The heart rate to replace passwords

Passwords are instrumental in the protection of your data, your access, but the relevance is not Legion. "QWERTY", "123456", date of birth, the names of his children, of his dog, aberrations which snapped good number of it professionals who are involved in the maintenance and must manage security vulnerabilities only related to the offhandedness or lack of knowledge of the users.

And what about those forgotten passwords of his incessant requests for re-initialization? How to retain improbable, sieve numbers, codes to be precisely on top of security? Passwords are a wound for everyone and researchers well understood, since they propose a practical solution, the use of heart rate.

Battements du coeur mdp

The beating of the heart is unique to each individual, and is the singularity that sought to exploit Taiwan engineers. Whether for a sustained effort or rest, your heart offers a mathematical function, independent of your physical condition. By affixing a few variants, researchers fired a unique encryption key, which belongs to a single individual.

In the continuity of their experience, researchers have developed a device, a prototype, which blocks and unblocks with the beating of the heart. No need to ask your device near your vital body, simply paste the Palm of the hand on the device in question.

The next stage of this study is to install it in the hard drive unlocking. Then, this new technology could take a little more scope and interest some users, notably to protect access to smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.


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