent, while the Radeon HD 7750 more can be found its place in a configuration of fair because of its lower performance and moderate consumption. To condition however, for the second, to opt for a fanless (without fan) version than some brands partners should offer shortly, to take advantage of a silent solution.

Compared with the competition then it is quite quickly, knowing that nVIDIA has unveiled no new generation to date graphics solutions. In short, AMD was the totally free field for the time.

Access to the full test (in English)


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