Sun City: the car-suitcase of tomorrow

Children, it imagined that cars would most affect the soil, they would be able to drive without us. The dreams of this ilk continue to be powered by the concept cars, vehicles of the imaginations of engineers. Number of these new cars will not see the day, but they have at least the merit offer us new perspectives and let our imagination on what would be the daily with this kind of products.

That's what it comes with Sun City, conceptual vehicle par excellence. From a Michelin design competition, the vehicle surprise. The image of these retractable bikes that can carry around with you, the Sun City can withdraw and turn into suitcase, that is behind us as all trolleys.

Soleil City (5)

The assumed so ultra lightweight and ultra compact. And yet, the model presented is two-seaters, and from pictures issued by Michelin, the position would be similar to that of a two wheels. Conducted in a flexible material, in order to be more easily folded, Sun City is fitted with an electric motor that can recharge anywhere, even on your wall in your living room since there is no question to leave your vehicle in the street.

A magnetic levitation system will propel the entire wheel acting as the engine. The design and materials have not shifted to security since the latter, seem to offer real protection. Sun City returned already in our newspapers, as evidenced by its proposals in the Parisian streets. And we also imagine the incredible silence offered to the capital.

Soleil City (6)

Soleil City (3) Soleil City (4)


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