A new GeForce GTX 560 to counter the Radeon HD 7770?

In the meantime Kepler, Nvidia would prepare a new variation of its GeForce 560 to counter the Radeon HD 7770 of rival AMD.


The new GPU Kepler of the mark to the Chameleon delay to the end of their transistors, and meanwhile AMD Struts with its graphics cards generation engraved 28 nm. NVIDIA have decided to get out a GeForce GTX 560 SE and to counter the recent Radeon HD 7770 on the segment of medium-of-range cards less than €150.

This "new" model, according to VR-Zone, would in fact be a GTX 560 castration, so based on the GF114 etched 40 nm and with 288 stream processors, 48 texturing units and 24 ROPs.

The GPU would be running at 776 Mhz, the shaders to 1552 Mhz and the GB memory GDDR5 at 952 Mhz on a 192-bit bus. These characteristics the are therefore more to a GTX 555 OEM and allow this card to replace the GTX 460 SE on the niche of the cards below €150.

The GTX 560 may quickly arrive on the market, but even if performance will be much it will hardly take the comparison at the level of consumption, subject very well learnt by AMD with its new GPU and the Radeon HD 7770.


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